HKSQ Seminar on ASQ Certification Programs

Since 1968, more than 130,000 individuals around the world have become certified through American Society for Quality (ASQ) in recognition of their knowledge and proficiency in, and comprehension of, a particular quality area. Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) and America Society for Quality (ASQ) – Hong Kong co-organizer the seminar on ASQ Certification Programs and held on 31st July 2015. The seminar aimed to introduce the “What”, “Why” and “How” of ASQ Certifications, as well as, the services offered by HKSQ designed to help those who wish to seek widely accepted authentic recognition of their professionalism in specific quality areas. Firstly, Dr. Albert Tsang (Former Chairman, HKSQ and ASQ Country Counselor (HK)) briefed the content of seminar and introduced another speaker Mr. Karson Chui (Former Chairman, HKSQ).

Dr. Albert Tsang briefed the milestone of HKSQ and focused on the relationship between ASQ and us, as well as, the Body of Knowledge (BOK) workshops we provided for ASQ certifications.

The second speaker was Mr. Karson Chui who explained why you need certification. One of objectives is to assess your quality knowledge and skills by yourself or employer. Since the re-certification required every three years with Re-certification Unit (RU) credits requirement, it motivated quality professionals for life time learning.

Then Karson mentioned different types of certifications included Manager of Quality/Organization Excellence, Quality Auditor, Quality Engineer, Master Black Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Reliability Engineer, Software Engineer, Pharmaceutical GMP Professional and HACCP Auditor, etc.

Karson also shared his experience on examination that was open book, and most of exams were multiple-choice questions; except CMQOE which required candidates to answer two of three constructed-response (essay) questions apart from multiple-choice questions.

After that Albert demonstrated some real case included ASQ Letter of Congratulations, Wallet Card and Certificate.

Q&A Session:
During the discussion, many participants concerned how many time needed to prepare and examination passing rate. Albert replied which depended on candidate’s knowledge and familiar to the topic.

The statistics of past SSBB, CQE and CRE examination passing rates were demonstrated and most of them about 50% to 60%. The details showed in the following diagrams.

At the end, Prof. Kit Fai PUN (HKSQ Overseas Representative - The Americas) presented a souvenir to Dr. Albert Tsang.

Prof. Kit Fai PUN (HKSQ Overseas Representative - The Americas) presented a souvenir to Mr. Karson Chui.

Before end of the seminar, HKSQ exco took a group photo.

HKSQ - www.hksq.org
HKSQ – ASQ Certification - http://www.hksq.org/cert_asq.htm
20130719: ASQ Master Black Belt Seminar after HKSQ AGM - http://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2013/07/asq-master-black-belt-seminar-after.html


Towngas CPD Seminar - Quality & Innovation Management System

Towngas Engineering Academy (TEA) organized a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Seminar on 30 July 2015. I was honor to be invited as speaker to share Quality Innovation Management experience. Firstly, Ms. Noel Lau (Project Officer, Continuing Transformation Office, Towngas Engineering Academy) gave an introduction. Then I started my talk named “Quality Innovation Management – TRIZ Implementation Model and Case Study”.

In the beginning, I briefed my company’s vision, mission and value. Then Technology Support Centre was introduced and the case study was in one of our laboratories (Reliability Laboratory). I briefed what is Quality and Innovation in simple statement. Quality is “Making things better” and Innovation is “Making better things”. So Quality & Innovation Management System is a set of elements of an organization’s management system for making better things better.

There were two standards I introduced. One is BS 7000-1:2008 and the other is PD CEN/TS 16555-1:2013. I briefed the Innovation Funnel which was the core of Innovation Management System.

The comparison of ISO 9001:2015 (DIS) and CEN/TS 16555-1:2015(E) was shown in the following table. Most of structures were found to be similar.

The integrated diagram was demonstrated below.

After that I shared our TRIZ implementation model and MATRIZ Level 1 Tools which we employed to solve engineering problem. One problem I shared was IC Tray too heavy and needed to increase sample amount for Temperature Cycling test.

Lastly, I concluded that Innovation and Quality could integrate into One System and Top Management support was the key source of TRIZ project success. I used two statement to end this talk that “Poor force to change, Change become success” (窮則變, 變則通) and “Innovation is for Survival” (變則生, 不變亡).

Mr. James WM To (Principal – Towngas Engineering Academy) presented a souvenir to me.

