The Opening Ceremony of CityU’s CLP Power Low Carbon Energy Education Centre

City University of Hong Kong sponsed by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited to develop the CityU’s CLP Power Low Carbon Energy Education Centre which offers visitors an insprining and enlightening experience as they learn about the importance of low carbon energy to address the environmental challenges we face.  The opening ceremony was held on 30 Oct 2017.  I was honor to be invited by CityU Eminence Society to attend this ceremony and visit the centre.

In the beginning, Prof. Kuo Way (President, CityU) gave a welcome speech and he said that we all were looking at green energy which is factor of survivability of the Earth.  The centre presented energy efficiency to the environment using sensitivity analysis and educating to public about green energy.  He thanked CLP support not only on sponsorship but also expertise.  We would become a good citizen in the community. He also discussed about University Ranking and he said “Ranking is not important because we are much better than Ranking.”

The guest of Honour was Mr. Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP (Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR Government) and he gave a key speech.  He said the last September was the hottest month in Hong Kong record indicating the impact of global warming.  He encouraged and promoted the clean and renewable energy to community and to achieve environmental targets during the initial stage of the Hong Kong 2030 Study.  He said we can decarbonization Hong Kong. His approach for Renewable Energy was “Promotion”, “Interaction” and “Innovation”.  Lastly, he expected all of us supported their waste charging scheme.


Metrology Symposium 2017 (Redefinition of the SI Unit)

The Government Laboratory (GL), Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification (HKCTC), Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) and Standards and Calibration Laboratory of Innovation and Technology Commission (SCL) jointly organized the Metrology Symposium 2017 on 27 Oct 2017.  The theme is “New Development in Metrology – Redefinition of the SI”.  Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) was one of supporting organizations.  The background was that the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) would review the International System of Unit (SI) of four of the seven base units namely kilogram, ampere, kelvin and mole by fixing the values of the Planck constant (h), the elementary charge (e), the Boltzmann constant (k) and the Avogadro constant (NA).  This symposium attempted to unfold the latest development of this important event to the local testing and certification industry.  

In the beginning, Professor K.C. Ho (Dean, School of Science and Technology, OUHK) gave welcoming address. He said metrology was for benchmarking the different measurements which were so important for living in the world.

Then Mr. Vincent Tang (Assistant Commissioner, ITC) gave opening remarks.  He said there would have a big change of metrology world.  

Group photo


InnoCarnival 2017

The annual mega event InnoTech Month 2017 is being held from 30 September to 8 December 2017, enabiling the public to experience the remarkable achievements of Hong Kong in innovation and technology as well as facilitating long-term development of scientific research in the industry. The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) launched the flagship event named “InnoCarnival 2017” from 21st to 29th October 2017.  The theme of this year is “Live Smart * Be Innovative”. 
I visited the different Exhibition sites InnoCarnival 2017 on 24 Oct 2017 included different universities, education associations, public organizations, government departments. The first photo I took in front of City University of Hong Kong (CityU).

Then I visited in Academy of Science of Hong Kong (ASHK) which established on 5 Dec 2015. The objective of the ASHK is to promote the development and advancement of science and technology in Hong Kong, and to raise the city’s profile as a center of scientific excellence. (http://www.ashk.org.hk/ )

Introduction about future careers in innovation and technology was showed.


Post-IAQ Tour in Croatia 2017 (Part 2)

Post-IAQ Tour Day 4 (17th Oct 2017)
Today, we planned to go to National Park Plitvice Lakes.  In the morning, we went to another castle named MIR JUNAKA.  

I took a photo with the sculpture.

On the top of castle, I could see the bridge across the village. 

In the path, we rested in the old railway station. Minda took a photo on the railway.  


Post-IAQ Tour in Croatia 2017 (Part 1)

Post-IAQ Tour Day 1 (14th Oct 2017)
Minda and I went to Piran and took a phot in front of the Predjama Castle. 

I also took a photo with wooden soldier sculpture.

Then we went to Hotel Piran.  

After settle down, we had lunch in Restaurant Neptun.


The 2nd IAQ World Quality Forum 2017 in Bled, Slovenia

The International Academy for Quality (IAQ) is an independent, self-supported, non-profit, non-governmental organization that is administered by a collegial assembly of individuals who have been elected by their peers form among the most respected, active and experienced protagonists of quality in the world.  In 2017, the 61th EOQ Congress would be a joint effort of European Organization for Quality (EOQ) and the Slovenian Quality and Excellence Association as well as IAQ in Bled, Solvenia from 11 to 12 Oct 2017.  One day after the Congress, on 13th Oct 2017, the 2nd IAQ World Quality Forum was held at the same place.  The theme of the 2nd IAQ World Quality Forum is “Future Impact of Quality”.  I would like to summarize the forum below for sharing.
 In the beginning, Mr. Janak Mehta (Chair of IAQ) gave an opening and Welcome speech in the Opening Plenary Session. He briefed the IAQ Way.

Mr. Janak Mehta mentioned we met a tremendous opportunity in big data, Industry 4.0 and IoT. 

Then he shared Toyota’s Ji Kotei-Kanketsu (JKK) that everyone considered how to approach each job so as not to all rework to happen.  It was the built-in Quality in process with accountability. 

