FHKI Industrialist Forum 2018

The Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI), with support of HKSTP, KPMG and KPMG organized the Industrialist Forum to provide platform where industrialists, investors/capital providers, academia and government officials exchanged views on the prospects of Hong Kong industries.  Industrialist Forum 2018 was held on 30th May 2018, which aimed to tie in technology and innovation initiatives rolled by the HKSAR government in Policy Address and the Budget so as to look into the prospectus of advanced manufacturing in Hong Kong.  I met HKSQ senior member Mr. Albert Cheung who was one of speakers in the forum and we took a photo for memory.

In the beginning, Mr. Jimmy Kwok (Chairman, FHKI) gave a welcome speech.  Firstly, he briefed HKSAR government new initiative to support industries and SME.  He mentioned that cooperation between government and industries could create new market and new value.  

Mr. Paul Chan, GBM, GBS, MH, JP (Financial Secretary, HKSAR) was guest-of-honour and gave opening speech.  He said Innovation and Entrepreneurship were a global trend.  Since ITB established in 2015, we were not discussed “Do or Not” but “How to catch up”.  He shared his visit on Hangzhou (杭州) and Guizhou (貴州) and observed their development on internet, big data, AI and smart city, etc. He said we had world class universities, top tier talents, excellence legal system, and IP protection, etc. He had confident that Hong Kong to be Global Innovation and Technology Centre.  

Group photo

AM Session – Plug into I&T for New Businesses
The first keynote speaker was Mr.Nicholas Yang, GBS, JP (Secretary for Innovation and Technology, HKSAR) and his topic entitled “Innovation and Technology Initiatives Rolled out by the Government”.  Firstly, he briefed several new policies on Innovation and Technology (I&T) especially on Re-industrialization.  We focused on Advance Manufacturing, AI, Data Analytics, etc. to retain and attract high value-added industries in Hong Kong. He added that we had new infrastructure, HKPC & HKSTP co-working space, ITFs and education input such as post-doc subsidies.  He hoped to lead re-industrialization through Government-Industry-University-Institute (官產學研) collaboration. 

The second keynote speaker was Mr. TK Chiang (Managing Director, CLP Power HK Ltd.) and his presentation named “Digital Utility of the Future”. In the beginning, Mr. Chiang said that technology changed the world, making yesterday’s impossible into today’s possible.  


CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Meet-up Dinner 2018

I was honor to be invited by CityU Knowledge Transfer Office as Inno-preneurship mentor to assist our junior cohort in this year again and joined the Meet-up Dinner on 28th May 2018.  The Inno-preneurship Mentoring Scheme is exclusive for CityU communities who desire to turn their creative ideas into start-ups.  I was assigned as mentor to Hands Life Science and met the CEO Mr. Marco So who was graduated in BCH Department, CityU (Now named CHEM Department). Moreover, I introduced Dr. Samson Tam (Partner, Hong Kong-Shenzhen United Investment Fund) to him for advising about business and investment issues. Then we took a photo for memory.

(Left: Mr. Boris Yim (Founder, Scooter Technology Limitied), Dr. Samson Tam, Mr. Marco So and I)

I also met my EngD Cohort Dr. W.L. Ha (Executive Vice President – Technology, Computime Limited) and his mentees (Bucky company).

(Left: Mr. Silver Pang, Mr. Tse Hok Kam, I, Ms. Stephanie Kwok and Dr. W.L. Ha)

In the beginning, Mr. Clement Lam (Associate Director of Knowledge Transfer Office, CityU) gave a welcome speech and he appreciated all mentors and mentees contribution on Inno-preneurship mentoring scheme. 

So many participants here tonight.

Then Mr. Tony Chan (CityU Shenzhen Research Institute (CityUSRI)) introduced their Innovation Commons (SZ) to us.  He also said CityUSRI got the number 1 on research funding and number 1 of PhD (300) graduated in Shenzhen.  He had confident that commercialization to become enterprise in CityUSRI would be number 1 in the future.  He also introduced Shenzhen government’s funding support upto RMB 1 million for startup and upto RMB 1.5 million for PhD graduates in CityU!

The details of Innovation Commons (SZ) was showed in the following leaflet.