After the seminar, we had lunch together for future sharing.
(Mr. James WM To, Ms. Melody FW Yeung (Professional Development & Continuing Transformation Office Manager), Ms. Noel SW Lau (Senior Project Officer, Continuing Transformation Office), Mr. Chan YI Chun (Assistant Project Officer) and Ms. Heidi TW Lam (Assistant Project Officer))

Towngas Engineering Academy (TEA) - https://www.towngas.com/Eng/Corp/Careers/Training/TEA.aspx
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ASQ InfVoices – Knowledge Transfer Through Technology “Social Media”

The July Topic of ASQ Influential Voice was a guest post by Manu Vora (Chairman and President of Business Excellence, Inc USA) and topic named "The Gift of Knowledge Transfer Through Technology". Mr. Manu Vora recommended using simple technology such as “Google Hangout on Air” and concluded that knowledge can be transferred globally leveraging technology in the 21st century. Finally, he raised the following question for discussion.
i) What kind of resources are you using in your organization or your personal life to share information?
ii) Do you experiment with new platforms or do you prefer traditional means of transferring knowledge?
For HKSQ, we established LinkedIn Group in 2009, Facebook Group & Twitter Group in 2010. But the twitter is not so popular in Hong Kong.

My personal life used “Blog” to share quality related activities such as seminar, visit, study mission and conference through HKSQ LinkedIn & Facebook platform. I had written an ASQ Influential Voice article on 24 July 2013 named “My Journey of Social Media” and the distribution strategies mentioned as follows:
i) Links in HKSQ website and ASQ Influential Voice website
ii) News posted into the blog and distributed to members / quality professionals through my own email list (about two thousands email)
iii) Blog article posted in Social Media such as HKSQ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn discussion groups.

I prefer to share knowledge using both new and traditional platform. Seminar should be held physically because we have chance to discuss face to face but distributing the seminar content, promotion and review articles would be used social media because of their penetration power.

ASQ Influential Voice articles are related to this topic below.
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CMATCL Seminar on Exploring New Business Opportunity for Proprietary Chinese Medicine (pCm) & Cosmetics Products entering into China

The Dual Seminars and Enterprise Exchange Session entitled “New business opportunities for proprietary Chinese medicine (pCm) & cosmetics products entering into China with establishing brand image” (發掘化妝品和中成藥新商機:邁進國內市場策略及打造品牌形象」雙研討會暨企業交流會) was organized by CMATCL and held on 21st July 2015. Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) was one of supporting organizations. Ms. Minda Chiang (Hon. Secretary, HKSQ) was honor to be invited as guest speaker and I summarized the seminar below. We took a photo with Mr. Dominic Lam.

In the beginning, Mr. Dominic Lam (Acting CEO, CMATCL) gave a welcome speech.

And he also presented an appreciated certificate to Ms. Minda Chiang (HKSQ).

Group photo of all guest speakers

Mr. Joseph Chiu (Certification Manager, CMATCL) was the first speaker and his topic named "Supporting Plan for Hong Kong Industry (Chinese Medicine, Cosmetics, Testing and Certification) to enhance Product and Service Quality, as well as Brand Building and extension of Mainland Market".

He said they received the feedback from industries about the difficulties to go to Mainland Market. Therefore they would establish “Safety Consultation & Testing Service Centre (SCTSC)” in Aug 2015.

During case sharing, Mr. Chiu briefed the approval period of clinical trial in cosmetic industries including USA, Japan, Europe, Canada and China.

Mr. Albert Leung (Business Development Manager, Hong Kong Cosmetic Technical Resources Centre (HKCTR)) was the second speaker and his presentation entitled "Cosmetics Industry Review in Hong Kong and Mainland". He introduced the different regulations such as CAP 456 (Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance), CAP 138 (Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance) and CAP 362 (Trade Descriptions Ordinance).

Then Mr. Albert Leung briefed Mainland law about the control of Cosmetic. It needed to pre-approval of raw materials. The approval schedule was discussed and showed in the following diagram. After that he discussed the tax and internet purchasing.

Q&A Session 1

The third speaker was Prof. Cheng Ming Ming BBS (Founder, CMM Monita International Group) and her topic named “Increasing Product Quality – Achieving Key of Hong Kong Brand”. Prof. Cheng briefed her experience on establishing her cosmetology industry. She shared her father told her should be Tumbler(不倒翁). It is the most important spirit for her success.

