Activities Summary 2019

I would like to summarize all quality, innovation and AI related activities I participated in 2019 as follows.  In this year, I achieved the Extension Innovation Method Level 3 Certification Examination (可拓創新方法三級水平認證) that was the result of my student since 2016.

Moreover, my book for Introduction Level of Extenics named “Extenics: The Logic of Innovation” (創新之理則—介紹中國原創學科「可拓學」) was published by Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) in Dec 2019.

Seminar x34, Training/Workshop x11, Visit x14, Conference/Symposium/Forum/Summit x16, Invited Speaking x1, Teaching course x2 and Professional Gathering x23.
20190103: Insights for Innovation Management of HK Enterprises 2019 – Survey Announcement Day (SGS, HKU & InnoEdge)
20190110: Academic Exchanging with the School of Mechanical Engineering, Xian JiaoTong University (CityU & HKSQ)
20190117: HKPC Seminar onExpand Your Operations in Myanmar”「開拓緬甸 」研討會
20190122: CityU Seminar on The First Step for AI-based Human-Like Language Understanding – Sentiment Analysis of Text
20190128: CityU Distinguished Lecture on AI Enabled Personalized Theranotics
20190227: CityU Seminar on Design of Accident Prevention System for LWR using ANN and HS Simulator
20190308: ESG Seminar - Adversity Leadership - How to use Growth Mindset to embrace Challenges
20190319: Chu Hai College Public Talk on Uzbekistan: On the Reform Path
20190321: Briefing on Applications to Professional Services Advancement Support Scheme (PASS)
20190322: CityU President's Lecture series - Big Data Analysis & AI: Opportunities & Challenges
20190322: CityU Seminar on “What can an AI Chatbot Teach You?”
20190327: HKPC x MIT HK Innovation Node Seminar on “The Iterative Innovation Process”
20190409: AI and E-Commerce: Ethical Conflicts《人工智能與電子商貿:倫理對弈》
20190409: CityU & TFI Seminar – AI for Better Health and Wealth
20190418: Academic Exchanging with the School of Management and Engineering, Nanjing University
20190426: HKSQ Seminar on Evolving Construction Quality Management in Practice
20190508: Seminar on the Ecology of Entrepreneurship and the Environment
20190704: CityU Seminar on Physical Model-based Engineering Products and System Design
20190712: HKIE Debriefing Seminar on Insights from Israel on Innovation, Infrastructure & Investment
20190716: HKPC Seminar on Smart Innovation for new business models in i4.0 and e4.0
20190725: OUHK Seminar on “Challenges in Implementation of Laboratory Management according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017”
20190726: HKIMI seminar on Developing Innovation Competence through Life-long Learning cum Kick-off Ceremony
20190814: CityU & NVIDIA Technology Sharing - AI Application and Research
20190816: HKSQ Seminar on Design Thinking for Quality Management
20190906: ESG Seminar – Disruptive Innovation - How to Use Design-Thinking & AI to Inspire Staff to Change for Survival
20190907: HKIE Seminar on Smart Manufacturing – How to use digitalization management to improve productivity?
20190908: ASQ Shenzhen LMC Seminar on Minus Quality Assurance (-QA) (減法品質保證)
20190912: CityU Seminar on the challenges and responses of AI to Public Management
20190927: HKSQ AGM Seminar on Industry 4.0 in Quality Management
20191012: CES Seminar – When Trump loves in 5G and 6G
20191017: CityU Knowledge Transfer Office TSSSU_SEEDS Q&A Session
20191028: CityU Seminar on Hong Kong Reindustrialization - Textiles and Clothing Industry Case (香港再工業化的前景:以香港紡織及服裝工業為例)
20191101: CityU & PolyU Jointly Seminar on Attacks and Defenses on Machine Learning Services
20191220: ESG Seminar – Leadership with AI - How to use “AI Canvas” Make Our Business Smarter and Stronger