Finally, Mr. Janak Mehta summarized that we needed with head in the cloud and feet on the ground; and contributing to build in quality in design, production and delivery of error free products and services that customers could use with confidence through motivated and capable people.

Dr. Pal Molnar (IAQ President) chaired the opening and introduced the keynote speaker.


The 2nd IAQ World Quality Forum – Welcome Cocktail and Dinner

In 2017, the 61th EOQ Congress would be a joint effort of European Organization for Quality (EOQ) and the Slovenian Quality and Excellence Association as well as IAQ in Bled, Solvenia from 11 to 12 Oct 2017.  One day after the Congress, on 13th Oct 2017, the 2nd IAQ World Quality Forum was held at the same place.  The theme of the 2nd IAQ World Quality Forum is “Future Impact of Quality”.  We arrived the forum hotel on 12th Oct 2017 and attended the welcome cocktail.  I took a photo in front of the EOQ banner.

The location of welcome cocktail was held in Grand Hotel.

We met Mr. Gregory H. Watson (Honorary Member of IAQ).


The 1st Major Programme Committee Meeting for BEng in SEM, CityU

I was one of Industrial Advisors in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, City University of Hong Kong.  The first Major Programme Committee Meeting for BEng in System Engineering and Management (SEM), 2017-18 was held on 10th Oct 2017 (evening meeting).  We shared our industrial views to the students (They come from USA, Turkey, Germany and Mainland China, etc.) and some suggestions for the programme.  Then we took a group photos with students for memory.

(Left 1st row: I, Mr. Barry Lo, Dr. KS Chin (Programme Leader), Dr. Sherman Ngan (Deputy Programme Leader), Dr. Matthias TAN (TQE Stream Leader) and Dr. Zijun Zhang (DA Stream Leader))

BEng in SEM separated into two streams and they were Total Quality Engineering (TQE) and Data Analytics (DA).  I shared the HBR article named “If Your Company Isn’t Good at Analytics, It’s Not Ready for AI” to encourage them to study in SEM course.  Dr. Chin said both streams had fundamental course on analytics.
Mr. Barry Lo shared the globalization (different culture collaboration skill) and business sense was important in students’ future career. 

SEEM of CityUHK - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/seem/
BEng in Systems Engineering and Management (BENG SEM) - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/seem/prg-bengsem.htm


HKCIE Visit to Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Construction Site

The technical visit to Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point (蓮塘/香園圍囗岸) Construction Site which organized by Hong Kong Chinese Institute of Engineers (HKCIE) (香港中國工程師學會) on 10th Oct 2017. Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) was one of co-organizers.  We took a photo in the Fanling Highway Interchange construction site.  I would like to summarize today’s visit below.

Dr. Aaron Tong (Chairman, HKCIE; Former Chairman, HKSQ) was this visit leader and he briefed to us during travel.


HKSTP TecONE Briefing Session on Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (ITVF)

HKSTP TecONE Briefing Session named “Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (ITVF)” was organized by Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) under TecONE platfrom on 3rd Oct 2017.  To stimulate private investment in local innovation and technology (I&T) start-ups, the HKSAR Government has set aside HK$2 billion and launched the ITVF.  The Commissioner for Innovation and Technology – Ms. Annie Choi hosted a briefing session and shared the details of ITVF, including the eligibilities, selection criteria, application procedures and so on.  

Ms. Annie Choi said Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (ITVF) aimed to encourage more VCs to invest in Hong Kong startups and increase deal flow, as well as, to fill the valley of death (gap between idea and commercialization). The scheme overview was stated included matching ratio (1:2), Maximun contribution per deal is HK$30M and per company was HK$50M.  

She said the eligible VCs should be I&T investment focus and its investment coverage included Hong Kong.  Moreover, VCs minimum remaining committed capital of HK$120m (it is very little based on VC definition).  However, the remaining fund life is at least five years.  Then she mentioned four selection criteria in the following diagram. (Where distributions were background & experience (15%); Track record (25%); Strategic value & support (30%) and Resource contribution to HK ecosystem (30%).

Ms. Annie Choi added the four principles.
-       ITVF Corporation (ITVFC) as a passive investor; VC partners will make the decisions and do all due diligence;
-       VC will refer deals to ITVFC;
-       ITVFC will have the right of first refusal; and
-       ITVFC will decline an investment if it is in conflict with Government policies, or has the potential to bring disrepute.

The due diligent for potential investee companies were responsibilities of VC partners and they also needed to identify the exit opportunities.  The duration of partnership was at least 5 years and upto 12 years which was based on the Master Agreement. There were no management fees to VC partners but ITVFC would bear taxes, stamp duties & registration fees related to its’ shares.  The incentives for VC were that sharing of investment risk and attractive carried interest at 35%. 

When to exit?  If VC partners identified third party purchaser, ITVFC would follow on same time, price and terms basis.  VC partner handled the whole transaction.  However, ITVFC may request Redemption by Investee Company if it has reason to believe that company or members of group may be involved in activities that may bring government into disrepute or other situations. 

Finally, she reminded all that the application deadline would be on 15 January 2018 and the result would be known by the end of April 2018.  Then Q&A session started.  During the answering, she mentioned the new innovation business model would be also considered as Innovation & Technology business.  Moreover, the ITVF had only ceiling and no definition of series A or B, etc. 

ITVF - https://www.itf.gov.hk/l-eng/ITVF.asp


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