ANQ Congress 2016 Vladivostok, Russia – Day 1

The first day of Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress 2016 in Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Vladivostok, RUSSIA was held on 21 Sep 2016. Vladivostok is on the edge of RUSSIA. The congress theme was “Quality is the Meaning of Life – Not a Single Day without Quality”. During registration, I met Prof. Azat  Abdrakhmanov (KOQIM) again and took a photo for memory.

Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) took a group photos in the beginning.

We took a photo with Prof. Tang Xiaoqing (VP, CAQ).
(Left: Dr. KS Chin, Prof. Tang Xiaoqing, Dr. Albert Tsang and I)

Then the group photo of World Alliance for Chinese Quality (WACQ).
(Left: Mr. Peter Fung (HKSQ). Mr. Too Meng Ken (SQI), Mr. Kitson Leonard Lee, Mr. Kenneth Liang (SQI), Mr. Tan Gheng Een (Chairman, SQI), Mr. Lai K Tang (CSQ) and Ms. Wang Lilin (CAQ), Minda Chiang (HKSQ) and I (HKSQ))

Before the congress, we took some photos with ANQ friends we met every year.
Minda and I took a photo with Vietnam representatives.
(Left: Minda Chiang, Dr. Ngo Van Nhon (Deputy Director, Ministry of Industry and Trade), Mr. () and I)

Japanese friends Prof. Shu Yamada (Dean, Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba) and Prof. Satoko Tsuru (Professor, Healthcare Social System Engineering Laboratory, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)

Then we took a photo with Mr. Roland K. Jahnke (Director Deutsche Post DHL).

I took a photo with India friends.
(Left: Mr. Kiran Deshmukh (Executive Vice Chairman, Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd.), I and Mr. J. Ravikant (Asso. VP, Corporate TQM, SRF Limited) (ISQ))

Minda and I took a photo with Prof. Phulporn Saengbangpia (Honary Advisor, SQAT).

Starting the congress, the traditional RUSSIA song performance was showed.  We all enjoy this beautiful song.  

In the beginning, Dr. Yury Gusakov (Immediate Past Chairperson of ANQ) gave a welcome speech and he would like to thank keynote speakers, organization society and all participants.  Then he introduced that ANQ had 17 members, non for profit national quality organizations working in Asian countries to improve quality of human life.  He also mentioned the Congress theme as “Quality is the meaning of life – not a single day without quality” and hope us would enjoy every moment in a beautiful campus of the Far East Federal University.

Then the representative of Russian Standard Agency (GOST) gave a welcome remark and introduced ROQ, Standard and Production in Russia.

The first keynote speaker was Prof. Gennady A. Molchanov (Vice President for Strategic Development, FEFU) and his presentation topic entitledSocially Active University as the Basis of the Region’s Development”. Firstly, he introduced the history of FEFU since 1899. It was the first higher education institution on the Pacific coast of Russia.  FEFU had 9 schools, 23,000 students (where 2,500 students from 48 countries worldwide); 3000 faculty members with 18 academic specialties, 78 graduate programs and 89 undergraduate program. More than 80 international professors invited under the visiting professors program.  

Then Prof. Molchanov introduced the Quality Assurance in the FEFU that included MS ISO 9001 requirement, State Accreditation, International and Socio-Professional Accreditation and Transition to the Integration Quality Management System and Non-financial Reporting System. 

FEFU also implemented Corporate Social Responsibility based on ISO 26000.  The principles of CSR implemented by FEFU included Accountability, Transparency, Ethical Behavior, Respect for Stakeholders, Observance of the law, Compliance with international norms of conduct, and Respect for human right.  

The second keynote speaker was Prof. Noriaki Kano (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Science; Honorary Chairperson, ANQ) and his topic namedKano Model for Quality Competitiveness”. Since the data had not been published yet, no photo was taken. However, I would like to share some key points.  Firstly, Prof. Kano used Remote Control and Power Consumption to explain Kano model and “Varieties” vs “Good or Bad”.  

Then Prof. Kano briefed the history of the development of Quality since Aristotle (384-322 BC) (Chapter in Metaphysics) and then explained Two Dimension View of Quality through WA Shewhart (1931). And then the evaluation of patterns of quality based on 2-D recognition of quality (where x-axis was physical states and y-axis was User’s Perception).  After that he shared the survey about “Life Cycle Quality”.  Most students didn’t understand and he said it was not the problem from student but from the teacher.  So he used simpler example which stated a boy and a girl recognized each other. (from Children to Adult and then to Marriage)  The most important concept I got was turning the Must Be Quality to Attractive Quality.  The Life Cycle Quality that I draw by myself following Prof. Kano was shared in the following diagram.

