HKSQ Strategy Meeting 2017

Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) annual strategy meeting 2017 was held on 26th Aug 2017 in CityU.  The meeting aims to design the HKSQ directions in the coming year and activities included seminar, technical visit, study mission, etc.  I was honor to be elected as chairman again and chaired the meet. I prepared agenda and explained the meeting objectives as follows:
1.      Review HKSQ member satisfaction survey
2.      Discuss the survey result using SERVQUAL and Kano Model
3.      Plan for next year actions and items as well as assigned leaders in each item.

Firstly, I briefed the survey statistic that response rate was 14% (48 out of 341 replies) and the distribution of survey background matched our member portfolio.  Firstly, we discussed our service quality trend (Importance vs Satisfaction).  We found that the average score of both importance and satisfaction were in the region of 3 to 4.5 (Happy Face Region).  The most importance item was ASQ Certification and the highest score of satisfaction was this blog sharing.

Artificial Intelligence and Future Society Seminar

The seminar named “Artificial Intelligence and Future Society” (人工智能與未來社會) was organized by Jao Tsung-I Academy (饒宗頤文化館) on 26th Aug 2017.  The guest speaker was Prof. Yi-Ke Guo (郭毅可) (Professor of Computing Science, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Computing, Imperial College London) and this topic entitled “Data Capital, Machine Intelligence and Future Society”.  In the beginning, he introduced Imperial College London that small campus with Big Data.  Then he briefed his data science institute which acted as a focal point for coordinating data driven research at Imperial through stimulating cross-disciplinary collaboration.  

Then he explained the trend of data that from database to data product and to data capital.  In future, we discussed data value.  He added the information civilization was coming as follows:
Industrial civilization indicated that machine replaced human work power.  Information civilization made people close together and individual data capital.  Data value needs intelligence to realize it. However, human intelligence is limited.  Therefore, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of solutions.


SocTalk Seminar – Making good use of Innovation & Technology Fund for Better Living

The Seminar named “Making good use of Innovation & Technology Fund for Better Living” was organized by SocTech Hong Kong under Information Technology Resource Centre, HKCSS on 25th Aug 2017.  Mr. Vicent CK Tse (Assist. Project Manager, ITRC, HKCSS) was MC and introduced the seminar agenda.

Then Mr. Peter Kwok (Senior Manager, I TRC, HKCSS) introduced SocTech that aimed to apply different technology into our society and community.  

The first speaker team members were Ms. Loretta Wong (Chief Executive Officer (Fund for Better Live), ITB) and Ms. Lorraine Kam (Senior Executive Officer (Fund for Better Live), ITB) and their topic named “Innovation & Technology Fund for Better Living”.  The objectives of that funding were to subsidize and promote innovation & technology projects to improve people’s daily living and making them more convenient, more comfortable and safer.  It needed to address the needs of specific community groups such as elderly, disabled and youth.  


ESG Seminar – Leadership Strategy – How to Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

The Executive Study Group (ESG) seminar 2017 – Leadership Strategy named How to Sharpen Your Leadership Skills as a Success Habit was held by the ESG, Asia Pacific Institute for Strategy Limited (APIFS) and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp (HKSTPC) on 24 Aug 2017.  I would like to summarize the seminar for sharing below.  

In the beginning, Dr. Mark Lee briefed some background of ESG and their recently research result and activities. He explained their learning method was "Connect and Develop" as he always quoted Steve Jobs' statement that "Creativity is just connecting things." Then he briefed the contents included "Person-to-Person Influence", "Lack of Sense of Leadership", "3-Pillar Framework", "Your Current Status Assessment" and "5 Strategies to apply the framework.". 

Firstly, Dr. Mark Lee quoted Prof. Peter Drucker that “The productivity of work is not the responsibility of the worker but of the manager.” And then he mentioned the key tasks of managers were to influence others through mainly person-to-person interactions up to 70% to 90% of working time.  However, many unending parade of mostly small events spent your time. 


Apply Visa to visit Nepal for ANQ 2017

I am planning to join the Asia Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal from 20 to 21 Sep 2017.  Hong Kong to Nepal visa is free and could be applied on site in Nepal airport.  For safety, my wife and I applied it in the consulate general of Nepal in Hong Kong today.  I took a photo in front of the office of the consulate general of Nepal in Hong Kong.

