HKSTP Seminar on MedTech Innovation from Silicon Valley

HKSTP organized a seminar named “MedTech Innovation from Silicon Valley” on 29 Jun 2016.  The seminar held in afternoon with light lunch indicating our Lunch and Learn practice.  Both speakers had come from Stanford Biodesign before they established their MedTech startup.  Stanford Biodesign established in 2000 and it aims to create an ecosystem of training and support for Stanford University students, fellows, and faculty with the talent and ambition to become health technology innovators.  Its goal was (and continues to be) looking beyond research and discovery to provide the knowledge, skills, mentoring, and networking required to deliver meaningful and valuable innovations to patients everywhere.

The first speaker was Dr. Robert T Chang (Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology) and his topic named “From Physician to Physician Innovator”.  He briefed some history of Stanford Biodesign and his experience.

Oh! Li Ka Shing Center in Stanford was mentioned.  Mr. Lily Truong was the next speaker who also studied in here.


Innovation Product Development Seminar - Extenics (可拓學) application in Shenzhen

The seminar for Innovation Product Development – Extenics application in Shenzhen (產品研發創造力研討會 -可拓學在深圳創新的運用) was organized by Shenzhen Intellectual Property Council (深圳市知識產權局) and organized by Shenzhen Intellectual Property Society(深圳知識產權研究會) on 28 Jun 2016.  This seminar was focused on application of Extenics in different industries and exchanged ideas from different experts.  Mr. Yin Hanfan (鄞漢藩) (General Secretary, SZIPS) was MC and introduced all speakers in the beginning of the seminar.

Before the seminar, Mr. Chen (陳民鋼處長 -深圳市知識產權局) gave the welcome speech.  He told us there had 100 thousand IP was grant in last year in Shenzhen.  Shenzhen government would focus on the application to enhance companies’ competitive edge 

Prof. Yang Chunyan (楊春燕) (Director, Institute of Extenics and Innovation Methods, Guangdong University of Technology) was the first speaker and her topic entitled “Thinking Innovation based on Extenics – Establishment and Application of Base-element” (可拓學的思維創新 基元的建立與應用).  


HKCTC Seminar on Professional Integrity in Testing and Certification

The Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification (HKCTC), Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) and ICAC co-organized a seminar entitled “Integrity Management in Testing and Certification Industry” on 27th June 2016.  One of key strengths of the testing and certification industry in Hong Kong is its high level of credibility, which gives confidence to users and consumers.  The seminar aimed to bring together experts from ICAC, the testing and certification (T&C) industry, as well as professional bodies to share experiences and information about integrity management in T&C industry from different perspectives.  Before the seminar, I took a photo with Dr. John Ho (Left) and Dr. Tommy Lo (Centre) for memory.

In the beginning, Prof. Albert Cheung (Chairman, HKCTC) gave a welcome speech.  He said “Integrity is the most important of the Testing and Certification Industry and need to train all staff in the industry”. Then he introduced the aims of HKCTC and the coming events such as ISO 27001 workshop, MedTest and Construction test seminars.  

Then all guest speakers took a group photo.
(Left: Dr. Tommy Lo (HKICA), Mr. Michael WK Lee (ACML), Ms. Anna Lam (ICAC), Prof. Albert Cheung (HKCTC), Mr. Felix Chan (HKTIC), Dr. Tony Lee (OUHK) and Dr. John Ho (HKAS))


ISSC 10th Anniversary and Annual Dinner 2016

Mr. Peter Fung and I represented Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) were honor to be invited by International Six Sigma Council (ISSC) to join their 10th Anniversary and Annual Dinner again on 23 Jun 2016.  We met many friends in different society included but not limited to IET, MQMA, SZAQ, SSS, QFDHK, ISIHK, etc.  Before the event, We took a group photo with Dr. Rita Wan (Chairman, ISSC) for memory.

Dr. PK Chan (Honorary Advisor, ISSC) and Prof. Philip Chan (Honorary Advisor, ISSC) were invited to lead the celebration of the ISSC 10th Anniversary through lighting our mobile.

