HKIE Seminar on Chinese Traditional Wise on Environment Assessment (堪輿學與環境學 2018)

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) organized the Seminar named “Geomancy ( fung - shui ) Geography and Environics” (堪輿學與環境學 2018) on 26th Feb 2018. The seminar aimed to explain what is divination and its relationship with engineering (講解何謂術數及術數中與工程學有關之學術與硏究).  Since it is very difficult to translate into English, I summarized it using some Chinese below.

The guest speaker was Ms. Lai (黎曉日女士) and she had learnt divination from the gurus named “陳萬宜老師”.  She shared this seminar to HKIE annually since 2009.

春牛圖 (Spring Cow Picture)
Firstly, Ms. Lai showed the Spring Cow Picture in 2016, 2017 and 2018 with the farmer who was old man, young man and boy, respectively.  They related to 12 Chinese Zodiac (12生肖).
Old man: Dog (), Dragon (), Ox (), Sheep ()
Young man: Rat (), Horse (), Hare (), Rooster ()
Boy: Tiger (), Monkey (), Snake (), Pig ()
She explained the inflation would be serious in 2018.





總結對可拓學推動的貢獻與成果2016-2017 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/12/2016-2017.html
廣東工業大學 - http://www.gdut.edu.cn/
廣東工業大學可拓學與創新方法研究所 - http://extenics.gdut.edu.cn/



本文是回顧我從2016年開始學習「可拓學」所看的書, 由淺入深的一個介紹.  首先是蔡文教的「創意的革命 今天你“可拓”了嗎?. 這是一本通俗易明的入門書, 有大量國內事例作解說.  雖然說是入門, 沒有根基時, 還是感到很多地方不明白.  要看到最後一章才有簡單說明「可拓學」的基礎結構.  另一本通俗入門書是米甘干.理佛克(台東縣阿美族人)從蔡文教學得「可拓學」再出版了「不按牌理出牌」. 他主要是講解基本變換及基運算. 因年代久遠, 有些變換名稱不同.

1)      蔡文.創意的革命 今天你可拓了嗎?, 北京: 科學出版社, 2010 (第一版), 2015 (第三次印刷) (看畢)
2)      米甘干.理佛克. 不按牌理出牌, 北京: 中國書籍出版社, 2004.4 (第一版), 2005 (第二版) (看畢)

雖然我是讀了原著「可拓學」才開始讀李興森和張玲玲的「可拓創新思維及訓練」,但是我依然建議看他們的著作為先.  這樣可以更有把握去了解「可拓學」的思考方法.  接著是研讀楊春燕教最新寫成的「可拓創新方法」, 它有系統地介紹可拓創新四步法.  李興森教和張玲玲的書適一年, 而春燕教的書適授課給拓創新方法一級至三級認證課程. 「可拓創新方法」一書雖有公式, 但已經是最低限度.

3)      李興森, 張玲玲.可拓創新思維及訓練, 北京:機械工業出版社, 2016  (看畢)
4)      楊春燕. 可拓創新方法, 北京: 科學出版社, 2017  (看畢)

楊春燕, 蔡文的「可拓學」是標誌性著作, 它把整套理論由誕生至發展, 由理論至實施的方法都有描述.  內有很多公式有關集合論及變換等.  當初看時, 不明所以.  但我堅持把它看畢, 再參考其他書籍作輔助.  用英文本對應來看, 可以了解翻譯意思.  對香港常用英文上課的, 有很好的參考作用.  但如果只看英文本, 可以肯定不能了解「可拓學」的精髓所在.

5)      楊春燕, 蔡文. 「可拓學」, 北京: 科學出版社, 2014  (看畢)
6)      Yang Chunyan, Cai Wen. Extenics: Theory, Method and Application, Beijing: Science Press, 2013 & Columbus: The Educational Publisher. (作參考)


Book Sharing: Flashes of Thought

The Book named “Flashes of Thought – Inspired by a dialogue at the Government Summit 2013” by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai) and was published by Motivate Publishing in 2013The purpose of this collection of experiences, ideas and thoughts in the Government Summit in the UAE in Feb 2013 is simply to serve society and bring happiness to people.  The book was gift and given by Dubai professionals during ANQ Congress.  I would like to record down some valuable statements of the book for reference.

l   The government’s job is to achieve happiness for people.
l   The government of the future is open for service 24/7, all year around.
l   Does running water stop when it reaches a rock? Of course not. It turns either left or right, and continues its way.  Likewise, a positive person is confident that no challenge will stand in the way of achieving his or her goal.