Then Prof. Cheng introduced her Cosmetology Education Philosophy included Standardization, Professionalism and International. Product should plus Education and Brand should connect to Culture.

Finally, Prof. Cheng introduced the head of her institute and told us the international recognition was most important. It could see many medals the head wore.

The forth speaker was Ms. Minda Chiang (Honorary Secretary, HKSQ) and her presentation topic named “Through GMP – Improving Industry Quality Management and Testing”. She introduced the product quality and said only testing was not enough.

Then Ms. Minda Chiang briefed the ten rule of GMP included pre- and during the work practice based on Man, Machine, Material and Method. Moreover, enterprise commitment was most important such as Corporate Responsibility, Quality Vision, Legal Requirement, Continuous Leadership and Integrity. Finally, she concluded the talk using her quality quote “Ethics is the Cornerstone of Quality.”

The fifth speaker was Ms. Sandra Ho (Consultant of S&A Consultancy Limited) and her presentation was “ISO/IEC 17043 Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Proficiency Testing”. Firstly, she gave us an overview of the standard ISO/IEC 17043 which included technical requirements and management requirements.

Then Ms. Ho mentioned one of most important items on design of proficiency test schemes was Homogeneity and Stability. Ms. Ho also briefed the 7 volumes of Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards (HKCMMS).

The last speaker was Prof. Lam-Lung Yeung (Adjunct Associate Professor from Department of Chemistry, HKUST) and his topic named "Proficiency Test for Chinese Medicine – Case Study and Experience Sharing".

Firstly, Prof. Lam briefed different factors should be considered for establishing Proficiency Test such as Customer Survey and Needs Analysis. Then he shared the case named Pseudo Ginseng (Tian Qi/田七).

Q&A Session 2

Before Enterprise Exchange Session, I took a photo with Dr. Eric Sze (OUHK) and Ms. Sandra Ho for memory.

Enterprise Exchange Session was held immediately after the morning seminar.

Firstly, Mr. Marvin Hsu (VP, CMA) gave opening speech. The BUD funding was got in 2012 for assisting Chinese Medicine (pCm) & Cosmetics Products industry. During the discussion, doctors pointed out that it was very different to use western view to think for Chinese Medicine. It could be only considered for safety aspect first.

Before end of the session, a group photo was taken for memory.

CMATCL - http://www.cmatcl.com/en/index.html
HKCTR - http://www.hkctr.com/
HKSQ - http://www.hksq.org/


HKAI – Productivity & Quality Award Presentation 2015

Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) had applied the Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAI) - Productivity and Quality 2015 for celebrating the 30th Anniversary of HKSQ in 2016. The presentation was held on 23 July 2015. HKSQ executive committee members had presented our projects. In the beginning, we took a group photo for memory.
(Left: Prof. KF Pun, Dr. Albert Tsang, Mr. Peter Fung, I and Ms. Minda Chiang)

Before the presentation, we took a photo in front of our presentation scheme. The presentation is 15min and Q&A session is 10min.

In the first part, I briefed the background of HKSQ and our milestone in past 29 years. It is about 3 min.

Before end of my part, I mentioned why we selected two projects for Productivity and Quality award. The first project was ANQ Congress 2012 which was international event and enhanced HKSQ status. The second project was Company-based Student Project Competition which benefited both student and industries.

Dr. Albert Tsang (Former Chairman, HKSQ) presented the ANQ Congress 2012 and pointed out our achievements such as the first society had surplus and No. 1 oversea participants, as well as, impact to industry. (6~7min)

Mr. Peter Fung (Chairman, HKSQ) presented the Company-based Student Project Competition 2014 & 2015. In these two years, the student project competition created impact not only in industry (e.g. GP) but also government (e.g. Environment Bureau) and media (e.g. TV Program – News Magazine). (5~6min)

Finally, we took a group photos with HKPC Corporate Mascots - Mr. Biz and Mr. Tec.
(Left: Ms. Minda Chiang, I, Dr. Albert Tsang, Mr. Peter Fung and Prof. KF Pun)

HKSQ - www.hksq.org
20150711: HKAI – Productivity & Quality – Award Preparation Meeting 2015 - http://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/07/hkai-productivity-quality-award.html
Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Productivity and Quality - http://www.hkindustryaward.org/en/award_categories/pq.html
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