Training / Workshop:
20190118: Google AI Teacher Camp
20190215: HKQAA Workshop for establishing Corporate University (Unit 1)
20190222: HKQAA Workshop for establishing Corporate University (Unit 2)
20190306: HKQAA Workshop for establishing Corporate University (Unit 3)
20190401: HKPC Industry 4.0 Implementation Workshop - Pilot Project
20190412: HKPC Industry 4.0 Implementation Workshop – Strategic Focus and Steps
20190511: CAAI Extension Innovation Special Training Camp(中國人工智能學會可拓創新特訓營)
20190517: Google TensorFlow Workshop of the Education Collaboration for Teachers in GBA
20190602: Extension Innovation Method Level 3 Certification Examination (可拓創新方法三級水平認證)
20190719: The 1st National Primary and Secondary School Teacher Training Course for Artificial Intelligence (首期全國中小學人工智能師資培訓課程)
20190930: HKPC AI & 5G Workshop: Alibaba Damo Academy and Huawei (阿里巴巴達摩院及華為工作坊)
20190108: Visit to Xian JiaoTong University (西安交通大學) and Changan University (長安大學)
20190108: Visit HKQAA Certification (Shanghai) Ltd. - Xian Representative Office
20190215: Visit to TusPark Hong Kong
20190312: Visit to ActiveCareGroup Fo Tan Office
20190402: Visit to Hong Kong Trainer Centre for promoting Extenics
20190421: Visit to Wuhan University for promoting Extenics
20190506: Visit to State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology (CUHK) and promoting Extenics
20190507: Visit to Shenzhen Institute of Technology (深圳技師學院)
20190627: Visit to Shenzhen Intellectual Property Society
20190710: Zhejiang University visit to HKSTP – Science Explorer 2019
20191004: HKSQ Technical Visit to Milton Exhibits Group
20191022: Pre-ANQ Congress 2019 visit to University in Songkla, Thailand and Congress Registration
20191101: CityU Eminence Society – Visit to BME Laboratory
20191114: CityU Eminence Society Shanghai Hangzhou Exchange Tour

Conference / Symposium / Forum / Summit:
20190111: Metrology Symposium 2019 (The New SI for a Smarter World)
20190301: AI and Big Data Innovation Forum 2019 (Supported by HKSQ)
20190325: HKQAA Green Finance Certification Scheme Presentation Ceremony cum Forum 20190413: IET Manufacturing Forum 2019 – HK Manufacturing Industries in Greater Bay Area
20190419: CityU International Research Conference on Systems Engineering and Management Science
20190617: HKPC AI Impulse 2019 Summit
20190621: HKTDC Global New Economy Prospective Forum (環球新經濟前瞻論壇) in Zhuhai
20190626: The WMD, the WAD and the WSD Forum 2019
20190706: PolyU Open Forum - AI and Fintech Applications for Banking, Finance and Servicing Industries
20190827: The Commemorative Congress of the 40th Anniversary of China Quality Association and TQM Promotion cum the 4th Summit of pre-World Alliance for Chinese Quality (WACQ) - Registration and Banquet
20190829: The 4th Summit of pre-World Alliance for Chinese Quality (WACQ)
20190901: CAAI Chinese Congress on Artificial Intelligence 2019 (中国人工智能大会)
20191010: Greater Bay Area Conference: Inclusive Growth through Innovation and Sustainability
20191018: HKQAA 30th Anniversary Forum cum Celebration Cocktail Reception
20191023: ANQ Congress 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand
20191102: OUHK Testing and Certification Day 2019

Invited Speaking:
20190809: SGS ISO/IEC 17025 LMS Internal Auditor Training Course (Invited Trainer)
20191014: SGS ISO/IEC 17025 LMS Internal Auditor Training in Ecospace Limited (Invited Trainer)
20191104: CityU Industrial Experts' Talks for MSEM Students
20191116: Congratulation to Crosby Management Institute (China) 20th Anniversary and China Quality International Summit

