CityU Seminar on Key Elements of a Business Plan for a Start-up Company

I had attended Prof. Asad M. Madni seminar named “Key Elements of a Business Plan for a Start-up Company” which was organized by College of Science and Engineering, City University of Hong Kong on 19th Oct 2018.  Entrepreneurship is the engine of economic growth.  Technologist, faculty members, graduate students, and other visionaries keep on developing concepts, products, and service that are revolutionary and continue to define the evolution of our society.  This seminar introduced the key elements as well as simple yet powerful approach to develop a successful business plan for a start-up company.  Before it, I took a photo with Prof. Madni.

The group photo was taken with all participants at the end.  Prof. Hong Yan (Dean, College of Science and Engineering, CityU) (Left 3 in 1st row) and Dr. Ray Cheung (Asso. Professor, Dept. of EE, CityU; Director, CityU Apps Lab) (Left 5 in 1st row) were also here.

In the beginning, Dr. Ray Cheung introduced the background of speaker Prof. Asad M. Madni who is a visionary and highly successful executive to lead two enormously successful companies: Systron Donner Corporation and BEI Technologies Inc.  He is currently an Independent Consultant; Distinguished Adjunct Professor and Distinguished Scientist of Electrical & Computer Engineering at UCLA; and Executive Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer of Crocker, a San Francisco based private venture firm specializing in emerging technologies.  

Firstly, Prof. Asad M. Madni (Distinguished Adjunct Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles) asked us a question why so little startup success.  You needed to go out to raise money and CEO of investment could give you only 15 min for you to present your idea. 


HKETA Symposium on Innovation & Technology 2018 (Part 2)

Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association (HKETA) Symposium on Innovation & Technology 2018 was co-organized with HKTDC on 13th Oct 2018.  The symposium separated into two parts.  Part 1 named AI Empowerment – Grow without Limits on 13th Oct 2018 (whole day) and Part 2 named Technologies & Success Applications in An Age of AI on 16th Oct 2018 (Morning).  I attended the Part 2 on 16th Oct 2018 and took a photo in front of the banner.

Today, MTR had signal problem in four lines.  Even though I left early at 8:15am but I arrived the venue at 11:00am.  (Symposium started at 10:30am)  I was lucky that I attended all speakers’ speech.  The photo showed the MTR exit in Hung Hom station.

The first speaker was Mr. Mick Spiers (VP, Thales Revenue Collection Systems, Thales Group) and his topic named “Artificial Intelligence and Smart Mobility Solutions”.

Mr. Spiers introduced Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and its Mobility Service Platform structure.  

Finally, he briefed the role of AI in Mobility with different applications.

Mr. Samuel Lo (General Manager, NVIDIA AI Technology Center, Hong Kong) was the second speaker and his presentation entitled “Revolutionizing Smart City with AI”. Firstly, Mr. Lo introduced the Era of AI through video and then briefed the foundation of the smart city.


HKPC Smart Enterprise Practical Training

Smart Enterprise Practical Training series were organized by Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) on 4th & 24th Sep and 15th & 29th Oct 2018.  I attended the training on 15th Oct 2018 and summarized it as follows. In the beginning, HKPC Fraunhofer Certified i4.0 expert & trainer - Mr. Lyan Law (Lead Consultant, HKPC) was the first speaker and he introduced the whole training series, as well as, Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries (FITMI).

Then Mr. Law introduced the INC Invention Centre – The Hatch opening on 11th Oct 2018 and issued the first certificate for 1i to pilot company.  HKSAR CE had also attended after her policy address announcement on that morning.  

The second speaker was Mr. Henry Kwan (Trio Engineering) and he shared his local i4.0 case.  He introduced his company background that EMS provider established in 1983 and listed in HKEX in 2017.  He also briefed their product type evolution in three generations as follows:
1st Generation – Winding & Transformer
2nd Generation – PCBA and Assembly
3rd Generation – Power supply & Security devices

Then he explained why they needed to go to i4.0 because of competitiveness, Branding and Global Trends. Strategic framework of i4.0 included Business Operation & Production, ICT and Enterprise Innovation.


HKETA Symposium on Innovation & Technology 2018 (Part 1)

Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association (HKETA) Symposium on Innovation & Technology 2018 was co-organized with HKTDC on 13th Oct 2018.  The symposium separated into two parts.  Part 1 named AI Empowerment – Grow without Limits on 13th Oct 2018 (whole day) and Part 2 named Technologies & Success Applications in An Age of AI on 16th Oct 2018 (Morning).  I attended the Part 1 and took a photo in front of the banner.

I met Mr. David T.W. Chung (Principal Consultant, InnoEdge Consulting Ltd.) and we took a photo in his exhibition booth.  They located in the startup exhibition supporting service area.  