Book Sharing: My Vision – Challenges in the Race for Excellence

The Book named “My Vision – Challenges in Race for Excellence” by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai) and was published by Motivate Publishing in 2012.  This is a book about a unique development experience that sets a creative example for the Arab world to follow.  The book was gift and given by Dubai professionals during ANQ Congress.  I would like to record down some valuable statements of the book for reference.

The book content included:
Part I: The Pulse of Development
-          Chapter One: The Lion and the Gazelle
Part II: The Elements of the Development Industry
-          Chapter Two: The Vision
-          Chapter Three: Leadership
-          Chapter Four: Management
-          Chapter Five: Decision-making and Teamwork
Part III: Development for Survival
-          Chapter Six: The Banks of the Creek
-          Chapter Seven: Minding the Minds
-          Chapter Eight: The Importance of My Horses
-          Chapter Nine: Positive and Negative Energy
Part IV: Excellence in Development
-          Chapter Ten: Excellence in Dubai’s Development Vision
-          Chapter Eleven: Made in Dubai
-          Chapter Twelve: Institutionalizing Excellence
Part V: The Road to the Future
-          Chapter Thirteen: The Race of Nations


Quality Year of the Dog

HKSQ wises you a prosperous Year of the Dog!
The design of the Quality Year of the Dog (Dog with Q) indicates living under Quality Environment and Continual Improvement in the 2018 (Year of the Dog).


FHKI Seminar on Bay Area Soar by Innovation and Industrial Upgrading Opportunities (大灣創新騰飛, 工業升級良機)

The Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) organized a seminar on Bay Area Soar by Innovation and Industrial Upgrading Opportunities (大灣創新騰飛, 工業升級良機) on 13th Feb 2018.  I registered from Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries (FITMI) WeChat group and thanks Mr. Audy Lui invitation.  I met CityU EngD cohort Dr. Sunny Chai and we took a group photo with SEEM cohort and FITMI friends.  

(Left: I, Mr. Alex Zhong (Director, SME Funding Service, Xela Innovation Limited) (SEEM), Dr. Sunny Chai (Vice Chairman, FHKI) and Mr. Teddy Chui (Managing Director, Super Label Production))

Before the seminar, I took a photo with Mr. MY Wong (Chairman, ASTRI).

In the beginning, Mr. Jimmy Kwok (Chairman, FHKI) gave a welcome speech.  Mr. Kwok introduced the guest speaker Prof. Tieniu Tan (譚鐵牛) that he received his B.Sc. degree in electronic engineering from Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, in 1984, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electronic engineering from Imperial College London, U.K., in 1986 and 1989, respectively.  Details please visit Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Science at http://www.cripac.ia.ac.cn/irds/People/tnt.html .

Group photo with all FHKI representatives and guests


Visit to ActiveCareGroup Intelligent Robotic Solution (Shenzhen) Limited

I appreciated Mr. Peter Suen (Pharmacist & Owner, ACP MMC) supported one of my student’s final year project to solve their real problem during machine design.  ActiveCarePharmacy Medication Management Centre (ACP MMC) was located at Fo Tan and their Group subsidiary named ACG Intelligent Robotic Solution (Shenzhen) Limited (明心智能機械人方案(深圳)有限公司) was located in Shenzhen.  We visited their subsidiary for problem solution excise. 

(Left: Peter Suen, Mr. Li (李工), Jack, Mr. Chui (徐總), Hebert, Lester and I)

We waited in Futian District at 9:30am and then went to the National Integrated Circuit Design (Shenzhen) Industrial Centre (SZICC) (深圳市 南山區 集成電路設計應用產業園).

We were arrived the company and I observed the company name was cyber and cool!

We observed the design and operation of the part of machine.  Then we discussed the problems they faced and what methodology we would like to employ for this problem solving.  I proposed to use Six Sigma plus Extenics below.
1.      Define
2.      Measure
3.      Analysis
4.      Improve / Extenics: i) Model, ii) Extension, iii) Transformation, iv) Selection
5.      Control

I like the words and meaning.  It is a good encouragement for continual improvement of their work.

SEEM of CityUHK - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/seem/
20150528: HKSQ Technical Visit to ActiveCarePharmacy Medication Management Centre - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/05/hksq-technical-visit-to.html
20140319: HKSTP Seminar to gain trust from business partners by using management tools - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2014/03/hkstp-seminar-to-gain-trust-from.html


Startup Meeting with ITB and HKQAA

I was honor to arrange a short meeting for HKQAA and Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB) on 8th Feb 2018.  This meeting aimed to continue our cooperation with HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Startups and discussed new cooperation on Startup Directory, Charter and Research and to get ITB opinions on future development.  We took a group photo for memory.