Professional Gathering / Meeting:
20190106: ActiveCareGroup (明心医疗集团) Annual Dinner
20190117: HKETA Annual Dinner 2019
20190123: HKSQ & HKQAA - TID SME Development Fund Awarded Meeting
20190126: Dinner with Dr. Aaron Chan and Dr. Yau Pak Man (Post-Doctorate Friends)
20190127: Lunch with Dr. Ronald Sequeira and Mrs. Sequeira
20190130: Lunch with Prof. Philip Chan for ANQ Congress 2019
20190202: Meeting for Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Industry in Hong Kong
20190308: CityU Eminence Society –The 5th Exco Inauguration Ceremony & Annual Dinner 2019
20190327: CMATCL & HKSTP Meeting for reindustrialization
20190327: Meeting with Prof. Zhen-Song Chen for Promoting Extenics
20190330: CityU EngD Society Annual Dinner cum Prof. Bieng Chuah Retirement Celebration 2019
20190522: CES Work Group meeting with KTO, CityU
20190615: The Meeting of International Academy for Extenics (IAE) Development Plan
20190625: OUHK 1st Meeting of RPL Steering Committee
20190627: CityU Inno-preneurship Mentoring Meet-up Dinner 2019
20190714: Lunch meeting for the Extenics (可拓學) book publication in Hong Kong
20190910: Lunch with Prof. Raymond Chan and Prof. CS Lee in CityU for College of Science’s Mentorship Programme
20191016: Launching Ceremony and Welcome Reception for the First "GBA Doctorate, Executive Master and Associate Academician" Course (首屆「大灣區博士、行政人員碩士及副院士」課程啟動禮暨迎新酒會)
20191106: The 2nd Hong Kong Precious Metals Assay Centre Steering Committee Meeting
20191109: HKSQ Strategy Meeting 2019
20191117: Meeting with ASQ Fellow and HKQAA Shanghai representative
20191217: CityU EngD Annual Dinner and Meeting 2019
20191219: CityU Eminence Society – The 5th Exco Meeting cum Christmas Party 2019


Christmas BBQ 2019

Every year on Christmas day, my teacher Dr. KS Chin would invite my wife and I, as well as, PhD students to join the Christmas BBQ in Hong Kong Baptist Assembly.  25 December as the date of birth of Jesus, so that we congratulated every year and said Merry Christmas to all our friends.  The following photo was designed for this purpose on behalf of HKSQ. 

Today, we arrived the HK Baptist Assembly early and took a photo in front of the entry.  It said you enter and exit were under protection by Jesus from now to forever.  

We also took a photo in the hall.

After gospel session, we started BBQ with Prof. Hui and Mrs. Hui, Dr. KS Chin and his PhD students.

Very lucky that we met Dr. Goman Ho and he is Minda’s Cousin.

The picture of Noah's Ark.


ESG Seminar – Leadership with AI - How to use “AI Canvas” Make Our Business Smarter and Stronger

The Executive Study Group (ESG) seminar – Leadership with AI –  “How to use AI Canvas” Make Our Business Smarter and Stronger” was held by the ESG, Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy Limited (APIFS) on 20th Dec 2019.  Before the seminar, I took a photo with Dr. Mak Lee (Research Director, APIFS) and other friends for memory. After that I would like to summarize the seminar for sharing below.

I met HKSQ Corporate member Mr. Dominic Lam (COO, CMA Testing) and member Mr. CY Lam (Technical Service Manager, Global Accounts, Apparel, COATS).

I recognized new friends Mr. Terruce Wang (Managing Director, Head of Corporate Partnerships and Alliances, Retail Banking (HK), Standard Chartered) and Mr. Francis Sin (Investment Manager, King Link Consulting & Service Limited, China Soft Capital).

In the beginning, Dr. Mark Lee briefed that this year is the 10th anniversary of Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy Limited (APIFS). Then he briefed the history and goal of APIFS.

