The 6th International Conference on Systematic Innovation - ICSI 2015 (Day 1)

The 6th International Conference on Systematic Innovation (ICSI 2015) was organized by The Society of Systematic Innovation (SSI), Taiwan and co-organized by Institute of Systematic Innovation, Hong Kong (ISIHK), Manufacturing and Industrial Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineer (HKIE) and Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management (IELM), HKUST, held from 15-17 July 2015. Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) representatives joined the conference (Fugee, Aaron & I). Before the conference, Prof. Fugee Tsung and I took a photo in front of the banner.

ISIHK members also took a photo for memory.

Organizers took a photo with Ir. Dr. WK Lo for ICSI 2015 in the hall.
(Left: I, Mr. SL Mak (HKIE), Prof. Fugee Tsung (HKUST), Prof. D. Daniel Sheu (SSI), Ir.Dr. WK Lo (Legco) and Dr. Jackson Tang (HKIE))

We also took a photo with keynote speaker Mr. Darrell Mann (CEO, Systematic Innovation Ltd. UK).
(Left: Dr. Jackson Tang, Dr. Frankie Law (Business School, HKU), Prof. D. Daniel Sheu, Dr. Daniel Ng (ISIHK), Mr. Darrell Mann, Dr. Michael Li (ISIHK), Mr. Sam SW Sham (ISIHK) and I)

Before the conference opening, all organizers and guests took a group photos.
(Left: Ms. Suki Lee (ISIHK), Mr. SL Mak (HKIE), Dr. Jackson Tang (HKIE), Dr. Victor Lo (ISIHK), Dr. Daniel Ng (ISIHK), Prof. Fugee Tsung (HKUST), Dr. Eden Woon (HKUST), Dr. Michael Li (ISIHK), Hon Ir. Dr. WK Lo (Guest – Legco), Mr. Gregory So (HKSAR), Prof. Way Kuo (CityU), Prof. D. Daniel Sheu (SSI), Dr. Frankie Law (HKU) and I (HKSQ))

In the beginning, Dr. Eden Woon (Vice-President for Institutional Advancement (VPIA), HKUST) gave a welcome speech. He introduced different areas in HKUST for Innovation as well as the conference venue located in this new building named Lee Shau Kee Building.

The first guest speaker was Mr. Gregory So Kam-leung, GBS, JP (Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, HKSAR) and his briefed Innovation in Hong Kong. He then quoted many local cases about disrupting the conventional ways business such as Coachbase, Sensbeat and Scoutbots. He expected Hong Kong to be a Leading Hub for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Mr. So remained us Hong Kong benefits on “Low and Simple Tax”, “Rule of Law”, “Free Flow of Capital” and “Free Flow of Information and Talents” as well as many resources for innovative enterprises. Then he reviewed the startup environment and found that co-work space had increase 14 times from 2010 to 2015 (Only 5 years!). He concluded Hong Kong is great location, IP Protection Regime and Business Friendly Policies. At the end, he quoted Winston Churchill statement that “To Improve is to Change; to be Perfect is to Change Often”.

Ir. Dr. The Hon WK Lo (Representative of the Engineering Functional Constituency of the Legislative Council) was the second guest. He shared his trip in Shenzhen and found that Shenzhen had already focused on Innovation. Eventhough Change caused uncertainty, Dr. Lo believed changing caused Innovation. Finally, he asked us for supporting the establishment of Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB) so as to enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong.

Prof. Way Kuo (President, CityU) was the third guest who gave a speech. Prof. Way Kuo shared some stories about innovation during travel in Japan. Firstly, he asked us do you have experience that you don’t know how to use toilet or turn on the light in Japan 5 Star Hotels. Systematic Innovation is to solve the problem we met every day. But most of time we solved the wrong problem. Big data is hot. However, many data would draw a wrong conclusion. In real life, it is no data but you need to draw conclusion. Then he added Wedding as an example.

(CityU News: http://wikisites.cityu.edu.hk/sites/newscentre/en/Pages/201508030914.aspx)

Prof. D. Daniel Sheu (President, the Society of Systematic Innovation; Professor, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, ROC) gave a welcome speech. He thanks for all guest and participants.

Then he introduced the history of the ICSI/GCSI. The conference started in Taiwan since 2010 and then held in China, Korea, Taiwan (2x), USA and Hong Kong. In 2016, it would be held in Lisbon Portugal. ICSI was major Systematic Innovation (SI) / TRIZ international conference and arranged a SI project competition annually. In 2015, we had 57 papers from 13 countries/regions and 14 projects from 6 countries/regions.

Dr. Michael Li (Chairman, ISIHK) introduced the keynote speaker Mr. Darrell Mann. Dr. Li told us about Darrell’s famous book named “Hands on Systematic Innovation for Business & Management”. He knew that Darrell was very busy and then he questioned him how to survive for a man traveling 25 day per month!