A Thinker sculpture was observed that let me to review the cooperation between HKSTP and CityU KTO since 2014.  I linked up HKSTP Incubation Program (Incu-App) to CityU Apps Lab on 27th Jun2014.  Then CityU Innopreneurship Ecosystem Launch Ceremony was held on 23rd Nov 2015 that Mr. Peter Mok (Head of Incubation Program, HKSTP) was invited to be one of their board members. We formed Joint Incubation Programme at that time.  After that Pre-Incubation Programme was launched in March 2017 by CityU and HKSTP offering further support to CityU supported start-ups and student entrepreneurship teams. 

CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Scheme - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/kto/index.aspx?id=PG-1600012
20151123: CityU Innopreneurship Ecosystem Launch Ceremony 2015 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/11/cityu-innopreneurship-ecosystem-launch.html
20161201: CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Scheme Dinner - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/12/cityu-inno-preneurship-mentoring-scheme.html
20170627: CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Meet-up Event - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/06/cityu-inno-preneurship-mentoring-meet.html
20170705: HKSTP TecONE Investment Series Seminar and Visit IncuBio “HANDS” - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/07/hkstp-tecone-investment-series-seminar.html
20170719: HKQAA Startup Coaching to CityU Inno-preneur “HANDS” - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/07/hkqaa-startup-coaching-to-cityu-inno.html
20180308: The 1st CityU Innopreneurship meeting with HANDS 2018 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2018/03/the-1st-cityu-innopreneurship-meeting.html


Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Inauguration Ceremony (香港人工智能實驗室成立儀式)

Alibaba Group Holding Limited, SenseTime and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) had launched The HKAI Lab, a not-for-profit initiative with the aim to support innovation in the field of AI in Hong Kong on 21st May 2018 in the Charles K Kao Auditorium (Golden Egg).  Before the ceremony, we took some photos for memory. Photo with Alibaba and ITB

(Left: Mr. Teddy Lui (Operations Director, Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund) (呂紹勇), Dr. David Chung (Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Innovation and Technology Bureau, HKSAR), I (Committee Member of Extenics Society, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI)) (中國人工智能學會可拓學專業委員會委員) and Mr. 邱彼特 (虛凡) (技術戰略部 高級專家) (Senior Advisor, Technology Strategy Department, Alibaba Group)

Photo with HKQAA friends and Incubation Program colleages

(Left: Ms. Reese Kwan, I, Ms. Brenda Ling (HKQAA), Mr. Adams Wong (HKQAA) and Mr. Gallen Leung)

CityU EngD cohort took a photo in the venue.

(Left: Mr. Curie Lee, Dr. David Chung and I)

In the beginning, Mrs. Fanny Law (Chairperson of HKSTP) gave a welcome speech.  She said Industry-University-Institute (產學研) cooperation was very important.  Now China government and HKSAR highly supported Innovation and Technology in Hong Kong.  We had right time and place (天時、地利、人和) for Innovation and Technology.

The Hon Mrs. Carrie Lam (Chief Executive, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) gave a keynote speech.  She said China Government strongly supported Hong Kong to be International Innovation and Technology Centre and R&D funding from China would pass to Hong Kong. Moreover, Legco agreed to the budget for pre-phase engineering work in the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park Limited (HSITP).  She added the platform of AI & Robotic was one of I&T development plan in Hong Kong.  Finally, she hope every success of the The HKAI Lab.


Visit to Whampoa Military Academy (黃埔軍校) in Guangzhou

After visit to CEPREI and meeting Prof. Cai Wen yesterday, Dr. Aaron Tong and I visited Memorial of the Original Site of Whampoa Military Academy (黃埔軍校舊址紀念館) in Guangzhou on 19th May 2018.  I would like to share this trip in the following. Photo taken in front of Army Officer School (陸軍軍官學校).

Firstly, we went to the Yuzhu station.

Then Aaron and I tried to use “ofo” bicycle to go to the pier.  But we got the wrong way.

Then we rental the tricycle to go to pier and only RMB$10.

We arrived the Yuzhu pier and the schedule was once per hour.


Dinner with Prof. Cai Wen and visit Guangzhou Extenics Information Technology Co., Ltd (廣州可拓學信息科技有限公司)

Dr. KS Chin and I were honor to be invited by Prof. Cai Wen (蔡文) (President, Guangzhou Extenics Information Technology Co., Ltd.) (廣州可拓學信息科技有限公司董事長) and Ms. He Rongrong (何昕容) (Assistant of President, Guangzhou Extenics Information Technology Co., Ltd.) (廣州可拓學信息科技有限公司董事長助理) to have dinner together on 18th May 2018 in Guangzhou.