We all lighted our mobile and turn off all lamp in the room and many beautiful stars in the room.


CityU CSE Discovery and Innovation Gala 2016

I was honor to be invited to join the CSE Discovery and Innovation Gala 2016 organized by the Cooperative Education Centre, College of Science and Engineering (CSE) of CityU on 22 Jun 2016.  The gala would be held from 22 to 23 Jun 2016 and it aimed to demonstrate their research capability and achievements to be better appreciated by the industrial and commercial sectors, hence opening up further opportunities for collaborations of mutual benefits.

I am lucky to get President Prof. Way Kuo signature on his new book named “高等教育的心件” and took a photo for memory.  I found the key point of the book that Research and Teaching should be integrated rather than separated.

I also met Mr. Dominic Lam (Acting CEO, CMATCL) and my teacher Prof. Paul Lam (Chief-of-Staff (Vice-President) and Chair Professor of Biology (Department of Biology and Chemistry), CityU) and we took a photo together.
(Left: Mr. YK Lau (Senor Manager, Env, Food & Pharm Division, CMATCL), Mr. Dominic Lam, I and Prof. Paul Lam)


ISIHK TRIZ Application Sharing Seminar

Institute of Systematic Innovation, HK (ISIHK) invited Dr. Yongwei Sun (VP for Industrial Relations & Level 4 Certified, MATRIZ; China Coordinator of MATRIZ and Expert Member of China Council for Promoting Six Sigma, China Association for Quality)  to share his TRIZ experience on 19 Jun 2016 (It is father’s day!).  Firstly, Dr. Sun introduced himself that he is the DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) Master Black Belt of National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy (NICE) since 2012. He is the Vice President of MA TRIZ (the International TRIZ Association), a member of MA TRIZ presidium, and expert member of China Council for Promoting Six Sigma. He holds MA TRIZ Level 4 certificates. Prior joining NICE, Dr. Sun worked in GE for 7 years, successively as a research scientist, Black Belt, and program manager.

Since all cases are real and sensitive, no photo took and kept confidential.  So I would like to summarize some key points on Dr. Sun experience of employing TRIZ for sharing below.
i)            IP analysis and strategy are very important.
ii)           MATRIZ Level 1 tools used to “Identify the Problem”; Level 2 tools used to “Solve the Problem” and Level 3 tools used for “Idea Verification”. 
iii)          Most frequency use and important tools in level 1 are “Function Analysis (FA)”, “Cause and Effect Chain Analysis (CECA)” and “Trimming”.
iv)          If the solution of problem is very easy you think out, it must not a real problem otherwise the company’s engineers had already solved it.  That’s why we need TRIZ engineer.
v)           Why problem is so difficulty to be solved?  Because we haven’t discover the real problems.
vi)          When CECA was employed, it should be at least down to 5 levels (like 5 Why).
vii)         Why his customer’s engineers no resistant to use TRIZ?  It is because they need to solve that problem immediately. (High incentive!)
viii)       In his example, Physical Contradictions appeared in many cases.  However, it is very seldom to use Technical Contradictions (Contradiction Table).
ix)          So he used Separating Principle frequently including separation in space, time, relation and system level. (More Dynamic)

Finally, we took a group photo for memory.

Institute of Systematic Innovation, HK - http://www.isi.org.hk/
The International TRIZ Association - http://matriz.org/
20160528: Dr Sun (MATRIZ) visit to the Science Park Laboratories - http://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/05/dr-sun-matriz-visit-to-science-park.html


CityU EngD Society Discovery & Innovation Seminar and AGM 2016

The CityU Engineering Doctorate (EngD) Society in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM) was organized pre-AGM seminar entitled “Discovery and Innovation” on 18th Jun 2016. It is a great honor to have Dr. David Chung Wai-keung, Under Secretary of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, HKSAR as one of the renowned speakers of the seminar.  The aim of the seminar is to dissemination more information about the innovation and technology opportunities in Hong Kong and to discover the creative initiatives from alumni of CityU EngD. 