Then he mentioned the contents included “Definition of Intelligence”, “Crystal Ball for Auto-Prediction”, “Determine to use AI for a Task” and “AI Canvas”.  Firstly, He employed Netflix as an example to explain how they analyzed audience data to select for which kind of TV program production.  One of recent success TV program named “The Crown”.

Then he showed a video for Netflix analytics, indicating that AI, Big Data could assist us to make better decision.

Then Dr. Lee used a game to explain AI prediction and Mr. Terruce Wang gave his idea.

After that he quoted Prof. Ajay Agrawal (Professor of Strategic Management, University of Toronto) that Prediction is the process of filling in missing information.  It is the process from “you have” to predict “you don’t have”.  He also mentioned the case of Alibaba’s Brand Databank for retailer that was not only platform for sale but also AI service to enhance your precision sale & promotion. 

In the first discussion session, Dr. Mark Lee asked a question “AI’s prediction capability can improve my industry’s business performance significantly. Agree or not?” Then he invited three guests for discussion and they were Mr. Joseph Poon (Chairman, Hang Sang Index Advisory Committee of Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited; Former Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Hang Seng Bank Ltd), Mr. Benjamin Ma (Managing Director, Global Trinity (HK) Ltd) and Mr. Thomason Lai (Chairman, Trio Industrial Electronics Group Limited).


CityU Eminence Society – The 5th Exco Meeting cum Christmas Party 2019

The CityU Eminence Society (CES) 5th Exco Meeting of the fourth executive committee cum Christmas Party was held on 19th Dec 2019.  The location was held in iBakery Gallery Café in Tamar Park under Tamar Government Headquarters. Weeky Wong, Jenny Chan, YC Chau and I arrived the venue.

I took a photo with the logo of iBakery Gallery Café.

We started the 5th Exco Meeting and discussed the coming activities.

(Left: I, Mr. CK Chan, Ms. Antonia Yeung, Mr. Weeky SL Wong, Mr. Danny Fok, Mr. Xavier Wong, Mr. Dennis Leung, Dr. Venus Tang, Mrs. Seng Sze Ka-mee Natalia, Ms. Jenny Chan, Dr. YC Chau and Mr. Hectar Pun)

 Dr. Frankie Yeung had joined the meeting and briefed the visit to Chinese Traditional Theatre Centre (戲曲中心) and the special food style to us.  Committee would like to explore in Mar 2020 first and then arranged a group visit for CES members.  Since Venus and Frankie had another event, we took group photo before Christmas Party started.

During the party, we met many friends and members.  Our work group team for University Collaboration Projects (UCP) took a photo for memory and members included Dr. YC Chau, Mr. Yip Wai-yuen and I.

Then our new member Mr. Ben Wong who attended our Shanghai Hangzhou Exchange Tour in November and then joined CES family. Ms. Irene Lau is chairperson of Work Group for Learning.

Dr. Rocky Lam, Dr. Peter Ho and I took a photo for CityU EngD team.  


CityU EngD Annual Dinner and Meeting 2019

The CityU Engineering Doctorate (EngD) Society in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM) was organized annual dinner and meeting on 17th Dec 2019.  Participants cohort included Dr. Herbert Yeung, Rocky Lam, Geoffrey Cho, Keynes Chan, Walter Fung, TW Liu, Amie Lai, WT Chan and I. (Cliff Chan, Gaby Ku and Arthur joined us during presentation session)

In the beginning, Our Society President - Dr. Herbert Yeung (Cohort 2004) announced that we would transform our CityU alumni association to be company limited by guarantee and would apply charitable institutions under Chapter 88.

Then we reviewed the background of CityU EngD Society and constitution details in the limited statement.  Our meeting agenda showed as follows:
  1. Society Orientation and Current Status
  2. Society Activities 2018-19
  3. Financial Report
  4. EngD NGO Roadmap
  5. Election of NEW BOARD MEMBERS
  6. Presentation Sharing
    1. Introduction of new IP Policy in HK (TW Liu)
    2. Brief Extenics Activities & New Book “The Logic of Innovation Extenics” (Lotto Lai)
    3. Others
  1. Discussion on the coming events
  2. AOB

Dr. TW Liu was the first speaker and his topic named “Original Grant Patent in Hong Kong”.  Firstly, he briefed the IP online search system in Hong Kong at Esearch.ipd.gov.hk from Intellectual Property Department, HKSAR.

