HKSQ Seminar on ASQ Certification Process

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of ASQ’s Certification Programs.  HKSQ and ASQ Hong Kong co-organized a seminar named “ASQ Certification Process: A Sharing Session” on 7th Dec 2018.  The seminar aimed to introduce ASQ Certificate, HKSQ BoK Workshop and new online examination and re-certification.  Before the seminar, we took a group photo with guest speakers.

(Left: Mr. Kevin Yau (ASQ Member), Dr. Albert Tsang (ASQ Member Leader in HK and Former Chairman of HKSQ), Mr. Karson Chui (Former Chairman of HKSQ) and I (Chairman of HKSQ))

Dr. Albert Tsang was the first speaker and he introduced ASQ Certification and its key benefits for individuals. 

ASQ Certification separated into three levels and they were Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level.  Only Advanced level needs to re-certificate per every 3 years.  

Minitab Seminar on Gearing Up for Industry 4.0 - Machine Learning for Manufacturing Performance

The seminar named “Gearing Up for Industry 4.0: Machine Learning for Manufacturing Performance” was organized by Minitab on 7 Dec 2018, which was one of activities after the 14th Hong Kong Quality Management Convention. 

Before the seminar, I took a photo with Minitab team and speaker.

(Left: Mr. Alex Kwan (Country Account Manager), Mr. Darren Chai (GM, Hangzhou Qiyue Data Technology Co., Ltd.), Mr. Calvin Yim (Product Manager, TechMax), Ms. Iza Ng (Business Development Manager, TechMax) and I)

Ms. Angel Wong (Senior Consultant, Electronics Testing and Reliability, HKPC) also joined the seminar.

Mr. Darren Chai (柴磊) (GM, Hangzhou Qiyue Data Technology Co., Ltd.) was guest speaker and his topic separated into two parts.  Part 1 was foundation of machine learning in the industry and Part 2 was demonstration of the Salford Predictive Modeler (SPM). 

Firstly, Mr. Chai said industry needed to overcome the barrier of data such as leak of capability for data science, suspect the effect after implementation of data technology and traditional IT data isolation.  Then he introduced the industry IoT potential as well as data importance.  


The 14th Hong Kong Quality Management Convention

I was honor invited to be a honorary guest for the Fourteenth Hong Kong Quality Management Convention (QMC) which organized by Hong Kong Quality Management Association (HKQMA) held on 6 Dec 2018. The theme of this Convention is “The Core for Business Excellence”.  

I met many friends and took a photo for memory before the seminar.  Photo with Dr. Mickey Li (Chairman, SZAQ) and Mr. Li Gaoshuai (李高帥) (Deputy Secretary-General, CAQ).

Photo with HKQMA friends. (Left: Dr. Frankie KS Lam (Chairman, HKQMA), Mr. John Lee (Assistant Manager, Autopilot Leadership Lab, LKK Health Products Group Ltd.), Dr. Mark MW Chan (President, HKQMA), Dr. Victor Lo (President, ISIHK) and I (Chairman, HKSQ)).

I met Prof. Huang Yongheng (黃永衡) (Vice-Chairman, Guangdong Association for Standardization) who is expert in the committee of ISO/TC 28 and ISO/TC 142/WG2. 

Photo with Dr. Gavin Chau (Hon. President, HKQMA; Executive Associate Dean of CityU of Macau) and Dr. Victor Leung (Vice Chairman, Knowledge Management Development Centre)

Dr. Ivan Ng (Coop, HKSQ) also attended the convention.

In the beginning, Dr. Mark MW Chan (President, HKQMA) gave welcome speech. 

Then group photo of all speakers was taken.

Mr. Li Gaoshuai (李高帥) (Deputy Secretary-General, CAQ) was the first keynote speaker and his topic entitled “User Satisfaction” (用戶滿意經營). Firstly, Mr. Li discussed if enterprise’s product was found no different advantages on functionality or quality with their competitor, what should be done?

Back to the basic, using TQM focused on user (End user).  He then quoted President of Coca Cola statement that they could be recovery within very short time if all Coca Cola plants were fired at one night.  It indicated that the foundation of business system was Trust. 


