CityU Eminence Society – Exclusive visit to Peace Avenue Veterinary Clinic (PAVC) and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL)

The CityU Eminence Society (CES) with supported of Alumni Relations Office, the Society organized a visit to CityU’s teaching and learning facilities for veterinary education – Peace Avenue Veterinary Clinic (PAVC) and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) on 23rd June 2018 (Saturday).  I would like to share the whole trip and happy moment. We took a group photo inside PAVC.

We started our trip in CityU University Circle and took a shuttle bus to go to the PAVC.

Dr. Howard Wong (Director, Centre for Animal Welfare, College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Science) led us to visit the clinic.

Dr. Silvan Sung (COO, CityU PAVC) was responsible for the visit to PAVC and welcome all of us.


FHKI AI & Big Data Workshop (人工智能和大數據工作坊)

Hong Kong Information Technology Industry Council (HKITIC) of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) (FHKI Group 25) conducted AI & Big Data Workshop on 22nd Jun 2018.  It provided another extraordinary opportunity to explore more about their applications in commercial world.  Per FHKI invitation, I attended the workshop.  I met my EngD Cohort Dr. Sunny Chai (Vice Chairman, FHKI) and we took a photo for memory.

I recognized speaker Mr. Samson Tai and his colleagues in IBM. 

(Left: I, Mr. Kin Tsang (Executive, SaaS, Cognitive Solution, IBM Greater China Group) and Mr. Samson Tai (Distinguished Engineer & CTO IBM Hong Kong))

In the beginning, Dr. Sunny Chai (Vice Chairman, FHKI) gave a welcome speech.  He said FHKI had successfully applied Professional Services Advancement Support Scheme (“PASS”) for FHKI International Forum on promoting AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing.  Now, we were honor to invite IBM CTO to share the latest tools and advanced technologies to shape our innovative and data-driven city.

Then Dr. Sunny Chai and Mr. Chris Huang (Group 25 Vice Chairman, HKITIC) presented a souvenir to the guest speaker Mr. Samson Tai.

Mr. Samson Tai (Distinguished Engineer & CTO IBM Hong Kong) presented title named “AI Training – Putting AI to work today!” His topics included deep learning, neural networks, deep learning frameworks and common use cases, as well as, future of AI.


CityU EngD Society Lunch Meeting with Prof. Dang and Dr. Alan Chan

We are honor to have lunch with Prof. Chuangyin Dang (Acting Head & Professor, SEEM Dept., CityU) and Dr. Alan Chan (Assistant Head and Associate Professor, SEEM Dept., CityU; EngD(EM) Program Leader) for discussing the future of EngD(EM) positioning and development.  Dr. Peter Ho and Dr. Raymond Leung were CityU Distinguished Alumni, and I represented EngD Society Chairman (Dr. Herbet Yeung) for this lunch meeting.

(Left: I, Prof. Chuangyin Dang, Dr. Raymond Leung, Dr. Peter Ho and Dr. Alan Chan)

We expressed EngD(EM) cohorts’ opinions including, support the development of the School of Data Science and proposed to reposition the EngD(EM) Program in higher level hierarchy of CityU such as under College of Engineer .  Moreover, we also concern undergraduate engineering degree’s HKIE accreditation.  It is quite important for engineering field.  Prof. Dang would help to feedback to Dean soon.

CityU Engineering Doctorate Society - http://www.engd.org/  
Engineering Doctorate (Engineering Management) - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/seem/prg-engd.htm


HKQAA Startup Coaching to HKSTP Incubatee for ISO GMP & ISO 27001

HKQAA started the free coaching to HKSTP Incubatees on 19 Jun 2018 and I joined their coaching meeting to assist our incubatees to upgrade to ISO international standard through knowledge sharing service.  One of incubatees funded by CityU TSSSU named Hands Life Science (HANDS).  They tried to develop their cosmetic products and I advised to get the safety testing report from international testing body and the second step to test their product performance.  After that it should be implemented quality management system such as ISO 9001 with guideline of ISO 22716 (GMP) for future development.  It is the 2nd CityU Innopreneurship meeting with HANDS in 2018. We took a photo with one of founders for memory.

(Left: Mr. Adams Wong, Ms. Brenda Ling, Mr. Marco So and I)

Another incubatee we visited was beNovelty which was reference by their partner Belun Technology. Their service related to cloud computing and IT.  Therefore, ISO 27001 Information Security was very important especially the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implemented on 25 May 2018.  They were participated HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Start-up and then aimed to upgrade to ISO 27001.  We also took a photo for memory.

