ANQ Congress 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand – Day 1 (Part A)

Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress 2019 was held by Standard and Quality Association of Thailand (SQAT) in The Berkeley Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand from 21-25 Oct 2019. The congress theme was “Quality Innovation for Sustainability”.  Day 1 of Congress is held on 23rd Oct 2019.  Before the Congress start, Hong Kong team took a group photo with Prof. Noriaki Kano.  

(Left: Dr. Ivan Ng (HKSQ), Dr. Raymond W.L. Chan (Chairman & Executive Director, Finsoft Financial Investment Holdings Limited), Dr. Alan K.F. Mong (Deputy Project Manager, China Communications Construction), Dr. Lam Kong Ngan Kenny (Founding President, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Professional Management Association), Dr. Keith Kwok-keung Wong (Deputy Chair – The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering), Dr. Catherine Chan (HKQFDA), Dr. KS Chin, Prof. Kano, Ms. Minda Chiang and I)

We had one more participant from Hong Kong Ms. Tiffany Li who was winner of HKQF Award Scheme for Learning Experiences under Testing, Inspection and Certification.  Minda and I took a photo with Tiffany for memory.

Dr. KS Chin and I took a photo with CAQ representatives Prof. Tang Xiaoqing (唐曉青) and Ms. Duan Yihong (段一泓), as well as, CSQ Secretary General – Dr. Jay San Chen (陳介山).  

Minda and I took a photo with Prof. Phulporn Saengbangpla (Honorary Advisor, SQAT).

Also took a photo with Prof. Kano.

And with Mr. Janak Mehta (Founder President, ISQ).

I met Prof. Ching-Chow Yang (楊錦洲) (President, CSQ)

Photo with India friends.

(Left: I, Mr. J. Ravikant (Member-Governing Council, ISQ), Mr. Janak Mehta, Mr. Vishwa Deepak Khandelwal (Team Leader-Business Excellence, Apollo Types Ltd.) and Mr. Deepak Kulshrestha (Principal Consultant, TQMI))

Photo with Singapore team Mr. GE Tan (Chairman, SQI) and Mr. Kenneth Liang (Former Chairman, SQI).

Photo with Korea team Prof. Youn Sung Kim, Prof. Wan Sean Shin (Former President – Korean Society for Quality Management) and Prof. Jeongil Choi (School of Business Administration, Soongsil University))

Then Minda and I were invited to take a photo with Vietnam team.

(Left 2 – Power, Left 6 – Dr. Ngo Van Nhon and Right 2 – Mr. Duc Tran Hai)

I met Ms. Larisa Fedyk (Head of the Central Organ the System, Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology System of Voluntary Certification).  

Photo with Prof. Shu Yamada (Dean, Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba).

Taiwan friend (CSQ) - Dr. Kelvin Cheng (Executive VP, FineTek)

Minda took a photo with performance team of Thailand.

Congress was almost start and Hong Kong teams were well prepared.

Traditional Thai dancing performance was showed in the beginning.

Firstly, Dr. Pasu Loharjun (Former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry) gave Welcome Speech.  He said world had changed rapidly and all business especially industry entrepreneurs faced this challenge.  Success business should focus on consistency of their production and products “Quality”. 

Secondly, Dr. Panisuan Jamnarnwej (Chairman, ANQ; President, SQAT) gave Opening Remarks.  Firstly, he introduced Bangkok (locally called Krung Thep) – the City of Angels has the cultural heritage befitting a capital city of almost 240 years, as well as modern infrastructures to function as the regional hub bustling with economic activities.  The Congress high-lights were keynote presentation by ANQ founders, award-winning firms and individual professional to share experiences of highest value for the advancement of quality across industries.  

The first keynote speaker was Prof. Dr. Noriaki Kano (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Science; Honorary Chairperson, ANQ) and his topic entitled “Innovation for Sustainability – Quality Development in Service Industries”.  Prof. Kano said “While manufacturing dynamically grew in Asia in 20th century, service industries shall be more and more developed in 21st century.”  

Prof. Kano added that according to the growth trend of service industry in Asia (see diagram below), we needed not only problem-solving for existing system but also innovating or breaking through for existing system and creation by innovative approaches for sustainability.

Then Prof. Kano stated his old book named “TQM in Service Industries” published 30 years ago (JUSE Press 1990).  He updated three activity elements of TQM in Servcie Industries in 2010s that included humanware (Hmn/W), hardware (H/W) and software (S/W).  Then he raised a case of bipolarization of commodity service or first class service.  It was found that “Customer delight beyond customer satisfaction is a key to success.”

Another case he mentioned was “Innovation for Safety Enhancement through GPS Alert System by SCG Logistic Management Company (Thai)” that introduced traffic safety enhancement which integrated GPS Alert Management, Smart Driver System and Collaboration with Carrier Owners.  Alert management separated into 5 types alerts which monitored by ICT system in the following diagram.  Lastly, Prof. Kano concluded that Service Quality was not only dependent on humanware but also hardware and software.  Since data collection and analysis had become remarkably easier, the application of process management and control by data was common.  Generally, the gap between service quality management and product management had been and would be reducing with the lapse of time.

