HKIE Seminar on Quality Innovation – Introduction of Extenics

I was honor to be invited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) – MI division as guest speaker for the seminar named “Quality Innovation – Introduction of Extenics” on 20 Mar 2017.  Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) was supporting organization.  In the beginning, I introduced the definition of Innovation, Innovation Tool development history and compared with Quality Tool development path. 

Then I briefed the history of the Extenics.  From 1976, Prof. Cai Wen (Father of Extenics) started to study the law, theory and method for dealing with incompatible problems. The paper "Extension Set and Incompatible Problem", which was published in 1983, marked the birth of new science Extenics (originally called Matter-element Analysis) in China.  Extenics is using formal model to research the extension possibility of things, the rules and methods of innovation, and applying all of them to solve contradictory problems.  The Extenics included three parts and they were Extension Theory, Extension Method and Extension Engineering.  

And then I only introduced the Extension Theory in which included Basic-element Theory, Extension Set Theory and Extension Logic.  Basic-element (基元) included three key elements (三要素) and they were Object, Characteristic and Value.  Moreover, Basic-element constituted by Matter-element (物元) , Affair-element (事元) and Relation-element (關係元). 

After that I briefed the Extensible Analysis, Conjugate Analysis and Extension Transformation. I used a young people would like to buy a house as an example and using Extension Innovation Method to analysis his need.  The contradiction problem was identified that he was not enough money to pay the first installation.  The different analysis methods and transformation were employed to generate some ideas.

Finally, I mentioned the last step “Selection” using Superiority Evaluation Method.  I briefed how to use 1 dimension (1D) Dependent Function (關聯函數) as evaluation measurement.  It was the most difficult part in the whole theory.

Before finish of the seminar, we took a group photo with about 40 participants in the venue.  Dr. Samuel Fung (who is my EngD cohort) went to support me (Central Right)

At the end, Ir. Richard Tse (Former chairman of HKIE-MI Division) presented a souvenir to me.

The next seminar named “Extenics: Education and Application” co-organized by HKSQ, SEEM Dept., CityU and International Academy of Extenics. It will be held on 28 April 2017 in CityU.  We invited Prof. Cai Wen to introduced his original science in China to us.

HKIE-MI Division – http://mi.hkie.org.hk/


CUHK Science Career Fair 2017 – HKCTC Recruitment Talk

I was honor to be invited by the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification (HKCTC) to give a Career Talk during Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Career Fair on 16 March 2017.  The Careers Fair is an annual event organized by the Career Planning and Development Centre - CUHK, facilitating an on-campus platform for students and employers to interact.

There had different companies to explain their recruitment requirement and most of laboratories companies was observed.  I took a photo for HKCTC booth. 

In the beginning, I introduced Industry Training Advisory Committee for Testing, Inspection & Certification Industry (TIC-ITAC) under Hong Kong Qualification Framework (HKQF) and also represented HKSTP to give the career talk.  I briefed the career path of TIC industry from Technical Personnel to Supervisory Personnel and then to Managerial Personnel.  

Then I mentioned my career experience in testing laboratories and certification bodies.  I encourage students to continuous study.  When they were performed junior testing task, I advised them to think about the process of each testing and any improvement for such preparation works’ effectiveness and efficiency. 

After that I introduced Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation (HKSTP) vision, mission and 3Cs strategies that were Connect, Collaborate and Catalyse.

I also briefed some accreditations we obtained in the past from Hong Kong and China.

Finally, I summarized my careers through connecting the dots.

After my talk, I went to the fair booth again.  Many companies provided science related job opportunities for student.

I met Mr. Jordan Sun (Director, Branding Consultation, VIZZ Group (Holdings) Ltd.) and they focused on digital marketing.  He said they would like to employ some science student for data analysis so as to interpreter customer behavior from big data. 

He also told me that their group brought Yahoo blog and created a new blogger platform named “We Share” at http://www.weshare.hk/ .