(Left: Mr. Adams Wong, Ms. Brenda Ling, I, Mr. Patrick Fan, Ms. Suki Fan and Dr. Leo Ho)


HKSQ Seminar on “Quality Dimensions of Apps and Infrastructure Development for Smart City – Success Cases”

Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) and SEEM Department, CityU organized a seminar named “Quality Dimensions of Apps and Infrastructure Development for Smart City – Success Cases” on 14th May 2018.  American Society for Quality HK (ASQHK), HKQFDA and IISE were supporting organizations.  The seminar aimed to share Dr. Shiau YeaJou experience and insight into the key attributes of Apps development, ways to address the real needs of users, and the projected infrastructure needed to support new technologies to be deployed in smart cities.  In the beginning, Mr. Peter Fung (Former Chairman, HKSQ) introduced Dr. Yea-Jou Shiau that he was excutive committee member of Chinese Society for Quality (CSQ), has extensive experience in manufacturing engineering.  His research areas included quality management, service delivery, e-commerce, business analysis, product development and Apps for business and transportation.

Then Dr. Ken Yau (Exco member, HKSQ) introduced SEEM Department and its program including BEng in System Engineering and Management (BENG SEM) and Engineering Doctorate (Engineering Management) (EngD(EM)).

I (Chairman, HKSQ) gave a welcome speech and introduced the background of HKSQ and our activities including the 3rd World Summit for Chinese Quality and Asia Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress 2018, etc.

After that Dr. Albert Tsang (Former Chairman, HKSQ) briefed the trend of ASQ after his trip for WQCI in USA.  He also briefed the recently ASQ Certification and BoK workshops.  

Dr. Yea-jou Shiau ((蕭亞洲) (Deputy CEO of Big Data Application Research Center; Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing and Logistics, China University of Technology) was our guest speaker and his topic entitled “From Apps optimization to Infrastructure Development for Smart City”(APP的優化到智慧城市基礎建設).  Firstly, he explained the different between Apps and Website.  How to retain customer in mobile Apps? Answer is “Content”!  

Then Dr. Shiau briefed the five design rules of User Interface below:
i)                    Easy to use
ii)                  Efficient to use
iii)                Few error
iv)                Subjectively pleasing
v)                  Easy to remember
The control bar designs were different in different OS.


CityU Workshop on AI in the Era of Big Data

I received invitation to attend the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Big Data, which organized by the Department of Computer Science of City University of Hong Kong, on 7th Jun 2018. The workshop aimed to provide a platform for academics and students to learn about the latest development in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science through keynote talks given by high-calibre scholars. The Workshop also offered a forum for participants to exchange knowledge, as well as share their views and insights on the development trends.  Before that I met Dr. Ken Yau (Instructor I, SEEM Dept., CityU) and we took a photo in front of the banner.

I was honor to meet Prof. Jun Wang (Chair Profoessor of Computational Intelligence, CS Dept., CityU) and took a photo for memory.

I also meet Dr. Louis Liu (Instructor I, SEEM Dept., CityU) in the hall.

In the beginning, Prof. Alex Jen (Provost, Chair Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science, CityU) gave opening remarks.  He said it was a platform to exchange the new knowledge in AI and CityU would be focused on Data Science and establishing School of Data Science soon.

Then Prof. Hong Yan (Dean, College of Science and Engineering, Chair Professor of Computer Engineering, CityU) gave opening speech.  He reviewed his learning in AI in the past.  He said Neural Network and AI depended on data.  The more data available, the better performance obtained. This workshop expected to introduce new ideas and crazy idea.

Group photo was taken.

(Left: Prof TAN, Kay Chen, Prof. Haibo He, Prof. Jie Lu, Prof KWONG, Tak Wu Sam, Prof. Alex Jen, Prof. Zidong Wang, Prof. Yaochu Jin, Prof. Hong Yan, Prof. Jun Wang and Prof.)  


HKQAA Food Waste Recycling Registration Scheme Ceremony

I was honor to be invited HKQAA to participant the Food Waste Recycling Registration Scheme Ceremony cum Sharing Seminar on 8th Jun 2018.  In line with EPD strategy for food waste, HKQAA took the lead to launch the HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Food Waste Recycling to provide third-party conformity assessments for Food Waste Companion, Food Waste Collector and Recycler since 2017.  Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) and Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) are supporting organizations. Before the Ceremony, Mr. Ronald, YF Lau (Chairman, Hong Kong Food Hygiene Administrators Association; Honorary President, Hong Kong Food Council) and I took a photo for memory.

Ms. Brenda Ling, Mr. Adams Wong and I took a photo in front of the banner too.

A group photo of guests were taken.

In the beginning, Dr. Lo Wai Kwok (Chairman, HKQAA) gave a welcome speech.  He said one of WHO Sustainable Development Goals in 2030 was “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”. Therefore, reducing food waste was aligned with that goal.  He said the development of HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Food Waste Recycling was supported by Recycling Fund under EPD.  All registered Companions, Food Waste Collectors and Recyclers would post into the website for public searching.  