During the tea break, I took a photo with Prof. Kano and Prof. Phulporn.

We took a photo with Singapore team (Ms. Li Eng Loo) in Poster Session. 

I met Nepal friends and took a photo for memory. (P.S. We would go to Nepal in next ANQ.)
(Left: Mr. Manohar B. Shrestha (Treasurer, NQPCN), I and Mr. Janardan Ghimire (President, NQPCN).

I also met Mr. Anil Sachdev (President, TQM International Pvt. Ltd.).

Before the second part, we took a photo in front of the banner.
(Left: I, Mr. Janak Metha (Chairman, IAQ), Prof. Kano, Prof. Phulporn, Mr. Wisade Wisidwinyoo (ANQ IKA award winner, Thailand))

The third keynote speaker was Mr. Janak Metha (Chairman, IAQ) and his presentation entitled “Quality – The Essence of Being!”  Mr. Metha said “Meaning of quality and life and its relationship with Being”; and then how to unfold the inherent value / quality of the “Human Being” and realize the true potential?  Refer to the theme “Quality is the meaning of life – not a single day without quality”, how could we use the TQM principles and methods for self-development to realize true potential of human being?  

Mr. Metha briefed the Meaning of Quality and Meaning of Life.  He added Human Being who did not cause harm to another being that was Quality of Being. 

After that he analyzed the “Being” and the World Inside from “Body” to “Mind” to “Intellect” and end at “Essence”.  Essence is the core property of an entity.  Quality Characteristics included Positive side (e.g. Respect, Love, Mercy, Cheer, Kindness, Joy and Honesty) and Negative side (e.g. Disrespect, Hate, Harm, Angry, Meanness, Woe and Dishonesty).  The challenge was how to unfold positive characteristics.  

Finally, Mr. Metha showed the Proactive Response System with PDCA.  He said TQM as Thought Revolution to train and discipline the mind.  Using three steps as follows:
1.      Determine the purpose (Why do I exist?)
2.      Work out a strategy (Synthesis and analyses)
3.      Use the PDCA approach
He said values are lived at the mental level which affected our understanding and decision.  He proposed 3 values involved Intellectual Honesty, Self-control and Respect for others; and 2 principles which were Conscious Effort and Creative Work.  He summarized to align individual values with the organization values in consonance with natural laws that govern the Universe.  People are the key component in TQM transformation process.

After keynote speech, Mr. Janak Metha introduced the ANQ Ishikawa-Kano Award (IKA) and invited Prof. Kano to present IKA to the awardees.  Ishikawa-Kano Award (IKA) is instituted for honoring a person who has made substantial contribution to the development and practice of quality management concepts and / or techniques that have been widely used for enhancing quality of products, services and processes leading to the benefit of various stakeholders across various parts of Asia over a long period of time.

There were three awardees this year and they were Mr. Xu Heyi (CAQ), Mr. Wisad Wisidwinyoo (SQAT) and Dr. Nguyen Huu Thien (VQAH).  The group photo with awardees was taken.
(Left: Dr. Yury Gusakov, Prof. Kano, Wisad Wisidwinyoo (Thailand), Mr. Xu Heyi (China) and Dr. Ngo Van Nhon for Dr. Nguyen Huu Thien (Vietnam))

Dr. Yury Gusakov (Immediate Past Chairperson of ANQ; Russian Organization for Quality) was the last speaker in the morning session and his presentation entitled “Quality: Creating Silk Way to Sustainable Development”.  He studied the silk way and drawn the road in the middle Asia map and he also analyzed the turn over between China and other countries including Asian Countries, European Contries, North America, Latin America, Africa and Oceania.  The Turn Over in Asian Countries more than 50%.  

Then Dr. Yury Gusakov briefed the Flow of Information in the system of voluntary registration information field of quality EOQ “EVROS”.  He proposed the global platform to be offered as follows:
1.      Knowledge sharing and professional development
2.      Advisory support
3.      Implementation of solutions
4.      Outreach, networking and communication

Finally, Dr. Yury drawn the two skill road which one by land and the other by sea like China “One Belt One Road”.  

