Career Prospectus in Food Related Industries 2014

Today, I (Former Chairman of Hong Kong Society for Quality - HKSQ) was invited to be one of speakers for the HKFSTA Career Talk 2014 entitled "Career Prospectus in Food Related Industries" which was organized by Hong Kong Food and Science Technology Association (HKFSTA). Since I joined CQI site visit in the morning that I was only join the talk at the last part. My career talk was summarized below.

Before my talk, Dr.Jennifer Wan (Chairlady, HKFSTA) presented a souvenir to me.

In the beginning, I briefed my academic and career experience.

During introduction of my works in HKSTP, I introduced different accreditation scheme to the students.

Then I stated the typical career pathway in the Testing, Inspection and Certification Industry for student's reference.

Lastly, I quoted Steve Jobs statement in Stanford Commencement Address 2005 that “You can't connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” In my last presentation slide, I connected all my experience dots into one diagram.

Before the end of career talk, Mr. Kwok Ming Cheung (Managing Director, Vital-Health Livestock Development Limited) announced his company would offer three posts for students who were interested in promoting and product development.

We took a group photo for memory.

HKSQ - http://www.hksq.org/
HKFSTA - http://www.hkfsta.com.hk/index.html
HKFSTA Career Talk 2012 - http://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2012/04/career-prospectus-in-food-related.html


CQI Site Visit to HK-ZhuHai-Macao Bridge - Reclamation Work

Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) Hong Kong Branch arranged a Site Visit to Hong Kong-ZhuHai-Macao Bridge Project - “Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities (HKBCF) – Reclamation Works” on 26 April 2014. The Hong Kong-ZhuHai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) would be of great strategic importance to the future economic development of the three regions. In order to connect the three regions, the proposed Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities (HKBCF) was suggested to be situated on an about 130 hectares artificial island at the waters off the northeast of the Hong Kong International Airport.

Before site visit of the HKBC, Mr. Ben Poon (Senior Resident Engineer, ARUP) gave an overview briefing of HZMB project and the details of HKBCF project. “HZMB is the longest bridge-cum tunnel sea crossing and it supports the continuous economic growth in Pearl River Delta” Mr. Ben Poon said.

Connectivity of HZMB to major cities at Pearl River West was found reduce 80% of travel time. Originally, the distance from Zhuhai/Macao to HK Airport is over 200km with travel time about 4hrs. After implemented HZMB, the distance reduced to 42km with travel time about 45min.
(Photo of the Connectivity of HZMB at http://www.hzmb.hk/eng/img/overview/about_overview06_p02_d.jpg )

There were three related infrastructures within Hong Kong included Hong Kong Link Road (HKLR), HKBCF and Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link (TM-CLKL).
For TM-CLKL, reclamations adjacent to Tuen Mun River Trade Terminal and reclamation next to HKBCF for northern and southern tunnel landfalls and it is about 5km sub-sea tunnel.
(Photo of HKBCF at http://www.hzmb.hk/eng/img/benefits/benefits01_p03l.jpg )

Then Mr. Ben Poon explained the technical parts of HKBCF below.
For Non-dredge Seawall Scheme, its benefits included marine mud remained intact; eliminated dredging of marine deposits by 95% and avoided the need of marine dumping; reduced the suspended particles by 70% and minimize disturbance to marine ecology especially Chinese White Dolphin; as well as reduced the use of sandfill and marine traffic by 50%.
Construction of Stone Column and Typical Cellular Structures geometry was stated in which 85 main cells with 84 connecting arcs surrounding HKBCF.

Q&A Session.

Then Mr. Ben Poon showed the model of HKBCF and cellular structures processes.

Mr. Thomas Ma (Committee member of CQI and Manager, Assessment Conformity of HKQAA) represented CQI to present a souvenir to Mr. Ben Poon.

We went for Boat Trip to HKBCF construction site.

Minda and I took a photo for memory.

Mr. Ben Poon showed the different location and explained the reclamation processes.

1) Install Guide Piles

2) Install Guide Frame

3) Place Sheet Piles

4) Place Closing Piles

5) Drive Piles to Founding Level
6) Backfill the Steel Cell
7) Steel Cell Completed

The sand ship was from China which provided sand for filling the HKBCF.

Finally, we took a group photo for memory.

I would like to thank Mr. Leslie Lee (Secretary and Honorary Chairman, CQI-HK) who arranged this meaningful visit to us.

CQI-HK - http://www.thecqi.org.hk/
HZMB Project – www.hzmb.hk


HKSQ Technical Visit to Towngas - Quality & Innovation

HKSQ organzied a technical visit to Towngas North Point Headquarters on 25 April 2014 and ASQ-HK was co-organizer. The Headquarter building photo was shown below.

We were waiting in front of the main entry of Towngas.

Beginning, Mr. Peter Fung (Vice Chairman, HKSQ) briefed that this visit was continuous activities after HKSQ Seminar on Innovative Total Quality Improvement in Dec 2013 (See reference).