HKSQ Seminar on Implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for R&D Companies – ASTRI Experience Sharing

November is World Quality Month.  HKSQ arranged several events to celebrate World Quality Month 2018.  The seminar named “Implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for R&D Companies – ASTRI Experience Sharing” was organized by HKSQ and supported by ASQ Hong Kong and MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node.  This seminar aimed to share ASTRI experience to implement ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 in their R&D projects as well as introduce MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node.  

(Left: Dr. Lotto Lai (Chairman, HKSQ), Mr. Jim Hui (ASTRI) and Ms. Angel Lai (MIT HK Innovation Node))

Before the seminar, I introduced the HKSQ World Quality Month activities and speakers.

The first speaker was Mr. Jim Hui (Senior Manager, Quality Management, ASTRI) and he shared his experience on implementing ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 in ASTRI.  Firstly, he briefed the history of ASTRI which was established in 2000 and designated as one of R&D Centres (for ICT) in 2006. 

Then Mr. Jim Hui introduced the ASTRI ISO Journey from 2006 to 2017.  They got ISO 27001 in 2015.

Mainland and Hong Kong Frontier Discipline Development Forum - Digital Transformation and Innovation in Manufacturing (内地与香港前沿学科发展论坛:制造业数字化转型与创新) (Part 2)

I was honor to be invited as one of guest speakers for the Mainland and Hong Kong Frontier Discipline Development Forum - Digital Transformation and Innovation in Manufacturing (内地与香港前沿学科发展论坛:制造业数字化转型与创新) which was coorganized by National Natural Science Foundation of China (国家自然科学基金委员会) and Beijing – Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre (京港学术交流中心), and undertook by Guangdong University of Technology (广东工业大学) from 29th to 30th Nov 2018.  I took a photo in front of the banner.

During two days forum, I met many professors and professional.  Some photos were taken for memory below.
Prof. Huang Guo Quan (黄国全) (香港大学) (Chair Professor, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, HKU) and I were IISE Whatsapp group members.  

 Prof. CHEN Youhua Frank (陈友华) (香港城市大学) (Department of Management Science, CityU) who knew my EngD supervisor Dr. KS Chin. 

Photo with Prof. Xie Weihong (谢卫红) (广东工业大学科技处副处长).

 Photo with Prof. Helen S Du (杜松华) (广东工业大学) (School of Management, GDUT).

Photo with Prof. Wei Qiang (卫强) (清华大学) (Tsinghua University).

I also met Ms. Lydia Lin (Head, Division of Science and Technology, Bejing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre) who knew Dr. Aaron Tong - Former Chairman of HKSQ.  

I also took a photo with Dr. Ren Shuyun, Shara (任淑云) (香港理工大学) (middle) and Dr. Guo Yujuan, Alice (郭玉娟) (香港理工大学) (left).

In the beginning, Prof. Li Weining (李卫宁) (华南理工大学) (South China University of Technology) was session chair and introduced speakers. 

The first speaker was Ms. Xiang Xiaomei (向晓梅) (广东省社科院产业经济研究所) and her presentation topic entitled “Research on Industrial Synergy Development in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” (粤港澳大湾区产业协同发展研究). 


Mainland and Hong Kong Frontier Discipline Development Forum - Digital Transformation and Innovation in Manufacturing (内地与香港前沿学科发展论坛:制造业数字化转型与创新) (Part 1)

I was honor to be invited as one of guest speakers for the Mainland and Hong Kong Frontier Discipline Development Forum - Digital Transformation and Innovation in Manufacturing (内地与香港前沿学科发展论坛:制造业数字化转型与创新) which was coorganized by National Natural Science Foundation of China (国家自然科学基金委员会) and Beijing – Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre (京港学术交流中心), and undertook by Guangdong University of Technology (广东工业大学).  We have a group photo outside the venue (Guangdong Hotel).

During Opening Ceremony, Prof. Xie Weihong (谢卫红) (广东工业大学) gave welcome speech and introduced guest speakers.

Then Prof. Chen Weimin (陈为民) (广东工业大学副校长) gave an opening speech and he introduced Big Data Strategic Research Institution.  He expected to integrate the academic and industry so as to contribution into “Made in China 2025”. 

And then Prof. Zhan Shige (詹世革) (国家自然科学基金委员会港澳台事务办公室副主任) gave speech that she briefed the cooperation meeting between Beijing and Hong Kong since 2003.  She stated today’s topic included Manufacturing, Innovation and Digitalization. 