Then Dr. Liu briefed the history of IP registration prior and after 1997.  Before 1997, we employed UK system to grand IP and then registered in Hong Kong.  After 1997, both UK and China could grand IP and then registered in Hong Kong.  He added that he is pioneer in IP field and not more than 10 HK people serviced in IP at that time. 

After that Dr. Liu introduced the new Patent System launched on 19 Dec 2019 in Hong Kong. It is an original grant patent (OGP) systemto provide to patent applicants an alternative route of seeking standard parent protection in Hong Kong.  Finally, Dr. Liu used some dogs to imply how effective of IP to protect your product. Very interested expression. 

I was the second speaker and my topic shared Extenics Activities & New Book “The Logic of Innovation Extenics.  I briefed my study journey with Prof. Cai Wen since 2016.  Prof. Cai Wen is the founder for this China original discipline on Innovation Method named Extenics which was one of fundamental theories of AI using to solve contradiction problem.

Then I introduced my new book named “Extenics: The Logic of Innovation” in which I removed all equations and using simplified short articles to introduce the whole concept and some quality related examples for public.  I hope it could promote “Extenics” to general public through this booklet and made people aware how great of our Chinese scholar.  

My book is publishing and the printing company showed me that they checking the draft for printing.

After that we discussed the future development of CityU EngD Society Limited.  We also thanks for Dr. Herbert Yeung’s wine and dinner.

We proposed the following cohorts to Society Organization 2020 and would be approved in next AGM.
1.     Dr. Herbert Yeung (2004) President
2.     Dr. TW Liu (2004) Vice President
3.     Dr. Rocky Lam (2006) Treasurer
4.     Dr. Lotto Lai (2005) Secretary
5.     Dr. Ray Kong (2003)
6.     Dr. WT Chan (2004)
7.     Dr. Amie Lai (2004)
8.    Dr. Albert Tam (2005)
9.     Dr. Joseph Leung (2001)
Dr. Peter Ho (2007) Honorary Member
Dr. Raymond Leung (2005) Honorary Member

During discussion, some ideas were mentioned below:
1.      EngD Youtuber for knowledge sharing
2.      Book publication
3.      Apply Government Funding
4.      Sustainable development of CityU EngD Society such as membership source and enhancement, affiliate member, etc.
5.      Connect the existing members (~67 EngD graduates)

At the end, we took a group photo for memory.

(Left: WT Chan, Gaby Ku, Herbert Yeung, Cliff Chan, Rocky Lam, Arthur, Geoffrey Cho, Keynes Chan, Walter Fung, TW Liu, Amie Lai, and Lotto Lai)

CityU Engineering Doctorate Society - http://www.engd.org/  
Engineering Doctorate (Engineering Management) - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/seem/prg-engd.htm

EngD Program Future Discussion Meetings:
20181119: CityU EngD Society Meeting with Acting Dean, School of Data Science - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.com/2018/11/cityu-engd-society-meeting-with-acting.html
20180621: CityU EngD Society Lunch Meeting with Prof. Dang and Dr. Alan Chan - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.com/2018/06/cityu-engd-society-lunch-meeting-with.html