Before visit, Ms. Noel Lau (Project Officer, Continuing Transformation Office, Towngas Engineering Academy) gave an introduction video and speech to us. Her presentation focused on Quality Service Culture.

Ms. Lau said their corporate culture was in Traditional Thinking of Public Utility in 1862, but they had changed to Market-oriented, Customer-focused and Competitive culture since 1997. The following diagram explained how they defined "Customer-Focused". The first circle was customer tangible elements and the next two circles were customer intangible elements. Moreover, their Customer Value defined as:
Customer Value = (Quality x Service) / (Waiting Time x Cost).

Then she mentioned Towngas Mission below:
- To provide our customers with a safe, reliable supply of energy and the caring, competent and efficient service they expect, while working to preserve, protect and improve our environment.
The dynamic movement of Towngas was shown as following diagram. From regular cubic to cylinder (moving to one direction) and then to sphere (moving to multi-direction).

Superior Quality Service (SQS) formed in 1992 based on TQM approach and Continuing Transformation (CT) Office established in 1996 based on Business Re-engineering. They would like to upgrade their quality level and asked "What is next?"

They surveyed with their staff and got two main elements they needed. One was Innovation Tools and the other was an Atmosphere of learning together with Innovation. Then they employed Dr. Victor Lo's Innovation Model and modified to PKI2. Some examples of new tools were Ideality, Resources Utilitzation, 9-window, Random Word, Ideal Final Result, 5 Whys, etc. The atmosphere named Dream Zone that we would visit at the end.

Then we visited the Company's Grid Control Room. They monitored the towngas ducts pressure for leakage and forecasted the daily usage for production plan. If any failure reported, their staff would reach the location within 30min. Their GIS system could be used in web-based and their engineer could get the real time information on-site.

We also visited the Customer Service Hotline Centre. Both Control Room and Hotline Centre were operated 24x7x365. All customer officers used "biliterate and trilingual" (兩文三語). The centre had a policy to use human reception first and then machine reception system (先人後機). One of their quality objectives was 90% of waiting time within 1 min.

We took a group photo in Dream Zone.

Then we took a photo with Dr. Victor Lo (PKIR developer) and Ms. Noel Lau in front of 40 Innovation Principles.
(Left: Ms. Irelan Tam (Strategy & Investment VP, Panther Healthcare), Dr. Victor Lo, Mr. Peter Fung, Ms. Noel Lau, Ms. Minda Chiang and I)

Finally, Mr. Peter Fung represented HKSQ to present a flag to Ms. Noel Lau.

I took a photo of Towngas Engineering Academy Technical Training Centre for memory.

HKSQ Seminar on Innovative Total Quality Improvement - PKIR (問知創行) innovation model - http://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2013/12/hksq-seminar-on-innovative-total.html
HKSQ - www.hksq.org


HKSQ Study Mission– Visit to C&C RFID (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

The third day of HKSQ Study Mission to Hangzhou and Shanghai was to visit C&C RFID (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. on 18 April 2014.

In the beginning, Ms. Daisy Liao (Sales Executive) introduced C&C RFID (Shanghai) to us. C&C Joint Printing HK has 7 printing factories, 1 in HK, 2 in Shenzhen, 1 in Beijing and 3 in Shanghai. C&C provide overall printing solutions including book printing, commercial printing package printing, security printing, digital printing, customized printing and counterfeiting printing to customers all over the world.

C&C RFID was a joint venture by C&C Joint Printing (HK) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Fudan Science & Technology Holding Company in 2006. Their RFID product range was from dry inlay, wet inlay, label, paper ticket and plastic card. The roadmap of C&C RFID was shown in the following diagram.

The sample with flip-chip bonding converted production lines together with RFID plastic card laminator. They also provided a tailored made and design inlay antenna for end users.

The following table compared the advantages and disadvantages to use RFID and Bar Code.

After that we visited the RFID production lines included security and non-security printing. They had laboratory for antenna design such as UHF (860~960MHz) / HF (13.56MHz) antenna anechoic chamber and reliability test (e.g. 85C/85%RH test for 7day).

Lastly, we visited the show room of C&C Joint Printing (HK) Co., Ltd.

C&C got Benny Award (National Gold Ink Award) in 2008.

They also obtained HKQAA ISO 9001 certificate with number CC260 (very early).

They had got the Hong Kong Industry Award – Grand Award on Productivity in 1996 and got the Merit Award on Quality in 2004. I was one of assessors in the Hong Kong Industry Award – Quality in 2003/2004 and had visited their Shenzhen plant.

Then we visited the printing line.

Ms. Minda Chiang (Hon. Secretary, HKSQ) presented HKSQ flag to Mr. Adam Yip (Assistant General Manager, C&C RFID (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

We took a group photo in front of C&C RFID logo.

After completed all visits, we had dinner in South Beauty.

HKSQ – www.hksq.org
C&C RFID – www.rfidcandc.com
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