Before lunch, Mr. Janardan Ghimire (President, NQPCN) was invited to introduce the ANQ 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal from 20-21 Sep 2017.  Since Mr. Janardan Ghimire would be left in next morning, he briefed Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness Nepal (NQPCN) and introduced Kathmandu which was the capital city of Nepal.  The theme of ANQ 2017 was “Quality Culture for Sustainable Prosperity”.  

During lunch, we observed Prof. Kano with Mr. Janardan Ghimire and other IAQ members to perform lunch meeting. 

Before the ANQ General Assembly, Minda and I took a photo in the Marine Conference Hall which had 54 seats occupancy at the table.

Mr. Peter Fung and I took a photo with Dr. Yury Gusakov in front of the table.  

Also took a photo with Prof. Azat Abdrakhmanov (KOQIM). 

HKSQ representatives (Left: I, Mr. Peter Fung and Dr. KS Chin)

The ANQ General Assembly started and it reported the new member application, ANQ-CEC CQE progress and Prof. Azat Abdrakhmanov (KOQIM) was elected as the Chairman of ANQ. 

All ANQ members’ representatives took a group photo.

I was speaker for the session of Quality Management System Today and Tomorrow. My presentation topic entitled “Implementation of Quality Startup Management System in Hong Kong”.  Firstly, I introduced HKSTP’s incubation programmes, the background of HKQAA and HKSQ.

Then I described the cooperation among three organizations.  HKQAA and HKSTP had signed MoU for promoting QMS and recognition Startup in Science Park.  HKSQ provided theoretical support to develop this model.  The ultimate goal was to enhance Startup QMS upto the certain standard level and performed Business Matching with HKQAA’s clients.  

The Quality Startup Management System (QStarMS) had three components that were Business Model Canvas, HKSTP Milestone Assessment and HKQAA simplified ISO 9001 into 25 questions for evaluating Startup company’s competence.  

I explained the strength and weakness analysis from 94 startup tech companies and found that they were strong in their core technology but weak in business development side. 

Finally, I reported the achievement that we performed several briefing and workshop and finally we had 11 startup achieved HKQAA registration scheme.  

The session chair presented the certificate to me.

The last speaker in this session was Dr. Ling-Lang Tang (Asso. Professor of Technology Management, College of Management, Yuan Ze University) and his topic named “The Performance of Network Benefit and Operating Ability with Forwarders’ Network Strategy”.  In the beginning, Dr. Tang briefed the role of ocean freight and purposed network strategy on network benefit, operating ability and operation performance.

In literature review, Network Strategy could be defined as the strategy adopted by industry or business in pursuing their interests among the network relations (Benson, 1975).  Those strategies included Customer-oriented, Partnership, Value-oriented, Prospecting and Integrated.  

Finally, Dr. Tang tested the hypotheses and found most of them were supported during validation and others were partially support.  It concluded Network Strategy significantly impacted on Network Benefit.

I met Vietnam friends in this session and took a photo for memory.
(Left: Dr. Pham Xuan Thu (Dean-Business Administration School, College of Foreign Economic Relations), Mr. Vu-Hoang Le (VQAH) and I)

After tea break, we attended Mr. Kuan Sheng-Pin (CSQ) presentation entitled “Knowledge Quality People should be owned by the Quality Practitioners under the Development of Industry 4.0”.  Firstly, he introduced Industry 4.0 whichwas named Productivity 4.0 in Taiwan.  It included Lean Management, CPS, Intelligent Machine/Robot, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT)  

Then he described the 6C + 6M equal to Industry 4.0.  6C stand for Content, Cyber, Cloud, Connection, Community and Customization. The related knowledge and technology were showed in the table.

6M stand for Model, Measurement, Method, Machine, Material and Maintenance.  Mr. Kuan concluded that the development and promotion of quality related knowledge and technology was not developed independently, it would be developed accompany with the necessary requirements in politics, economy, industrial, technology of region, society, country, community, entire world.  

I met Japanese friend Prof. Ken Nishina (Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology) in Mr. Kuan’s session and we took a photo for memory.

After ANQ Congress Day 1 program, we joined the IAQ dinner.  The group photo was taken before start. (Left: Mrs. Chin, Dr. KS Chin, Mr. Anil Sachdev, Mr. J. Ravikant, Prof. Kano, Mr. Metha, Prof. Azat, Mr. Roland K. Jahnke, Dr. Yury Gusakov, I and Minda)

Mr. Metha toasted to all and we ceremony the IAQ meeting success today.

Then Prof. Kano also toasted to us.

Finally, I toated to all and special thanks my EngD supervisor Dr. KS Chin to lead me to join ANQ since 2003.  

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