Mr. Darrell Mann (CEO, Systematic Innovation) was keynote speaker and his topic entitled “Systemic Innovation – Past, Present & Future”. Mr. Darrell Mann briefed his business model and some companies he serviced within 32 countries/regions for systematic innovation in last two years. In the beginning, he used Mir Space Station for 100% water recycling capability as example how TRIZ had been employed in the past.

Then Mr. Darrell Mann introduced Hype Cycle and employed it to analysis TRIZ development. He added it was at a critical point for TRIZ evolution to life or death now. The decreased trend of TRIZ search in social media was showed in the right of diagram.

The evolution of systematic innovation was discussed. Mr. Darrell Mann would like to add Business prospective into TRIZ and combined with other quality tools to turning the trend for growth.

After that Mr. Darrell Mann mentioned 98% of innovation attempts end in failure and 98% of TRIZ innovation attempts end in failure. Why? He added because they only focused on ideal Product/Service but neglect the market demand. Therefore, Innovation should include “Understand Customer Need”, “Generate the More Ideal Solution” and “Exercise the Capability to Execute”. He also introduced the Innovation Capability Maturity Model (ICMM) from Level 1 (Seeding) to Level 5 (Venturing). The following diagram showed each ICMM level related to TRIZ.

Finally, Mr. Darrell Mann pointed out the problem on TRIZ was isolation from Academia and Influencers. He stated some key contradictions that Systematic Innovation must overcome in the following diagram. Lastly, he introduced “Design Thinking”.

Prof. Fugee Tsung represented HKUST to present a souvenir to Mr. Darrell Mann.

Before the parallel session, we took a group photo.

In the parallel session, the first speaker was Dr. Hsia Tai-Chang (Chienkuo Technology University, Taiwan ROC) and his topic named “Using an Autonomous Sinking Lure to Enhance the Fish Catch Rate”.

Dr. Hsia said the lifeless lures cannot move in a lifelike way but in this study to produce two active lure designs. The research employed evolutionary trends and function attribute analysis. He concluded it enhanced a lure to enable it to actively swim like a fish using the TRIZ approach.

The second speaker was Prof. D. Daniel Sheu (Professor, National Tsing Hua University) and his topic was “Parameter Transfer for Solving Physical Contradictions”.

Prof. Sheu introduced the system hierarchy and pointed out the problem of center components. Then he explained how to transfer from demand side to supply side. Components of the hierarchy of systems were checked from inner system out. Local → Physical Unit → Super System (SS) → Outer SS. LS → PS → SS → OS to see if any parameter of the current component was able to fulfill the capability requested by the Thought Provoking Questions (TPQ).

The third speaker was Dr. Paul Filmore (Postgraduate Projects Manager, School of Computing, Electronics & Mathematics, Plymouth University, UK) and his presentation topic entitled “The Zen of Problem Solving: Or Why My Team’s Innovations Miss the Mark”. Before the talk, Dr. Filmore quoted Sun Yat-sen statement that “To understand is hard. Once one understands, action is easy”.

Dr. Filmore introduced one of the current popular books on introducing Zen concepts was written by Shunryu Suzuki in 1973. He quoted from this book statement that “The true purpose (of Zen) is to see things as they are, to observe things as they are, and to let everything go as it goes… Zen practice is to open up our small mind.”
Where “See things as they are” implied to see the whole picture including:
- What the customer really wants
- Understand company / departmental limitations / pressure / …
- Resource / sustainability / environmental issues / … etc.
Where “To open up our small mind” implied solving the problem without ego / personality issues including:
- Without altering one’s conclusions because of what others (including one’s manager) might think (Team Issues).
- Without looking for reward (but would accept a reward if it came!)

I was the last speaker in the conference day 1 in this parallel session and my topic entitled “Preliminary study on TRIZ Implementation Model and Case Study”.

I used TQM Implementation guideline as reference and employed for TRIZ project implementation. One of case study was shared which was enhance the capability of our temperature chamber tray to hold more IC samples per each test.

During the break, I took a photo with Prof. D. Daniel Sheu for ceremony of my achievement on MATRIZ Level 2.

Moreover, we took a photo with Dr. Ling-Lang Tang (Asso. Professor of Technology Management, College of Management, Yuan Ze University) and Prof. Fugee Tsung (HKUST). I also met Dr. Ling-Lang Tang in ANQ Congress before.

Institute of Systematic Innovation, HK - http://www.isi.org.hk/
HKIE-MIE Division - http://www.hkie.org.hk/eng/html/aboutthehkie/Disciplines/mie.asp
HKSQ - http://www.hksq.org/index.asp

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