Mr. Tse Chin-wan (Under Secretary for the Environment, HKSAR) was the guest speaker and he said human challenge was lack of food in the history.  But we had more than 3000 ton food waste per day that was the challenge for us.  Landfill is not the solution for handling food waste because of used land and generated greenhouse gas.  Therefore, reducing food waste should start from the source.  However, collecting food waste was not an easy job. So that EPD promoted “Food Wise Hong Kong” (惜食約章) to save food and reduce food waste.  

Mr. Jimmy Kwok (Chairperson, Advisory Committee on Recycling Fund) gave guest speech.  He said that 30% of landfill solid waste was food waste.  He briefed the aims of Recycling Fund were to assist different collecting projects to reduce waste in Hong Kong and decrease the pressure on landfill.  HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Food Waste Recycling scheme worked as leader role to lead industry together and making better and greener Hong Kong. 

After that the presentation of certificate for Companions, Food Waste Collectors and Food Waste Recyclers performed and then group photo was taken.  


IET & IEEE Technical Visit to Songshan Lake International Robot Industry Base and Googol Technology Park

I joined the technical visit to Songshan Lake International Robot Industry Base and Songshan Lake Googol Technology Park on 2 Jun 2018.  The technical visit was co-organized by Joint Event with Informatics and Control Technology Section, IET hong Kong and IEEE Electronics Packaging Society.  We would first visit the Songshan Lake International Robotic Technology Park (BOTPARK) and then visit Googol Tech’s state-of-the-art R&D facilities and its testing laboratories at the Song Shan Lake.  I took a photo with Mr. Dong Guohua (Research Fellow, BOTPARK) (董國華研究員).

I took a photo inside the park.

Mr. Dong introduced the history of the park to us.  Songshan Lake International Robot Industry Base had made great efforts to foster three enterprise clusters and they were movement control and high-end equipment enterprise cluster, industry and service robot enterprise cluster and high-end consumer products enterprise cluster.  The Robot Base is divided into three parts with 9 function zones in total.  The three parts are robot aid innovation research institute, innovation incubation base and international robot industrial park.  There were many successful startup example including Googol Tech, DJI, QKM Technology and ePropilsion, etc. 

First step named HollyWood of Makers.  It showed the Great Bay Area. 


HKSTP Board members visit CityU R&D Laboratories

I was honor to line up HKSTP Board members to visit CityU and its R&D Laboratories including State Key Laboratory, ITF projects and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory on 1st Jun 2018.  The story was that CityU alumni had dinner with CityU new Council Chairman Mr. Lester G Huang on 5th Mar 2018 and he would like to invite HKSTP Chairlady and Board members to visit CityU’s laboratories and facilities.  As CityU Alumni in CityU Eminence Society (CES) and Adjunct Professor in SEEM Dept., I passed Mr. Lester G Huang’s message to Mrs. Fanny LAW FAN (Chairperson, HKSTP) during Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park Limited House Warming on 14th Mar 2018.  After several times communication, we arranged a whole day visit to introduce different achievement of CityU and hoped that more cooperation between HKSTP and CityU in near future.  In the beginning, we took a group photo in the meeting room.

 (Left 1st row: Ms. Cordelia Chung, Prof. Jian Lu (VP (R&T)), Mrs. Fanny Law Fan, Mr. Lester G Huang, Prof. Way Kuo (President), Mr. Billy Wong, Mr. Albert Wong, Mr. Richard Sun;
Left 2nd row: Dr. Lotto Lai, Mr. Spencer Chan, Ms. Claudia Xu, Mr. Simon Wong, Ms. Erica Tse, Mr. Patrick Siu and Ms. Pik Kwan Lee)

Before the meeting, I took a photo with Ir. Patrick Siu (COO, HKSTP) in the venue.

I also took a photo with another colleague Mr. Spencer Chan (Sr. Manager, Business Development, HKSTP).

In the beginning, Mr.Lester Garson Huang (Chairman, The Council of CityU) gave welcome speech.  

President Prof. Way Kuo also gave an opening remark.


FHKI Industrialist Forum 2018

The Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI), with support of HKSTP, KPMG and KPMG organized the Industrialist Forum to provide platform where industrialists, investors/capital providers, academia and government officials exchanged views on the prospects of Hong Kong industries.  Industrialist Forum 2018 was held on 30th May 2018, which aimed to tie in technology and innovation initiatives rolled by the HKSAR government in Policy Address and the Budget so as to look into the prospectus of advanced manufacturing in Hong Kong.  I met HKSQ senior member Mr. Albert Cheung who was one of speakers in the forum and we took a photo for memory.

In the beginning, Mr. Jimmy Kwok (Chairman, FHKI) gave a welcome speech.  Firstly, he briefed HKSAR government new initiative to support industries and SME.  He mentioned that cooperation between government and industries could create new market and new value.  