At the end, Prof. Kano asked us to take lessons from the past (on Problem Solving) and then to find a guide into tomorrow Innovation and Task Achieving.  He also discussed the weakness of innovation.  After Prof. Kano’s talk, my understanding was that innovation could be come from problem solving.

The second keynote speaker was Dr. Witoon Simachokedee (President of the Kasetsart University Royal Alumni Association; Previous Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry) (Right 1) and his presentation topic was “And… Quality still means Survival for Sustainability”.

Firstly, Dr. Witoon showed some posters indicating “Quality Means Survival” and “There is No Alternative for Sustainable Development”.  He is the key role in cartoon style to present this concept. 

Then Dr. Witoon briefed the Fourth Industrial Revolution that separated into three sectors and they were “Digitization/Integration of value chains”, “Digitization of product and service offerings” and “Digital business models and customer access”. 

After that he mentioned three powerful forces of digital age below.
-          Continuous changes in customers’ needs,
-          Ubiquitous innovation,
-          Global market, customers and competition.

Lastly, he concluded from quality to sustainability through Sustainable Plants (Infrastructure), Products (High performance) and Practices (Innovative processes).

The third keynote speaker was Mr. Guo Jun (Marketing Operations Director, Xiaomi Corporation, China) and he shared Xiaomi’s sustainability activities to us.  Firstly, he said “Xiaomi is an internet company that focuses on mobile devices, smart hardware, and IoT.”

Then Mr. Guo introduced Xiaomi model that they created Mi Fan culture (Making friends with our users) through three pillars that were Hardware, Internet and New retail.  Xiaomi had two brands.  MI is for Innovation Premium user experienced new retailing concept and Redmi is another brand for High Quality Affordability Focus on e-commerce.  

After that Mr. Guo stated Xiaomi was the youngest company on Fortune Global 500 list in 2019 and Xiaomi was proud of the quality of its products.  It achieved six major awards in 3 years. 

Finally, Mr. Guo introduced Mi City Communities, Mi School, Mi Pop, Mi Pop Run and Mi Family Dinner that considered their users and family.

During tea break, we took photos with ANQ friends.  
I took a photo with the second keynote speaker Dr. Witoon Simachokedee.

Dr. KS Chin discussed with Hong Kong participants.

I met new fiends and they were Prof. Yoshimichi Watanabe (Professor, Division of Engineering, Graduate School Department of Interdisciplinary Research, University of Yamanashi, Japan), Dr. Yunarso Anang (Asst. Professor, Program Studi Komputasi Statistik, Department of Computational Statistics, STIS Polytechnic of Statistics, Indonesia) and Ms. Nurariza Rahmadhanty (Indonesia). 

I met a new friend named Mr. Durga Prasad (DP) Muthukrishnan (Director Consulting, Cognizant, Singapore).

Then we had tea with SQI friends included Mr. Too Meng Ken, Mr. Kitson Leonard Lee and Mr. Johnson Tan Swan San (Tutor Quality Director, Transcal Private Limited). 

After tea break, Mr. Janak Mehta (Founder President, ISQ) chaired the ANQ Ishikawa-Kano Gold Medal award section and the award performed on 4th Sep, 2019 in Japan.  

Prof. Noriaki Kano was grant this highest award for his contribution especially on his most widely used Kano Model for Attractive Quality Creation that has influenced product development process in all sectors of economy around the world.  

Then a video of Ishikawa’s daughter to give speech on IKA medal. 

 The IKA medal was grant to Mr. Masahiro Sakane (A Distinguished Chairman, Komatsu Ltd.) on his unique contribution to the cause of quality by integrating quality in the fabric of Komatsu Ltd. one of the top two companies in the world in its business through life time association since 1963.  

In his video speech, he introduced Komatsu Way in three aspects:
i)                    Strengthening corporate governance
ii)                   Reinforcing “Monozukuri” Competitiveness
iii)                 Brand Management – Shift in Marketing paradigm
Finally, he introduced how to maximize their corporate value through Komatsu model.

And then Dr. Panisuan chaired the section of ANQ Recognition for Excellence in Quality Practice (ARE-QP) awards.  Prof. Kano and Prof. Phulporn presented ARE-QP awards to the excellence companies included “Zhejiang Shlyon”, “Yangtze Optical”, “Fine Tech”, “Bangkok Hospital” and “PTT Phenol Co., Ltd.”

During the lunch break, Minda and I joined with SQI, CAQ and Prof. Nano table. 

(Left: Ms. Minda Chiang (HKSQ), Mr. Too Meng Ken (SQI), Mr. Johnson Tan Swan San (SQI), Prof. Kano (ANQ), Ms. Wang Lilin (CAQ), Mr. GE Tan (SQI) and I (HKSQ))

Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) - http://www.anforq.org/
SQAT - https://www.anq2019.org/about-anq

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