The logo of the consulate general of Nepal


GP Quality & Testing Experts visit Science Park Laboratories

My good friends Dr. Percy Chan (Quality Director), Mr. Larry Lee (Quality & Compliance Manager) and Ms. Kitty Liu (Quality Engineer) led their colleagues to visit Science Park Laboratories on 16th Aug 2017.  We had cooperated for the HKSQ Student Project Competition in 2015 and then GP Batteries International Limited moved into Science Park.  I had visited their reliability laboratory on 17th Jun 2017 and then I invited them to visit our laboratories too.  Before our meeting, we took a group photo with my boss Mr. Kevin Edmunds (Senior Manager, Sustainability, HKSTP) for memory.

(Left: I, Mr. John Cheung (Ass. Safety & Reliability Testing Engineer), Mr. Raymond Lee (Safety & Reliability Testing Engineer), Mr. Kevin Edmunds (Sr. Manager, Sustainability, HKSTP), Mr. Dai Yongyou (Sr.Engineer), Ms. Zhang Xiaowan (Safety & Compliance Engineer), Mr. Alex Wang (Laboratory Manager), Ms. Kitty Liu (Quality Engineer), Mr. Mark (Knowledge Mgt Manager), Mr. Victor Lau (Sr. Quality Engineer), Mr. Percy Chan (Quality Director) and Mr. Larry Lee (Quality & Compliance Manager)) 

In the beginning, Kevin Edmunds briefed the background of Sustainability team and then I presented the corporation quality unit (CQU) functions and our integrated management system. 

Then we visited the Reliability Laboratory.  Mr. YC Lee (Senior Manager, Technology Support Centre, HKSTP) introduced the reliability testing and 3D printing technology to GP experts.


HKIE Seminar on “When Electronics Meets Medical Science”

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) – Manufacturing & Industrial Division and Biomedical Division co-organized the seminar named “When Electronics Meets Medical Science – A case study of biomedical research and development, from concept to business launch” on 11th Aug 2018. Lab-On-Chip (LOC) technology integrates one or several laboratory tests on a single chip of only millimeters to a few square centimeters to achieve a high-throughput screening. LOC enables us to deliver accurate assays with extremely small fluid volumes down to pico-liters, therefore, a microfluidic LOC platform was the dream device in environmental and biomedial sectors.  Before seminar, Ir. SC Ho (Immediate past chairman, MID, HKIE) presented a souvenir to the guest speaker Mr. William Yam, then took a group photo with committee members.

(Left: SL Mak, Jackson Tang, SC Ho, William Yam and YC Chau)

Mr. William Yam (Founder of Sanwa BioTech Limited) was the guest speaker.  Firstly, he introduced manufacturing processes from components to assembly and then to micro technologies included micro-joining, micro-machining and micro-assembly. 


CityU BCH Research Cohort visit Science Park Laboratories

I was happy to meet my CityU BCH Research cohort Mr. Platini Kwok on 8th Aug 2017.  We had studied MPhil in Department of Biology and Chemistry (BCH) in CityU since 1994.  I studied Atmospheric Chemistry and Platini studied in Biology. He is Senior Product Manager of Tegent Scientific now.  Then I led him to visit our Reliability Laboratory and 3D SiP Laboratory. We took a photo in front of the cleanroom for memory.

During the visit, he introduced the most updated laptop Scanning Electron Microscope to me that the EDX detector did not use liquid nitrogen to cool down.  Wow! I need to update my knowledge more frequently.

(P.S. I remembered that he borrowed a camera battery (special size) to me during the graduation day! He saved my graduation photos.  Many thanks indeed!)

CHEM, CityU (Previous named BCH, CityU) - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/chem/
HKSTP Lab Services - https://www.hkstp.org/hkstp_web/en/facilities/science-park-innovation-technology-ecosystem/Labs/services


HKQMA Seminar on IQI & Towngas' Strategy to build an Innovation Culture

The seminar named "Innovative Quality Improvement (IQI) & Towngas' Strategy to build an innovation culture" was organized by Hong Kong Quality Management Association (HKQMA) and partner of Six Sigma Institute (SSI) on 5th Aug 2017.  The seminar mentioned Dr. Lo’s PKIR (問知創行) innovation model with Towngas Implementation, as well as, Towngas Innovation Culture. I took a photo with speakers for memory.

(Left: Ms. Senna Cheung (Sr. HR Manager, Towngas), Dr. Victor Lo (Chairman, ISI) and I)

In the beginning, Dr. Frankie Lam (Chairman, HKQMA) gave welcome speech and introduced two guest speakers. 

