FHKI International Forum: Cloud Computing, Big Data and AI in Realising an Intelligent Society

The Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) organized International Forum: Cloud Computing, Big Data and AI in Realising an Intelligent Society on 29th Mar 2018 in Science Park.  Before the forum, we took a group photo outside the Charles K. Kao Auditorium (Golden Egg).

I met CityU EngD cohorts Dr. David Chung and Dr. Sunny Chai and took a photo together.

Then I took a photo with Mr. Andy Lui (FITMI friend) and Mr. Arthur Ho (Director-General, FHKI).

In the beginning, Mr. Jimmy Kwok (Chairman, FHKI) gave a welcome speech.  He said IoT and Big Data would be more important.  Hong Kong Government committed to support SME and Startup through Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) since 2016. Lastly, he thanked Dr. Sunny Chai (Group 25) to lead this forum and invited many experts for sharing.

Dr. Sunny Chai (Deputy Chairman, FHKI; Managing Director, Fook Tin Group Holdings Ltd.) gave opening remarks and he said this forum was one of Big Data project in FHKI.  It would be a platform for all Big Data and IT professionals to exchange the most updated information and development direction.

Dr. David Chung (Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, ITB) gave guest speech and he said Hong Kong had very good IT infrastructure that was very suitable for Big Data and AI development.  He mentioned many government departments and status bodies employed new technology to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency such as Air Authority.  HK Government invested HK$50B into Innovation and Technology in this year budget.  He encouraged the cooperation among Industry, Status Bodies and University.  Lastly, he told us that Efficiency Unit was incorporated into ITB so that the man power increased from 58 to 171.  They would focus on Hong Kong I&T and Smart City development.


HKSTP TecONE seminar on Common Mistakes that Derail your Design for Manufacturing

The TecONE seminar named “Common Mistakes that Derail your Design for Manufacturing” was held on 28th March 2018 in Science Park.  The seminar aimed to share the limitations and challenges for a design & manufacturing firm and tips to improve the efficiency of production process; as well as, providing opportunities to share ideas, exchange business leads and to meet your potential business partners.  Before the talk, I took a photo with speaker and participants.

(Left: Mr. Jimmy Chung (GM, Skytech Creations Ltd.), Mr. Jack Wong (Director, Business Development, Zetakey Solutions), Mr. Samuel Chui (Manager, Incubation Programmes, HKSTP) and I)

Mr. Jimmy Chung (GM, Skytech Creations Ltd.) was our guest speaker and his topic was “Design for Manufacturability (DFM)”.  Firstly Jimmy introduced his company which was a Design House and established in 2003.  And he setup R&D center in HKSTP in 2017. 


HKSTP Annual Dinner and My Long Service Award

HKSTP Annual Dinner was held on 23rd March 2018.  I joined the best dress competition. My cover dress was come from Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan, and inside one and head cloth was from Saudi Arabia (Details in reference).

I met many friends and board members then we took photos for memory.
Photo with Mrs. Fanny LAW FAN (Chairperson, HKSTP)

Photo with Mr. Albert Wong (CEO, HKSTP)

I met Mr. WW Wong (Assistant Commissioner (Infrastructure and Quality Service), ITC) and we took a photo for memory.

Dr. John Chai (bother of Dr. Sunny Chai, my EngD cohort) was invited to join our annual dinner.

In the beginning, all executive performed a drama to demonstrate how important innovation and technology in Hong Kong.

After then Ir. Dr. WK Lo (Chairman of HKQAA; Board member of HKSTP) made a music performance to us.

I got my Long Service Award (>10 years) and took a photo with Dr. Lo.  Actually, I worked in Science Park for 14 years in which 3 years were as consultant.


CityU Distinguished Alumni Award Presentation Ceremony

The 5th CityU Distinguished Alumni Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 22nd March 2018 in Cordis Hotel.  We, CityU Eminence Society, are pleasure to join this ceremony for celebrating our distinguished alumni awardee Dr. Haywood Cheung.  When I arrived in the venue, I took a photo using CityU Distinguished Alumni Award Presentation Ceremony framework for memory. 

I met my EngD cohort Dr. Raymond Leung who was recipient of 2nd Distinguished Alumni Award.