(Left: Mr. Bryan Peng (Assistant Director, HKQAA), I, Dr. David Chung (Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, ITB) and Mr. PC Chan (COO, HKQAA))

Photo: HKQAA team and Dr. David Chung

(Left: Mr. Adams Wong (Business Manager, HKQAA) Mr. Bryan Peng (Assistant Director, HKQAA), Dr. David Chung (Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, ITB) and Mr. PC Chan (COO, HKQAA))

We discussed the following items:
i)                    Differentiate segment characteristic of the total startup in Hong Kong first
ii)                  Identify their need where they were B2C, B2B or B2G.
iii)                What specific tools could help startup such as increase their credibility and enter into market? (e.g. QM, ISO, CE, FDA, etc.)
iv)                Smart City Index that how we joined to China for internationalization
v)                  HKQAA introduced their Green Finance Certification Scheme

After fruitfully discussion of the short meeting, we got a lot of policy directions and insight for enhancing HKQAA proposals as well as new participating items.

HKQAA Hong Kong Registration - Start-ups - http://hkqaa.org/en_regservice.php?catid=13

20160615: Visit to Cyberport for Quality Startup Scheme - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/06/visit-to-cyberport-for-quality-startup.html
20160819: Cyberport Smart-Clinic Seminar on HKQAA Startups Registration Scheme - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/08/cyberport-smart-clinic-seminar-on-hkqaa.html
20171220: HKSTP & HKQAA meeting with EMSD for Startup Innovation Procurement - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/12/hkstp-hkqaa-meeting-with-emsd-for.html
20180110: Startup Meeting among HKSTP, HKQAA and InvestHK - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2018/01/startup-meeting-among-hkstp-hkqaa-and.html
20180117:  Startup Meeting with Hong Kong Startup Council and CityU - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2018/01/startup-meeting-with-hong-kong-startup.html


HKSTP Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (創新創業講座)

I received invitation from CUBIC for Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in HKSTP held on 7th Feb 2018.  It aimed to introduce Mainland China policy on Startup such as funding, competition and tax.  In the beginning, Ms. Dawn Chui (Head of business development, HKSTP) gave welcome speech.  She briefed the coming events with Ministry of Science and Technology (科技部) included National Incubator, Co-working space and HKSTP Alliance Summit, etc.

After that Ms. Lai (HKSTP) briefed the China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition – HKSAR & Macau.  The application requirements were separated into seven industries area with three types of competition included enterprise, team and student.

The topics of competition gave by government, the park and industry.  The awards were fruitful included certificate, prize, subsidy, etc.  


HKSQ Student Project Competition 2018 – Defond Plant Visit

The HKSQ Company Based Student Project Competition aims to offer an opportunity for students to work on an actual industrial case and propose resolution annually. This event allows university students to gain experience of resolving an industrial problem.  The competition included three sessions.  The first session is problems briefing and selection those problems are designed and would be explained by Sponsor Company.   Defond Electrical Industries Ltd. is the sponsor company in 2018.  The second session is factory visit and the last session is presentation of suggested solutions by different universities students.  

The second session - plant visit was held on 3rd Feb 2018.  Mr. Ricky Suen (Treasurer, HKSQ), Mr. Caleb Chin (Member, HKSQ), Mr. Ian Chin (Member, HKSQ), Ms. Minda Chiang (Former Hon. Secretary, HKSQ) and I (Chairman, HKSQ) led the visit.  We gathered in gate 11 of Futian Port at 8:30pm. Mr. Ian Chin helped for registration and Mr. Caleb Chin contacted the bus driver.

After registration, Mr. Caleb Chin led us to go to the travel bus. 

Students got on the bus on time.  

In the beginning, Mr. Michael Chan (Engineering Manager, Defond) introduced todays leaders in the plant and briefed the schedule of plant visit.


CityU & Hanyang University Students visit to HKSTP 2018

Students from Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, City University of Hong Kong and from Department of Industrial Engineering, Hanyang University (Korea) visited to Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) again on 1st Feb 2018.  Firstly, I briefed the visit agenda and introduced Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks vision and mission, as well as, our services for achieving re-industrialization and startup growth policy.

Then we took a group photo in front of my office. The visit was led by Dr. Kichun Lee (Assistant Professor, Intelligent Data System Lab, IE Dept., Hanyang University). (Second row Right third person near me)

The first visit location was Data Studio which aimed to facilitate the development of Open Data and Big Data which open to start-ups, innovation and technology companies, universities, research institutes and other parties that are interested in data usages.


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