Prof. Cai Wen led us to have a special food in Guangzhou culture modernization restaurant named Backstreet (后街唐廚).

Some special foods like tortoise, bird in net, big like bread, etc.

The egg was made by Syrup.

Then we went to the office of Guangzhou Extenics Information Technology Co., Ltd. We saw the sculpture in front of the IFC.

Prof. CaiWen’s office was located in the co-working space in Guangzhou named “World Union Space (世聯空間)” in IFC, Guangzhou.

We took a photo in front of the world map implying to promote Extenics world-wide.

Then Dr. Aaron Tong joined us to discuss the development plan of Extenics in near future.

Guangzhou Extenics Information Technology Co., Ltd. - http://ketuoxue.com/
20180511: Prof. Cai Wen visit HKSTP and Dinner with HKSQ Exco members - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2018/05/prof-cai-wen-visit-hkstp-and-dinner.html

Visit to CEPREI in Guangzhou

I was honor to be invited by Ms. Ji Ling (Consultant, Senior Engineer) (紀玲–顧問,高級工程師) to visit China Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing Research Institute (CEPREI) in Guangzhou.  They had three Chinese names. (中國賽寶實驗室、工業和信息化部電子第五研究所、中國電子產品可靠性與環境試驗研究所). A group photo was taken in the lobby.  

In the middle (Left 6th), Dr. Aaron Tong (TQM, HKSQ), Mr. WANG Xiao-han (王曉晗–副总工), Dr. KS Chin (CityU, HKSQ), Ms. Ji Ling (紀玲–顧問), I (HKSTP, HKSQ) and Mr. Edward Wong (Manager, Business Development)) (Photo was taken in afternoon so HSBC participants were not here included Dr. Franklin Tong who is former CEO in ASTRI)

The building of CEPREI

We visited the Quality Testing Centre for BeiDou (北斗) Navigation Satellite.

And then we visited to Reliability and Environmental Engineering Center.


HKQAA Symposium 2018 (Part 2)

HKQAA Symposium is flagship annual event organized by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) on 18th May 2018.  Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) is one of supporting organizations since 2006.  The symposium’s frame in 2018 entitledTowards Sustainable Economy: Diversgent Thinking in Business Strategies” and I would like to summarize it below for sharing.  Before the afternoon session of the symposium, Ms. Amie Lai and I took a photo with Dr. David Chung that we are CityU EngD cohorts.  

Afternoon Session

Dr. Michael PH Lam (CEO, HKQAA) gave an opening speech.  He said sustainable development had become one of the keys to long-term success for organizations. In keeping with the development of the national Green Finance policy and being supported by the HK Government, HKQAA kicked off the Green Finance Certification Scheme in January 2018.  Moreover, HKQAA expert had been nominated by ITC and China National Institute of Standardization to directly take part in the technical committee of ISO/TC 207/SC4 and its related working group to develop ISO/NP 14030 Green bonds – Environmental performance of nominated projects and assets.  

Dr. David Chung (Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Innovation and Technology Bureau, HKSAR) was the keynote speaker and his topic entitled “Build a Sustainable City with Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Technology”.  Firstly, Dr. David Chung briefed Hong Kong Economic Transformation from Manufacturing Hub (1960-70) to De-Industrialization (Mid-80s) and now in Service Economy.  In future, we needed Re-Industrialization.

Then Dr. David Chung introduced the 2017 Policy Address on Innovation and Technology.  He mentioned Hong Kong’s Advantages on Innovation and Technology that we had five universities among the world’s top 100 and strong & reliable global professional services in legal, finance, accounting, corporate management and engineering fields. 

He also briefed our Startup ecosystem in which more than 2000 start-up in Hong Kong and increased by 80% in the past 3 years.  Recently, 3 unicorns appeared from HKSTP and Cyberport.  Innovation & Technology Funded Projects were also introduced and the key areas included sustainability, green tech, AI, Robotics and Healthcare that totally had 217 projects with funding amount upto $469,261,867.  

