CityU EngD Society Discovery & Innovation Seminar and AGM 2016

The CityU Engineering Doctorate (EngD) Society in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM) was organized pre-AGM seminar entitled “Discovery and Innovation” on 18th Jun 2016. It is a great honor to have Dr. David Chung Wai-keung, Under Secretary of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, HKSAR as one of the renowned speakers of the seminar.  The aim of the seminar is to dissemination more information about the innovation and technology opportunities in Hong Kong and to discover the creative initiatives from alumni of CityU EngD. 

Dr. David Chung (Under Secretary of the Innovation and Technology Bureau, HKSAR) was the first speaker and his topic introduced “Innovation and Technology Bureau”.  Firstly, he explained why government determined to develop innovation and technology (I&T) because of i) transforming Hong Kong into a knowledge-based economy; ii) diversifying our economy and increasing our competitiveness; iii) providing quality employment opportunities (especially for youth) and iv) improving quality of life for Hong Kong people.

Then David pointed out our challenges including i) competitiveness of traditional pillars under challenge by internet-driven economy; ii) SME upto 90% in HK business but relatively low R&D investment; iii) competitors appear form neighboring economies; and iv) lacking of manufacturing base.  He compared the R&D investment among Hong Kong and other countries.  It observed that more investment ratio come from public than private in Hong Kong in 2013.

However, we still had strengths and opportunities including World class universities, Strategic location, “One Country, Two System”, IP protection, robust legal system and advance ICT infrastructure, etc.  Moreover, vibrant start-up ecosystem is increasing. For instance, No. of accelerator, incubation and co-working spaces increased ten-fold in the past 6 years upto 60, mostly operated by private sector.  There are about 1600 I&T start-ups in Hong Kong in 2015 that 50% growth compared to 2014!  After that he mentioned the role of government as Connector, Facilitator and Creating an ecosystem for I&T.

Finally, David briefed ITB work priorities as follows:
-          Stimulate private sector R&D
-          Drive “Re-industrialization”
-          Support I&T start-ups, develop robust ecosystem
-          Address social issues via cross-bureaux effort
-          Promote adoption of technology among SMEs
-          Leverage on opportunities from 13th Five-Year Plan
He also introduced the new fund named Midstream Research Programme for universities.

I was the second speaker and firstly I briefed my recently achievement that was to be selected as ASQ Fellow and IAQ Associate Academician.  ASQ Fellow has 600 among 80,000 members.  Hong Kong is less than 10 ASQ fellows.  IAQ was last than 200 in the world. Hong Kong has 3 academician and they were Prof. Way Kuo (CityU), Dr. KS Chin (CityU) and Prof. Fugee Tsung (HKUST).  Probably I am the number 4 in Hong Kong.  

Firstly, I quoted Dr. Victor Lo (ISIHK) who separated innovation method into Human Centered Innovation and Systematic Innovation.  However, it was found missing system framework for organization following.  Then I briefed different standards including BS 7000-1:2008 Design Management System – Guide to Managing Innovation; CEN/TS 16555-1:2013 Innovation Management – Part 1: Innovation Management System and ISO 50501 Innovation Management (planning by ISO/TC 279)

Then I proposed to integrated ISO 9001 Quality Management System and CEN/TS 16555 Innovation Management System series and got the following Quality and Innovation Management System (QInnoMS) model.

Lastly, I shared my ideas between Quality and Innovation.  Whatever angle you employed, quality professionals would focus the overlapped area between Quality and Innovation.

The third speaker was Dr. Walter Fung (Teaching Fellow of PolyU COMP) and his topic named “What Hong Kong could be depended for future?”  Walter firstly shared part of Dr. Thomas Chan Man-hung (Director of China Business Centre, PolyU) article which published today.  Prof. Chan pointed out competition from other economic area especially Pearl River Delta.  Then Walter shared his teaching experience and thinking.

Walter pointed out his teaching course design in BSc and MSc level that were matching the weakness which pointed out by Prof. Chan.  He also introduced different new teaching game using ICT such as “Strategic Game for Information Security” and application of mobile device such as “Use of Apple Watch for Smart-Home Control”.

Finally, he invited use to join 2016 Forum named “From Digital Leadership to Re-industrialization in Hong Kong – Industry 4.0, FinTech, Entrepreneurship”.  

Q&A: Dr. WH Fok commented then Hong Kong depended on the next generation.  But it had three conditions:
i)                    Their interest
ii)                  Matching their strength
iii)                “Turn on” them (Ignite!) 

Dr. Samuel Fung (Director, Karson Engineers Services Co., Ltd.) was the fourth speaker and his topic was “Suggesting application research for Artificial Intelligence for Automated Aquaponic Systems HKSAR”.

He said he would like to do sometime meaningful within his life and he used AI but followed the Nature.

Finally, he briefed different idea for different size Automated Aquaponic Systems.

Dr. Peter Ho then gave a speech to introduce CityU Research Limited.  It consolidated CityU R&D results and provided to industries.  Some success cases included Vitargent transgenic Medaka Embryo test (using Zebrafish) and Chinese steel enhancement.  He also mentioned that green roof issue needed holistic review.  Then he also told us a good new about CityU QS position increased to No. 3 in Hong Kong.

The last speaker was Dr. T.W. Liu (Visiting Lecturer, CityU SEEM) and his presentation entitled “Creativity Thinking”.

Firstly, TW Liu briefed his idea to classification our thinking into +, -, ×, ÷, = and . He had studied TRIZ and Extenics and then concluded this thinking pattern

Then he analyzed Steve Job’s last 6 patents and found that most thinking was used on “” and then “-”.

TW Liu summarized this thinking method which simplified TRIZ and Extenics into Twins Tower which included “The other way round”, “Universality”, “Feedback” and “Intermediary”. 

Then we took a group photo for memory.

After the AGM Seminar, Dr. Rocky Lam (Immediate Past President, CityU EngD Society) gave a welcome speech and briefed our society activities in 2015/16 including EngD Society 10th Anniversary Dinner on 21 Nov 2015, Enterprises visits – TWG and FedEx, supported “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Forum on 17 Oct 2015, Hong Kong Re-industrialization Seminar in April 2016, and other university activities.  Then TW Liu presented the financial report.

Our new Chairman Dr. Herbert Yeung gave welcome speech and we thanked all members supported him and he planned to enhance collaboration with other professional organizations so as to walk outside.  

The EngD Society executive members 2016 were:
President - Dr. Herbert Yeung (Cohort 2004)
Vice-President - Dr. TW Liu (2004)
Secretary - Dr. Lotto Lai (2005)
Treasurer - Dr. Rocky Lam (2006)
Advisor – Dr. Peter Ho (2007)
Board members:
Dr. Danny Tang (2005)
Dr. Ray Kong (2003)
Dr. Samuel Fung (2005)
Dr. Albert Tam (2005)
Dr. Amie Lai (2004)

Finally, some of us had a dinner in CityU Chinese Restaurant and continued our sharing and discussion.

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Engineering Doctorate (Engineering Management) - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/seem/prg-engd.htm



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