Previous AGM:
20190330: CityU EngD Society Annual Dinner cum Prof. Bieng Chuah Retirement Celebration 2019 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.com/2019/03/cityu-engd-society-annual-dinner-cum.html
20171216: CityU EngD Society AGM and Annual Dinner 2017 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.com/2017/12/cityu-engd-society-agm-and-annual.html
20170610: CityU EngD Society AGM Seminar “Education & Innovation” 2017 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/06/cityu-engd-society-agm-seminar.html
20161127: CityU EngD(EM) Graduation Dinner & EngDSoc Annual Dinner 2016 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/11/cityu-engdem-graduation-dinner-engdsoc.html
20160618: CityU EngD Society Discovery & Innovation Seminar and AGM 2016 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/06/cityu-engd-society-discovery-innovation.html
20151121: CityU EngD Society 10th Anniversary Dinner 2015 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/11/cityu-engd-society-10th-anniversary.html
20150123: CityU EngD Society AGM Seminar & Dinner 2015 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/01/cityu-engd-society-agm-seminar-dinner.html


Remember My Teacher Dr. CN Ng (Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography, HKU; Lecturer, City Polytechnic of Hong Kong)

Today, I received a sad news from MingPao that Dr. CN Ng passed away on 13th Dec 2019 because of stroke.  I expressed hearty condolences to Dr. CN Ng's family, friends and colleagues.  Dr. CN Ng (Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography, HKU) is my final year project supervisor of HD in Applied Science (AP) in City Polytechnic of Hong Kong in 1992, and my external examiner for MPhil in Chemistry (BCH) in City University of Hong Kong in 1997.  We met again in the AP 25th Anniversary Homecoming on 22nd Nov 2014.

I remembered that Dr. CN Ng had taught me about air pollution and then I followed him for my final year project.  (It was pity that I haven’t taken photo with him on that time because he was not in office during ceremony day.)

My Higher Diploma (HD) title named “Time-series Modelling of Air Quality Data from Hong Kong” in which employed recursive least squares algorithm and regression model.  Dr. Ng told me it was very difficult and are you sure to take it? I said I like challenge.

I appreciated Dr. Ng’s guidance and my friends’ technical assistant. I remembered that I used CPU 386 plus a chip 387 to calculate the two parameters for 3 years data of TSP that using about 5 min!

After that I finished my BSc in Applied Physics and continued my study for MPhil in Chemistry (Atmospheric Chemistry).  I followed Dr. Ronald Sequeira in Department of Biology and Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong.  Dr. CN Ng and Dr. Ronald Sequeira are good friend.  

During my experiment work in the rural Kadoorie Agricultural Research Centre (KARC) to collect aerosol and rainwater sample, Dr. M.R. Peart (Department of Geography and Geology, University of Hong Kong) gave assistant for this research. His nick name was “Water Monster”. Both Dr. MR Peart and Dr. CN Ng are my external examiners.

When I served in society, I met Dr. CN Ng in many activities related to environment and green issue organized by HKQAA below.
The 25th Anniversary Forum & Celebration Cocktail Reception was held on 28th November 2014.

Green Finance Certification Scheme Launching Ceremony cum Seminar on 12th Mar 2018

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) Green Finance Certification Scheme Presentation Ceremony cum Forum 2019 on 25th Mar 2019.

HKQAA 30th Anniversary Forum cum Celebration Cocktail Reception on 18th Oct 2019

Dr. CN Ng told me a secret during the AP 25th Anniversary Homecoming that he must remembered me because he got a Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (鼻咽癌) during review of my MPhil thesis as external examiner. He told me that he had miracle several times because of Dr. Ronald’s gift from his sister which was a Mother Teresa prayed lady icon.  I hope Dr. CN Ng rest in peace.

MingPao News on 14th Dec 2019

20141128: HKQAA 25th Anniversary Forum & Celebration Cocktail Reception - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.com/2014/11/hkqaa-25th-anniversary-forum.html
20180312: HKQAA Green Finance Certification Scheme Launching Ceremony cum Seminar - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.com/2018/03/hkqaa-green-finance-certification.html
20190325: HKQAA Green Finance Certification Scheme Presentation Ceremony cum Forum 2019 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.com/2019/03/hkqaa-green-finance-certification.html
20191018: HKQAA 30th Anniversary Forum cum Celebration Cocktail Reception - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.com/2019/10/hkqaa-30th-anniversary-forum-cum.html


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