Mr. Paul Chan, GBM, GBS, MH, JP (Financial Secretary, HKSAR) was guest-of-honour and gave opening speech.  He said Innovation and Entrepreneurship were a global trend.  Since ITB established in 2015, we were not discussed “Do or Not” but “How to catch up”.  He shared his visit on Hangzhou (杭州) and Guizhou (貴州) and observed their development on internet, big data, AI and smart city, etc. He said we had world class universities, top tier talents, excellence legal system, and IP protection, etc. He had confident that Hong Kong to be Global Innovation and Technology Centre.  

Group photo

AM Session – Plug into I&T for New Businesses
The first keynote speaker was Mr.Nicholas Yang, GBS, JP (Secretary for Innovation and Technology, HKSAR) and his topic entitled “Innovation and Technology Initiatives Rolled out by the Government”.  Firstly, he briefed several new policies on Innovation and Technology (I&T) especially on Re-industrialization.  We focused on Advance Manufacturing, AI, Data Analytics, etc. to retain and attract high value-added industries in Hong Kong. He added that we had new infrastructure, HKPC & HKSTP co-working space, ITFs and education input such as post-doc subsidies.  He hoped to lead re-industrialization through Government-Industry-University-Institute (官產學研) collaboration. 

The second keynote speaker was Mr. TK Chiang (Managing Director, CLP Power HK Ltd.) and his presentation named “Digital Utility of the Future”. In the beginning, Mr. Chiang said that technology changed the world, making yesterday’s impossible into today’s possible.  


CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Meet-up Dinner 2018

I was honor to be invited by CityU Knowledge Transfer Office as Inno-preneurship mentor to assist our junior cohort in this year again and joined the Meet-up Dinner on 28th May 2018.  The Inno-preneurship Mentoring Scheme is exclusive for CityU communities who desire to turn their creative ideas into start-ups.  I was assigned as mentor to Hands Life Science and met the CEO Mr. Marco So who was graduated in BCH Department, CityU (Now named CHEM Department). Moreover, I introduced Dr. Samson Tam (Partner, Hong Kong-Shenzhen United Investment Fund) to him for advising about business and investment issues. Then we took a photo for memory.

(Left: Mr. Boris Yim (Founder, Scooter Technology Limitied), Dr. Samson Tam, Mr. Marco So and I)

I also met my EngD Cohort Dr. W.L. Ha (Executive Vice President – Technology, Computime Limited) and his mentees (Bucky company).

(Left: Mr. Silver Pang, Mr. Tse Hok Kam, I, Ms. Stephanie Kwok and Dr. W.L. Ha)

In the beginning, Mr. Clement Lam (Associate Director of Knowledge Transfer Office, CityU) gave a welcome speech and he appreciated all mentors and mentees contribution on Inno-preneurship mentoring scheme. 

So many participants here tonight.

Then Mr. Tony Chan (CityU Shenzhen Research Institute (CityUSRI)) introduced their Innovation Commons (SZ) to us.  He also said CityUSRI got the number 1 on research funding and number 1 of PhD (300) graduated in Shenzhen.  He had confident that commercialization to become enterprise in CityUSRI would be number 1 in the future.  He also introduced Shenzhen government’s funding support upto RMB 1 million for startup and upto RMB 1.5 million for PhD graduates in CityU!

The details of Innovation Commons (SZ) was showed in the following leaflet.

A Thinker sculpture was observed that let me to review the cooperation between HKSTP and CityU KTO since 2014.  I linked up HKSTP Incubation Program (Incu-App) to CityU Apps Lab on 27th Jun2014.  Then CityU Innopreneurship Ecosystem Launch Ceremony was held on 23rd Nov 2015 that Mr. Peter Mok (Head of Incubation Program, HKSTP) was invited to be one of their board members. We formed Joint Incubation Programme at that time.  After that Pre-Incubation Programme was launched in March 2017 by CityU and HKSTP offering further support to CityU supported start-ups and student entrepreneurship teams. 

CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Scheme - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/kto/index.aspx?id=PG-1600012
20151123: CityU Innopreneurship Ecosystem Launch Ceremony 2015 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/11/cityu-innopreneurship-ecosystem-launch.html
20161201: CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Scheme Dinner - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/12/cityu-inno-preneurship-mentoring-scheme.html
20170627: CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Meet-up Event - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/06/cityu-inno-preneurship-mentoring-meet.html
20170705: HKSTP TecONE Investment Series Seminar and Visit IncuBio “HANDS” - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/07/hkstp-tecone-investment-series-seminar.html
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20180308: The 1st CityU Innopreneurship meeting with HANDS 2018 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2018/03/the-1st-cityu-innopreneurship-meeting.html


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