Finally, Dr. David Chung mentioned the future directions including Talent Building (e.g. $500 million “Technology Talent Scheme”), Encourage Venture Investment (e.g. $2 billion Venture Fund to co-invest with venture capitalists), Technology Infrastructure (e.g. HK-Shenzhen Innovation & Technology Park (HSITP), and Open Up Government Data (e.g. Hospital Authority’s Big Data Analytic Platform), Popular Science Education, Review Legislation & Regulations and Chang Government Procurement Rules. 

HKQAA Symposium 2018 (Part 1)

HKQAA Symposium is flagship annual event organized by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) on 18th May 2018.  Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) is one of supporting organizations since 2006.  The symposium’s frame in 2018 entitledTowards Sustainable Economy: Diversgent Thinking in Business Strategies” and I would like to summarize it below for sharing.  Before the symposium, I took a photo with HKQAA friends in front of the symposium banner.

(Left: Dr. Micheal Lam (CEO, HKQAA), Ir. Dr. Hon Lo Wai Kwok (Chairman, HKQAA), Dr. Nigel Croft (Chairman, ISO/TC 176/SC 2 (Quality Systems); Associate Technical Director, HKQAA)) and I)

(Left: Prof. KC Ho (Dean, School of Science and Technology, OUHK), I and Prof. Stephen WK Ng (President, The Institute of Purchasing & Supply of Hong Kong))

(Left: Mr. Bryan Peng, I and Ir C.S. Ho (Deputy Chairman, HKQAA))

Morning Session
In the beginning, Ir. Dr. Hon Lo Wai Kwok (Chairman, HKQAA) gave a welcome speech.  He said sustainability is an important business issue today.  Government were encouraging enterprises to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through various regulations and incentives for implementing green finance. This year symposium aimed to bring together ideas and navigate new strategic directions, so as to create both economic and social value in the community.  

And then Ir C.S. Ho (Deputy Chairman, HKQAA) gave an opening remarks.  He said business world entered to the era of sustainability.   HKQAA promoted sustainability more than ten years and assisted enterprises to catch this trend.  He introduced that HKQAA directly took part in the technical committee of ISO/TC 207/SC 4 and its related working group to develop ISO/NP 14030 Green bonds – Environmental performance of nominated projects and assets.

MoU Signing Ceremony – HKQAA and Hong Kong Polar Research Institute


ITAC Secretary visit to HKSTP

I am honor that Mr. Matthew Yien (HKQF – ITAC Secretary) visited HKSTP laboratory on 15th May 2018.  We had a short meeting to discuss the coming activities for HKQF in Testing, Inspection and Certification industries.  I introduced the background of Science Park and our laboratories facilities.  Then we took a photo in front of my office for memory.

And then I led Mr. Matthew Yien to visit the Reliability Laboratories, IC Failure Analysis, and Biomedical Technology Support Centre, as well as, Probe and Test Development Centre.  We took a photo in front of the clean room.  

After that we visited the Charles K Kao Auditorium (Golden Egg) and took a photo for memory.  We went inside the auditorium in which had 283 seats for conference and seminar use.  In future, it could be arranged HKQF Industry Training Advisory Committee for Testing, Inspection & Certification Industry (TIC-ITAC) activities in here.

Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) - http://www.hkqf.gov.hk/guie/home.asp
Members of Testing, Inspection and Certification Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC) at https://www.hkqf.gov.hk/en/itac/index.html


HKQF Partnerships Commendation Ceremony cum QF 10th Anniversary Celebration

Hong Kong Qualification Framework (HKQF) arranged a QF Partnerships Commendation Ceremony cum QF 10th Anniversary Celebration on 14th May 2017 at the Central Government Office.  HKQF is a platform covering academic, vocational and continuing education sectors to promote lifelong learning with a view to continuously enhancing the quality, professionalism and competitiveness of our workforce in an increasingly globalized and knowledge-based economy.  I (member, Industry Training Advisory Committee for Testing, Inspection & Certification Industry (TIC-ITAC)) was honor to be invited for attending this ceremony.  I took a photo in front of the banner using their camera.  I could get the photo immediately.

I signed on the hearth card and place into the banner.

In the beginning, Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, JP (Secretary for Education) gave welcome speech. He appreciated all organizations; society and government departments supported HKQF. He also mentioned the Government would inject $1.2 billion into the QF under Chief Executive's 2017 Policy Address. 

The leaflet recorded major milestone of HKQF in the past ten years.

The celebration started with all ITAC representatives. 

Video of celebration


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