And then we took a photo with Prof. Paul Lam (VP & Chair Professor of Biology (CHEM Dept), CityU).  Prof. Lam taught me during my study of HD in Applied Science.

I was lucky to meet Mr. Tsang Yok Sing, Jasper and I told him that I read his book “Contradiction” (矛盾集).  After that I introduced Prof. Cai Wen’s Extenics that could solve contradiction problem to him.  

Firstly, Prof. Way Kuo (President, CityU) gave a welcome note and appreciated all alumni support CityU development.

CNCA visit to HKSTP Laboratories

We were honor that Mr Liu Weijun, Deputy Director, Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (國家認證認可監督管理委員會/ 國家認證認可監督管理局 副主任劉衛軍先生) and Mr Liu Zhiwei (國家認證認可監督管理委員會國際合作部合作交流處副處長劉志偉先生) visited HKSTP laboratories on 22 March 2018 through ITC arrangement. HKSTP had given a short briefing on Science Park's support to testing and certification sector, labs’ operation, and arranged laboratory visit.  In the beginning, Mr. Marco Chan (Senior Manager, Business Development,  Mainland & International) introduced the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks services and values to the visitor.

Then I briefed our laboratories quality system history and implementation.  We implemented ISO 9001 since 2004 and then extended to ISO 17025 (HOKLAS), ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.  In last year, we upgraded the new versions to ISO 9001:2014 and ISO 14001:2014.

After that Mr. YC Lee (Director, Laboratory & Technology Support) mentioned the service of HKSTP laboratories including probe and test, reliability and IC failure analysis, etc.


HKSTP Incubation Graduation Ceremony cum Open Day 2018

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) held its Incubation Graduation Ceremony cum Science Park Open Day on 21 March 2017.  In the beginning, Mr. Albert Wong (CEO, HKSTP) gave a welcome speech.  He said 8,800 R&D people working here (~70% to 80% of total people in Science Park) and briefed the investment fund of our incubation companies obtained.

Mr. Nicholas W. Yang (Secretary for Innovation and Technology, HKSARG) was our honorable guest and he encouraged our incubation graduates that they might be the next unicorn in Hong Kong.  He also appreciated Hong Kong Government input a lot of resource on development of Innovation and Technology.

Mr. Peter Mok (Head, Incubation Program) briefed the graduates achievement such as angel & VC fund upto HK$133 M by 72 incubatees with 39 IP and 45 awards.

Then he invited three of incubatees to share their experience during live or death stage.  They were Vitargent, Viewider and Hanson Robotics.  

During the discussion, Sophia was interviewed by our colleague and the video was played.

After the ceremony and certificate presentation, all guests and incubation graduates took a group photo.

We had video taken by Drone and played in Facebook real-time. 

I met HKSQ friends Ms. Yolanda Chow and we took a photo for memory.

20150324: HKSTP Graduation Ceremony of Incubation Programmes & MOU with HKQAA - http://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/03/hkstp-graduation-ceremony-of-incubation.html


Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park Limited House Warming

I had joined the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park Limited (HSITP) house warming party on 14th March 2018.  HKSTP announced the incorporation of its wholly-owned subsidiary company (HSITP) on 6th Oct 2017.  Pursuant to the “Memorandum of Understanding on Jointly Developing the Lok Ma Chau Loop by Hong Kong and Shenzhen”, this company is designated to take charge of the construction, operations, maintenance and management of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park.

Mrs. Fanny LAW FAN (Chairperson, HKSTP) and Mr. Eric Ma (Acting CEO, HSITP) performed a roasted pig cutting ceremony.

Then we chatted in the HSITP CEO office and related to the development of HSITP.  Moreover, I mentioned CityU new Council Chairman Mr. Lester G Huang would like to seek Mrs. Fanny Law Fan support on veterinary school development.  Mrs. Fanny Law Fan said animal laboratories were very important and we would focus on. I remembered that I had attended the course on Biosafety management and biosafety L3 practices on 3-5 Dec 2007.  At that time, CUHK invited Singapore veterinary consultant discussed about Animal Biosafety.  I had written a blog named “Bio-QMS” for record.

I had taken a photo with Mr. Lester G Huang during the 6th Exco Meeting and Dinner with new Council Chairman of CityU on 5th Mar 2018.  I promised that I would pass his message about cooperation between CityU and HKSTP to Mrs. Fanny Law Fan.