The first speaker was Prof. ZHAO J Leon (赵建良) (香港城市大学) (Chair Professor of Information Systems, Dept. of Information Systems, CityU) and his presentation topic entitled “New Trends in Blockchain Transformation and Management Science” (区块链变革与管理科学研究新动向). He briefed the basic principle of Blockchain in different logics and dimensions.  


CityU Eminence Society – The 10th Exco Meeting 2018

The CityU Eminence Society (CES) 10th Exco Meeting of the four executive committee was held on 27th Nov 2018.  It was the last meeting under our Chairman Dr. Gary FT Cheng leadership. We appreciated to Dr. Gary Geng invited all committee members for seafood dinner.  We took a group meeting for memory.

(Left: Ms. Wendy Sin, Mr. Harton Ma, Dr. Jason KY Chan, I, Mr. CK Chan, Dr. Gary FT Cheng, Ms. Jenny PH Chan, Mr. William TL Ma, Dr. Raymond SH Leung, Mr. Weeky SL Wong, Ms. Kathy YL Chan, Ms. Antonia YH Yeung and Mr. Xavier SK Wong)

Dr. Jason also selfie for memory.  Gary’s red wine is very good.  I also bring a whisky from Myanmar which was also good over our expectation.

CityU Eminence Society - www.cityues.org
20170301: CityU Eminence Society – The 4th Exco Inauguration Ceremony & Annual Dinner 2017 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/03/cityu-eminence-society-4th-exco.html
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20180305: CityU Eminence Society – The 6th Exco Meeting and Dinner with new Council Chairman of CityU - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.com/2018/03/cityu-eminence-society-6th-exco-meeting.html


Visit to Myanmar (緬甸) - University of Yangon (仰光大學)

Minda and I joined the trip to visit to Myanmar (緬甸) organized by Candy’s Travel Limited from 21st to 25th Nov 2018.  The travel agency (Carmon Mok) is our friend and we always asked her for help to arrange different trip in China.  The last day of Myanmar trip is free agenda.  So that I arranged to visit the University of Yangon and started at 8:00am.  Aaron, Pat, Minda and I took a group photo in front of the university.

We saw many local people worn traditional dress around the university.  We met a happy family and they took a jumping photo in front of the university hall (Convocation Hall).

Then they took a photo with us.  

The guy explained that they were Karen people (克倫族) and worn their traditional dress to celebrate with their family member for the graduation today.

The university vision was posted in the wall of the university hall.  Their vision is “To create an education system that can generate a learning society capable of facing the challenges of the Knowledge Age”.  

Today is the university graduation ceremony and all professors and graduates were inside the Convocation Hall.

Graduate doll, flower and graduate photo service were provided.

Before reach the university, we passed the Hlaing Campus. 

After visited the university, we went back to Hotel “Grand Mercure”.  Based on Grab, the cost is about $4100~$4500 Kyat one way.  Return to Hotel needed $10,000 Kyat. (~$50 RMB) 

During back to hotel, we passed the house of Aung San General

After return to hotel before 10:00am, we met Hong Kong Snooker Queen – Ms. Ng On-yee (吳安儀).  We took a photo for memory.

Carman also took a photo with her.

We were lucky because of IBSF World Billiard and Snooker Championship 2018 was held in here from 12-18 and 19-27 Nov 2018, respective.  

We had also visited the venue of championship which located in the 8/F of the Hotel.

Hotels’ General Manager – Mr. Vinoth Kumar (威諾) is very nice and explained the hotel facilities to us.  We took a photo for memory.  He can speak in Cantonese.  

There had 7 meeting rooms from 20 to 65 people and two ball rooms. Each ball room was up to 580 people each.  I found that it was suitable for ANQ or other Quality conference if held in Mynamar.  

At 10:30am, we went to the largest shopping mall in Yangon named “HAGL Myanmar Centre”.  We had lunch in the Manhattan Fish Market.

The staff fired shrimp with cheese.

Time is fly. We saw a sun setting on the flight.

Left Myanmar and back to Hong Kong.

University of Yangon - https://www.uy.edu.mm/
Candy’s Travel Limited (美之旅假期) - http://www.candytravel.com.hk/
20181125: Visit to Myanmar (緬甸) - University of Yangon (仰光大學) - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.com/2018/11/visit-to-myanmar-university-of-yangon.html


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