Dr. David Chung (Under Secretary of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, HKSAR) was the first speaker and his topic introduced “Innovation and Technology Bureau”.  Firstly, he explained why government determined to develop innovation and technology (I&T) because of i) transforming Hong Kong into a knowledge-based economy; ii) diversifying our economy and increasing our competitiveness; iii) providing quality employment opportunities (especially for youth) and iv) improving quality of life for Hong Kong people.


Visit to Cyberport for Quality Startup Scheme

HKSTP and Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) kicked off the "Hong Kong Innovation & Technology Support Programme" and signed MOU on 24 Mar 2015.  One of our services is provided recognition for start-up business matching.  Therefore, we established “HKQAA Hong Kong Registration - Start-ups” which aimed to nurture technology startups and foster their long term development.  The pilot scheme started in HKSTP Incubation Programmes Graduation day on 31 Mar 2016 and it official launched during the HKQAA Symposium on 13 May 2016.  Since Mr. Nathan Liu (Smart-Space Community Manager, Cyberport) who is my old colleagues in HKSTP serviced in Cyberport, I arranged a meeting with our partner HKQAA in Cyberport on 15 Jun 2016.  

 (Left: I, Nathan, Mr. Bryan Peng (HKQAA) and Mr. Nic Chan (HKQAA))


HealthBaby 10th Anniversary Visit to Geo-park

I joined the HealthBaby 10th Anniversary Visit to Geo-park with my wife on 14 June 2016.  HealthBaby is the first cord blood bank located at Hong Kong Science & Technology Park, (HKSTP) which provides the most advanced infrastructure and backup facilities with continuous power supply and much more comprehensive than that of industrial / commercial buildings. Being the largest H.K. cord blood bank (occupying 15,000 sq. ft. area), HealthBaby's laboratory is equipped with advanced biotechnology backup facilities. I would like to share our visit to Tung Ping Chau (東平洲) Marine Park below.


HKSTP DIY Marketing Workshop 3 – Buyer Behavior

The DIY Marketing Workshops Series aims to help technology companies to know the basic concept of marketing and apply in their businesses and there are 5 workshops series organized by Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) from 12 May to 12 July 2016.  The third workshop named “Buyer Behavior” which held on 6 June 2016.  My colleague Mr. Antony Kwong introduced Prof. Samart Powpaka (Associate Professor, Marketing Department; and Director of MSc Program in Marketing, CUHK Business School of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)) who was our guest speaker. 

In the beginning, Prof. Powpaka reviewed the last 2 session’s content.  He said marketing was separated into Management Philosophy and Process.  


The 2nd meeting of the Innovation Alliance of the Extenics (可拓學)

The 2nd meeting of the Innovation Alliance of the Extenics for “Extenics Innovation Method Training” was organized by Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence on 5 Jun 2016.  Participants were come from six areas of China and we introduced ourselves first.

Firstly, Prof. Can Wen (The Director of International Academy of Extenics (HK), The National Distinguished Experts of China) briefed the purpose of this meeting and he said there were three key items to be discussed.  They were Certification System, Online training and Train-the-Trainer’s workshop.  Then Prof. Xingsen Li (VP of Management School, Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University) (Left 1) briefed the meeting rules including based on four values that were “拓、嚴、謙、信” (Extension, Severe, Modest & Integrity).  


HKSQ Technical Visit to University of Macau and Macau Quality Management Association

HKSQ arranged a technical visit to the University of Macau (UM) and Macau Quality Management Association (MQMA) on 3 Jun 2016.  The visit aimed to focus on the good practices of UM on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 implementation after their relocation; and network with management professionals from MQMA.  HKSQ members were gathered in Macau Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal and took a group photo before the visit.

We visited UM first and met Mr. Michael Leung (Leader of EMS Workgroup (Head of HSEO)) and Jason (Leader of QMS Workgroup (Senior HR Manager (System) of HRO)) and they introduced some background of UM.  


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