20180305: CityU Eminence Society – The 6th Exco Meeting and Dinner with new Council Chairman of CityU - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2018/03/cityu-eminence-society-6th-exco-meeting.html


HKQAA Green Finance Certification Scheme Launching Ceremony cum Seminar

I was honor to be invited HKQAA to participant the Green Finance Certification Scheme Launching Ceremony cum Seminar on 12th Mar 2018 which was held in the Conference Hall, Central Government Offices, Tamar, HK.  In line with Government Policies to promote green finance, HKQAA took the lead to development the Green Finance Certification Scheme (GFCS) to provide third-party conformity assessments for Green Finance issuers since 2016.  In the beginning, I met Dr. Lo Wai Kwok (Chairman, HKQAA) and Dr. Michael P.H. Lam (CEO, HKQAA) and took a photo for memory. 

I also met Mr. Dominic Lam (CEO, CMATCL) and Mr. Ronald Y.F. Lau (Honorary President, Hong Kong Food Council).

Then we took a group photo with Mr. James Henry Lau (Secretary for Financial Services and Treasury) and Mr. Wong Kam-sing (Secretary for the Environment).  I met my HD & MPhil supervisor Dr. CN Ng (HKU) (Right 3rd) and my colleague Mr. Peter Yeung (Right 1st).

My EngD Cohort Dr. Amy Lai was also here. She serviced in Swire Properties Limit which was one of pilot participants of the GFCS.

Firstly, Ir. Dr. Hon Lo Wai Kwok (Chairman, HKQAA) gave welcome remarks.  He said Green Finance was a global trend and HKQAA promoted environmental friendly development and sustainable future continuously.


HKSQ Student Project Competition 2018 - Presentation

The HKSQ Company Based Student Project Competition aims to offer an opportunity for students to work on an actual industrial case and propose resolution annually. This allows university students to gain experience of resolving an industrial problem.  HKSQ arranged such competition since 2005.  The competition included three sessions.  The first session is problems briefing and selection those problems are designed and would be explained by Sponsor Company.  Defond Electrical Industries Ltd. is the sponsor company in 2018.  The second session is factory visit and the last session is presentation of suggested solutions by different universities students and held on 11th Mar 2018. In the beginning, I (Chairman, HKSQ) gave a welcome speech and introduced some history of the HKSQ Company Based Student Project Competition.  

Mr. Karson Chui (Former Chairman, HKSQ) briefed the rules of competition presentation and Natalie Law (Exco member, HKSQ) was our MC in the presentation session.

There are four judges in which two were Defond representatives and two were HKSQ respresentatives.  (2nd Row Left: Defond - Michael Chan, Johnny Wong, TY Tan: HKSQ - Ben Tsang and Aaron Tong).


The 1st CityU Innopreneurship meeting with HANDS 2018

I am pleasure to be invited as CityU Innopreneurship mentor again and extended to Mar 2019.  The 1st meeting with Hands Life Science (HANDS) was held on 8 Mar 2018.  They had a new idea for changing their production line and product.  We discussed different topics included marketing research, customer identification, R&D management and GMP requirements, etc.

(Left: I, Ronald Tse, Marco So, Paul Chui and Amula Tsui)

Hopefully, my junior classmates (Graduated from BCH Dept., CityU) would overcome different problems in coming challenges and got the investment successfully.
During the meeting, I shared some useful information about Marketing Research and R&D Management as follows.
Marketing Research:
20151203: HKSTP DIY Marketing Workshop – Marketing Research - http://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/12/hkstp-diy-marketing-workshop-marketing.html
20160512: HKSTP DIY Marketing Workshop 1 – What is Marketing -  http://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/05/hkstp-diy-marketing-workshop-1-what-is.html
20160526: HKSTP DIY Marketing Workshop 2 – Marketing Management -  http://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/05/hkstp-diy-marketing-workshop-2.html
20160526: HKSTP DIY Marketing Workshop 3 – Buyer Behavior - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/06/hkstp-diy-marketing-workshop-3-buyer.html
R&D Management:
20170106: Visit to CityU KTO and Idea for R&D Management - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/01/visit-to-cityu-kto-and-idea-for-r.html

CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Scheme - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/kto/index.aspx?id=PG-1600012
20170719: HKQAA Startup Coaching to CityU Inno-preneur “HANDS” - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/07/hkqaa-startup-coaching-to-cityu-inno.html
20170705: HKSTP TecONE Investment Series Seminar and Visit IncuBio “HANDS” - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/07/hkstp-tecone-investment-series-seminar.html
20170627: CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Meet-up Event - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/06/cityu-inno-preneurship-mentoring-meet.html
20161201: CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Scheme Dinner - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/12/cityu-inno-preneurship-mentoring-scheme.html


CityU Eminence Society – The 6th Exco Meeting and Dinner with new Council Chairman of CityU

The CityU Eminence Society (CES) 6th Exco Meeting was held on 5 Mar 2018 at “Tai Mo Shan”, 6/F., Sha Tin Clubhouse, JC. Moreover, we had invited the new Council Chairman Mr. Lester G Huang and Prof. Kuo Way (President, CityU) for welcoming dinner. We took a group photo before start of the meeting.

(Left: Mr William Mak, Mr CK Chan, Dr Gary Cheng, Dr. Peter Ho, Mr Danny Fok, Dr Jason Chan, Mr Weeky Wong, I and Ms. Antonia Yeung)

We discussed the membership development and coming activities such as visit to Veterinary Diagnostic Lab in campus and new vet clinic with advanced facilities, etc.

After the meeting, Mr. Lester G Huang arrived.  

Before dinner, we took a group photo with Mr. Lester G Huang and Prof. Kuo Way for memory.

(2nd row from left to right: Ms. Wendy Sin, Ms. Antonia Yeung, Mr. Xavier Wong, Ms. Dilys Chau, Mr. Eric Lee, Dr. Lotto Lai, Dr. Rocky Lam, Dr. Haywood Cheung, Mr. Harton Ma, Dr. Jason Chan, Mr. William Mak, Mr. CK Chan, Mr. Bronco But, Mr. Gyver Lau, Mr. Hectar Pun, Mr. Weeky Wong, Mr. Danny Fok)
(1st row from left to right: Prof. Matthew Lee, Dr. Peter Ho, Mrs. Dionne Hui, Mr. Simon Hui, Mr. Lester G Huang, Prof. Way Kuo, Dr. Gary Cheng, Ms. Jenny Chan, Ms. Kathy Chan)

ESG Seminar – Leadership Strategy – How to use OKRs to stimulate Creativity to become Future Leaders

The Executive Study Group (ESG) seminar 2018 – Leadership Strategy named “How to use OKRs to stimulate Creativity to become Future Leaders” was held by the ESG, Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy Limited (APIFS) and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp (HKSTPC) on 5 March 2018, where OKRs stands for Objectives & Key Results.  It is the 9th year Dr. Mark Lee provided a seminar in Science Park.  I would like to summarize the seminar for sharing below.

In the beginning, Dr. Mark Lee briefed some background of ESG and explained their learning method was "Connect and Develop" as he usually quoted Steve Jobs' statement that "Creativity is just connecting things." Then he briefed the model of corporate consultancy included seven element that separated into hard issues (e.g. Strategy, Structure & Systems) and soft issues (Skills, Staff & Style).  Then he briefed the contents included "Global Innovation Index 2018", "Management Structures Inhibit Innovation?", "OKRs", "The Soul of OKRs - Aspirations", “Lack of Inspirations from KPI”, “Set Aspiration to Inspire Innovation” and "Implementation steps of OKRs", as well as “Group Discussion”.

Global Innovation Index 2018
Firstly, Dr. Mark Lee briefed the 12 Pillars of Global Competitive Index by World Economic Forum on 26 Sep 2017.  Then he asked us to rank the 4 Dragons on innovation based on 12 Pillars.  The result was found that Singapore was number one, and then Taiwan ranted second and Korea was the third, as well as, Hong Kong obviously the last.  He also shared the case from Singapore that their government launched of Professional Services Industry Transformation Map in Jan 2018.   The most innovative companies 2018 was discussed and the top 10 list had 4 companies from Silicon Valley (they were Apple, Google, Tesla and Facebook) and only one Chinese company in the 10th of innovative companies - “Alibaba”.  


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