Testing, Inspection and Certification Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC) - http://www.hkqf.gov.hk/ind/en/tic.aspx
Members of Testing, Inspection and Certification Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC) at http://www.hkqf.gov.hk/guie/com_ITAClist_TIC.asp


IUPUC University Students visit to HKSTP

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM), City University of Hong Kong arranged BSc Business Studies students from Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) visited to Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) on 14th March 2017.  Firstly, I briefed the visit agenda, introduction of HKSTP and our incubation program to the students who led by Prof. Frank H. Wadsworth (Division Head, Division of Business, IUPUC, USA) (Right First).  We took a group photo in Idea Lab for memory.

Then I led them to visit our Incu-App Centre and mobile borrowing room.  Our incubatees could borrow different types of mobile for testing their application program.  We had different famous brand strategic partner those provided free new model of mobiles to us.

We visited the IC Failure Analysis Laboratory (ICFAL) for material analysis and then visited to the Biotech Support Centre.  My colleague explained some biotech mass spectrometry to them.

And then we observed the DNA sequencer equipment. It was the fastest sequencer in Science Park.  

After that we then took a group photo in front of clean room in Probe and Test Development Centre (PTDC).

Finally, we visited the Charles K. Kao Auditorium (Golden Egg) and took a photo inside the auditorium.

At the end, I help them to take a group photo in front of the Charles K. Kao Auditorium (Golden Egg) for memory.

SEEM of CityUHK - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/seem/


Technical Visit to EPACK Lab and JC Controlled Environment Test Facility

IEEE-CPMT Hong Kong Chapter arranged a technical visit to Electronic Packaging Laboratory (EPACK Lab) and Jockey Club Controlled Environment Test Facility (JCCETF) in HKUST on 10 March 2017.  By visiting EPack Lab, the latest development of Integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing process, mechanical reliability test, failure analysis, material characterization and long term reliability test.  The JCCETF has achieved HOKLAS accreditation since 1999, the facility is a multi-test thermal and energy efficiency testing set-up for the testing of various home appliances such as air conditioners.  I remembered that I was the consultancy to assist JCCETF to get the HOKLAS accreditation in 1998 when I served in CMATCL.  The facility and environment was no changed.  When we arrived at JCCETF, TM Lau (HKSTP) and Dr. George Lau (OUHK) and I took a photo in front of the testing facility.  

Then the representative of JCCETF explained the testing and calibration requirement to us.  I remembered that the psychometric type air-enthalpy setup needed for the testing of room air conditioners in according to the ISO 5150:1994. 

The whole control room arrangement and facilities design was shown in the following diagram.

The testing unit and Dry/Wet bulb box were explained which needed to be calibrated before test.  The sampling temperature is once per 5 min and total for 7 times, as well as, the conditioning time is about 1 hour in full loading.  

Dry/Wet bulb

In another control room, the air conditioner was under constant laminar flow for testing.  It is because environment would affect air conditioner performance.  

Then we took a group photo before went to the next laboratory.

In EPACK Lab, Dr. Jeffery Lo briefed their services including die sawing, decap and other chemical process of wafer, etc.

Some equipment for BGA Solder Ball Shear and Pull Tests were showed.

Small Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) was shown and he said they also had Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM).  It was found a good partner for inter-laboratory test with us.  Moreover, some reliability chambers were introduced.

Finally, he introduced a sub-micron die-bonder for precision die attach and advanced chip packaging. 

At the end, we took a group photo inside EPACK Lab.  



Briefing Seminar on Equipment Service in the CUHK-HKSTP Agreement

HKSTP organized a seminar named “Briefing Seminar on Equipment Service in the CUHK-HKSTP Agreement” on 6 March 2017.  HKSTP has signed an agreement with CUHK, stating that clients of HKSTP are able to book and use core facilities, related to the biomedical/health/life sciences, in CUHK under necessary regulations and with favorable fees.  Dr. Simon Lee (Scientific Officer of Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Science, CUHK) was our guest speaker and introduced their core facilities to us.

Firstly, Dr. Simon Lee briefed the equipment sharing agreement which included School of Life Sciences, School of Biomedical Sciences and Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Science.  Then he mentioned the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Science which opened in Sep 2007 and Professor Dennis Lo was the Director of the institute.  