Dr. Victor Lo (Chairman - Institute of Systematic Innovation, HK) is the first guest speaker and his topic entitled “Innovative Quality Improvement”.  Firstly, Dr. Lo used an old photo about IBM 5MB hard drive in 1956 compared with 1TB USB in 2013 that demonstrated innovation power.  He reviewed Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 2010 Senior Executive Innovation Survey and the top two factors of measuring success at innovation were Customer Satisfaction and Overall Revenue Growth.  He also quoted Michael Schuman statement in TIME (18 Nov 2013) that “Why China Can’t Create Anything – The country is getting rich but unless it can learn to innovate, its economy will never overtake the United States”.  Dr. Lo then quoted Prime Minister Wen Jiabao statement (2007) that “To act on our own innovations, methodology becomes primary”.

Then Dr. Lo reviewed “What is Innovation?”  Dr. Lo quoted The American Heritage Dictionary that “The act of introducing something new” and “The successful exploitation of new ideas” from Department of Trade and Industry, UK.  Moreover, he also quoted Peter F. Drucker that “Change that creates a new dimension of performance”. Finally, he defined Innovation as “Novel ways to solve problem that bring values”.   Dr. Lo explained his definition of Innovation through NNFV named Need (), New (), Function () and Value ().


SGS Seminar on “How Sustainability Sparks Innovation”

Innovation is critical to every organization in competitive market and sustainability is a key driver of innovation.  Therefore, SGS Academy organized a seminar named “How Sustainability Sparks Innovation?” to give a grasp of the importance of incorporating sustainability into innovation processes within an organization as well as effective way to evaluate and to foster innovative process and thinking respectively.  I took a photo with two speakers for memory.

(Left: Mr. David T.W. Chung (Principal Consultant, InnoEdge Consulting Ltd.), I and Mr. Jacky S.F. Yeung (Project Manager, SGS))

 Mr. Jacky S.F. Yeung (Project Manager, SGS) was the first speaker and his topic was the theme of today’s seminar.  Firstly, he explained that there were many gaps among different level of executive and front line employee and he asked us any solution to close the innovation gap to transform from today’s problems.

The different obstacles in different level of organization were discussed as below diagram.  Then Mr. Jack Yeung briefed some cases to study how important of innovation such as Nokia and Apple. 


Minitab Workshop “Boost Customer Satisfaction”

I was invited by Minitab to attend their workshop named “Boost Customer Satisfaction” on 3 Aug 2017.  Since Minitab 18 issued in Jun and my company purchased a new version, I joined the workshop to see what would be updated.  I took a photo with Dr. Rita Wan (Director & Principal Consultant of AC&A; Chairman of ISSC) in her office for memory. 

In the beginning, Mr. Alex Kwan (Country Account Manager, Minitab) introduced the background on Minitab and appreciated Ms. Iza Ng and Mr. Calvin of Techmax support.  Alex told us that Minitab had been established by 3 scholars since 1972 and 90% of Fortune 500 companied had used it.

The first guest speaker was Ms. Eugenie Chung (Chartered Statistician (RSS), Technical Support Specialist at Minitab Ltd.) and her topic was “What’s new in Minitab”.  She gave us an overview of Minitab 18 and some features improvement to the existing tools.


HKQAA Bloggers’ Recommended Shop Award 2017

HKQAA arranged an introduction seminar on “Bloggers’ Recommended Shop Award (網絡紅人 KOL 推薦商店)” on 1st Aug 2017.  Recently, social media is dominated and their influence power even greater than traditional media (like TV and newspaper).  Bloggers’ word of mouth is more trust by customers than advertisement.  Therefore, HKQAA would like to establish a platform and asked some professional bloggers in different discipline to evaluate and comment local shops in the scheme for their improvement and promotion propose.  Since HKQAA has strong experience on “Mystery Shopping Programme”, it could be easier to extend to the Bloggers’ Recommended Shop Award.  In the beginning, Mr. Edmond Fung (GM, Training Service and Market Research) introduced the background of the award. 

KOL (網絡紅人) means Key Opinion Leader was appeared in Hong Kong in 2015 after Facebook started.  The exposure of the word “KOL” has increased sharply in the first half year of 2017! Moreover, there were different type of KOLs included beauty, technology, fashion, food and restaurant, child, exercise, etc. 


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