In the beginning, Ir. Victor Choi (Chairman of HKETA) gave welcome remarks.  He said AI is a very hot topic in 2018 and hope the symposium would bring more insights about technology advancement.  

The Honourable Nicholas W. Yang (GBS, JP, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, HKSARG) gave opening remarks.  He introduced recently I&T policy to support industry from upstream (University research) to downstream (Smart production).  He expected hi-tech and less land required industry in Hong Kong expecially AIR (AI and Robotic).  

Group Photo



今天是我服務科技園15 (欠兩個月) (1110個月3年顧問)的最後一天。我用「成功必不在我,奮鬥有我足跡。」作為總結。(Success will not be with me, but struggle will have my footprints.)

(I took this photo under Golden Egg during my EngD graduated in 2010.)




感謝實驗室同事們在上星期四的farewell party我們很久沒有那麼齊人(4th Oct 2018)


Meeting with BCH Junior Classmate in Science Park

Today, I met Dr. Alice K.Y. Chan (Scientific Director, Labway Biotechnology Ltd.), who was my BCH Junior Classmate, in Biotech Support Centre, Hong Kong Science Park.  Dr. Alice Chan was student of Prof. H.L. Kwong in Department of Biology and Chemistry (BCH), CityU.  BCH Dept. had been changed name to Department of Chemistry (CHEM) in 2017. We took a photo for memory.

Her company developed sea cucumber capsules for health and could resistant of cancer per his boss said (Mr. Victor Sit, Founder of Labway Biotechnology Ltd.).  They also interested in developing Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) using blood of Horseshoe Crab for endotoxin testing which could replace Rabbit Pyrogen Test.  I had attended HKIE seminar named “Medical Devices and Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) Testing” in 2008.

CHEM Dept., CityU - https://www.cityu.edu.hk/chem/
Labway Biotehnology Ltd. - https://www.labwaybio.com/

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Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Professional Management Association (深港專業管理學會) Annual Dinner 2018

I was invited by Prof. Philip Chan (Founding Chairman, IPostdocA) to attend the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Professional Management Association (深港專業管理學會) (SZHKIPMA) annual dinner cum Ceremony of the 69th anniversary of RPC establishment on 6th Oct 2018. I took a photo in the banner for memory.

Since Prof. Chan didn’t feel well on that day, I gave his students’ certificates and ANQ Congress Proceedings to Dr. Yau Pak Man (Postdoc (UQAM / CAG); South China Chairman, IPostdocA).  And then we took a photo.

I met Dr. Cook Chiu (President & CEO, Leoco (HK) Ltd. & Leoco (Dong Guan) Electronics Co., Ltd.) and he had a plan to establish factory in Eastern Europe and R&D pilot production in Hong Kong. Since his product characteristics had high variety and low volume, as well as, Dr. Chiu would like to develop high-tech i4.0 production, it was found very suitable for locating in Advance Manufacturing Centre in HKSTP which was slated to open in 2021.

Chairman of SZHKIPMA and all guests walked into the hall.

Dr. WK Lo was Honor Chairman of SZHKIPMA.

After ceremony of the the 69th anniversary of RPC establishment and performed the National Song, all committee members and guest to a group photo.

Dr. Lo had gave a greeting speech.

And then he performed music using Saxophone to us.

The song named “Moon represented my heart” (月亮代表我的心).

PostDoc table took a group photo.

SZHKIPMA (深港專業管理學會) - http://www.szhkipma.com/tch/index.asp#


SGS Seminar on “Increasing the Successful Rate of Your New Business (Lead Startup)”

With the support of the Hong Kong government in creating new things, the number of Startup companies and innovative service as well as product are increasing tremendously.  A seminar named “Increasing the Successful Rate of Your New Business” organized by SGS on 5th Oct 2018.  Lean Startup (LSU) is a powerful and worldwide used tool for a new business to adopt and this seminar aimed to introduce key components of LSU and its method, as well as, linking Design Thinking with LSU for new product development.  Before the seminar, I took a photo with Dr. Bernard Cheng. 

Ms. Sharon Li (Senior Account Executive, SGS) arranged the seminar and she had joined HKSQ GMP workshop before.

I also met Minda’s old colleague Ms. Willy Lok (Associate Production Manager, DiagCor Life Science Ltd.).

In the beginning, Dr. Bernard Cheng (Principal Consultant, BC Sustainability Consulting) briefed course outline.  He would introduced LSU concept and framework and then ran workshop for our practice. Dr. Cheng said 70% of your memory came from participation in Hands-on Workshop based on Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience.

Then Dr. Cheng asked us to introduce ourselves and separated into two group.  Each group identified one new product for workshop.  Since our team had mobile trader, brand trader, cosmetic primary packaging and startup incubator, our proposed product named “Digital Lipstick”.