Then Dr. Lee stated core facilities included the follows:
-          Gene Expression Profiling, Analysis & Genotyping
-          Nucleic Acid Quantification & Quality Assessment
-          Transfection
-          Flow Cytometry Cell Sorting Analysis
-          Stem Cell Culturing Service

Price list summary was showed as follow diagram.

Dr. Lee introduced their stem cell culturing service which operated under GMP requirement.  Equipment available in Clean Room Suite:
-          Biological Safety Cabinet
-          Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge (15ml or 50ml)
-          Micro Centrifuge (1.5ml)
-          CO2 Incubators
-          Hot bath, Leica Inverted Microscope and
-          Aspiration System with Integrated Vacuum Pump, etc.

Finally, Dr. Lee described the floor plan of the stem cell culturing cleanroom which fulfilled ISO 14644-1 Class 7 requirement and positive pressure to avoid sample contamination.

Then Mr. Simon Sze (Biomedical Cluster Manager, HKSTP) explained the booking procedure to participants. 

The second part was presented by Mr. Anthony Chan to introduced Biomedical Technology Support Centre (BSC) shared facilities.

It included Cell Analysis and Bioreactor (small scale) for R&D use.  Other applications were also mentioned such as protein purification, genomics, mass spectrometry, etc. 

CUHK - Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences - https://www.lihs.cuhk.edu.hk/


CityU Eminence Society – The 4th Exco Inauguration Ceremony & Annual Dinner 2017

CityU Eminence Society (CES) has established on 31 Dec 2010 and our mission is “To unite senior alumni to proactively contribute their resources, expertise and networks to help advance the University and serve the community”.  The 4th Exco Inauguration Ceremony and Annual Dinner was held on 1 March 2017.  I appreciated to Dr. Peter Ho who nominated me to join the executive committee.  Before the dinner, we took some photos with CityU EngD cohorts for memory.
(Left: Dr. Rocky Lam, Dr. David Chung and I)

(Left: I, Dr. Joseph Leung (Vice Principal – adm, IVE), Dr. Gary Cheng (Chairman, CES), Dr. Rocky Lam)

I also met my friend Dr. Luk Chi Fai.

EngD Cohort and Prof. CHUAH, Kong Bieng
(Dr. Gaby Kun, Dr. Keynes Chan, I, Dr. Walter Fung and Prof. Chuah)

In the beginning, Mr. Weekly Wong (Deputy Chairman, CES) gave an opening speech.

Mr. Herman Hu (Council Chairman, CityU) gave a welcoming speech.

Then Dr. Gary Cheng led the 4th Exco of CES to commit our responsibility for inauguration ceremony.

Ms. Jenny Chan (Immediate Past Chairlady, CES) passed the chairmanship to Dr. Gary Cheng.

We all together with our guest Honourable Yuen Kwok-keung Rimsky (Secretary for Justice, HKSAR) gave a toast to all participants. 

Group photo 

Then Prof. Kuo Way gave a speech and told good news to us that the result of animal school student recruitment was very good.  All applications were A grade students.

Prof. Cheng Yiu-chung (The First President, CityU), Dr. David Chung (Under Secretary of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, HKSAR), Dr. Peter Ho (Council Member, CityU) and Mr Sunny Wai-kwong LEE (VP-Adminstration, CityU) were in head tables.

After that I found Dr. Raymond Leung, Dr. Luk Chi-fai and Mr. Season Lee.
(Left: Mr. Season Lee (Sr. Project Manager, Johnson Electric), Dr. Raymond Leung and Dr. Luk Chi-fai)

Mr. Simon Hui (Former Chairman, CES) sang a song (In English).

Finally, Prof. Kuo Way also sang a song (In Maderin).  It is my first time to hear our president’s song.  

CityU Eminence Society - www.cityues.org
CityU Eminence Society support ANQ Congress 2012 - http://www.hksq.org/anq2012/supporters_cityu.html
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