Silk Road Series – Seminar on China-Ukraine Trade and More

Silk Road Economic Development Research Center (SREDRC) and One Belt One Road Research Institute (OBORRI) of Chu Hai College co-organized the seminar on China-Ukraine Trade and More on 29th Sep 2018.  Ukraine as a major economy at the crossroad of Eurasia has every potential to recover its past glory. As last as in the Soviet era, it had been the main industrial and agricultural centre of the confederation.  In recent years, it has been a major source of technology transfer fro China and given its fertile back soil and its insistence against genetic modification.  China’s Belt and Road Initiative aims to resurrect millennium old Silk Road and Ukraine could very well be once again the hub connecting the East from China, Central Asia and Caucasus, the West of Eastern, Central and Western Europe, the north of Russia and the Baltic Sea and the south through the Black Sea to the Middle East.  In the beginning, Dr CHAN Man Hung, Thomas (Director, One Belt One Road Research Institute) gave welcome speech and introduced each speaker.

Mr. Joseph Chan (Chairman of the Silk Road Economic Development Research Center) gave opening address.  

Mr. Olekandr Romanovskyy (Director, Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine) was the first speaker and his topic entitled “Ukraine on the World Agrarian Map: Export, Import, Prospects of Cooperation between Ukraine & China”.  Firstly, Mr. Romanovskyy shared the role of Agribusiness in Ukraine that had 18% of GDP.

Ukraine is farmers paradise in which had largest-arable land bank in Europe and No. 10 globally.  Their production of cereals and legumes were introduced. 


HKPC Seminar on Stepping into Smart Manufacturing with AI

The seminar named “Stepping into Smart Manufacturing with AI” was organized by HKPC on 28th Sep 2018.  Today’s consumers pursue customized, personalized, and unique products over standardized ones in the past.  We are looking for digitalization, automation, machine learning, computer vision, and other fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to meet the current dynamic market needs and keep abreast of the new industrial trends for business sustainability.  This seminar gave insights of how to move forward to Smart Manufacturing and appropriate application.  I met one of speaker - Dr. Alvin LAI (Director, Leo Paper Group) and I proposed to send some research students for practice industrial big data analysis. Then we took a photo for memory.

The first speaker was Mr. Ken Lam (Senior Consultant, i4.0 & Additive Manufacturing, HKPC) and his topic named “Trend & Overview of Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing”.  Firstly, he briefed the global industrial trend that included information trend, technology trend and market trend.  He also reviewed the evolution of industrial revolution.

Then he briefed the definition of Industrie 4.0 from acatech (Nation Academy of Science and Engineering, German).  It is a new level of organization and control over the entire value chain of the life cycle of products for increasing individualized customer requirements.

After that Mr. Lam introduced the Framework of Industry 4.0 from Fraunhofer IPT.  It named Smart i4.0 Navigator.  Four technical perspectives were Sensor, Network, Data and HMI (Human Machine Interface).  

HKPC employed acatech Industrie 4.0 maturity index and developed HKPC i4.0 recognition programme through five steps below:
i)                    Evaluation of i4.0 maturity level
ii)                  i4.0 certified training
iii)                i4.0 strategic roadmap identification
iv)                i4.0 Pilot Project Implementation
v)                  Smart Operation & Manufacturing Recognition
One of key management tools for i4.0 was Lean and then Mr. Lam introduced the Digital Lean Service that was data driven for process optimization.  Finally, Mr. Lam said there were more than 30 enterprises under industry 4.0 migration and 2 of them would acquire level 1i recognition in 2018. 

The second speaker was Dr. Alvin Lai (Director, OEM Business & Operations, Leo Paper Group) and his presentation entitled “Road to Smart Manufacturing”.  In the beginning, he briefed Leo Group history since 1982.  He gave some data that they had staff 28,000 in 2008 and then down to 16,000 staff in 2018 but the productivity increase 40% compared with 2008.

HKSTP & HKQAA Quality Startup Scheme Meeting 2

After my Kazakhstan trip, we had the 2nd Quality Startup Scheme meeting between HKSTP Incubation Program team and HKQAA team on 28th Sep 2018.  Gallen booked meeting venue in HKSTP@Wheelock Gallery and we took a group photo in the seminar hall.

(Left: Mr. Adams Wong, Mr. Gallen Leung, I, Mr. Bryne Pang and Ms. Brenda Ling)

Then we continued our discussion on enhancing our Quality Startup Scheme and induce Fintech cooperation.

After the meeting, we visited the environment and facilities of HKSTP@Wheelock Gallery.

Video show

Some incubatees’ products were demonstrated.

The floor plan 

HKSTP@Wheelock Gallery - https://wheelockgallery.hkstp.org/

HKQAA Hong Kong Registration - Start-ups:  http://hkqaa.org/en_regservice.php?catid=13
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