CityU EngD Society Seminar on “How to Transform HK into a Global Innovation Hub”

EngD Seminar on “How to Transform HK into a Global Innovation Hub” co-organized by CityU EngD Society and SYE Dept on 27th Apr 2024 in LT10 CityU.  Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) is one of supporting organizations. The group photo with all guests and supporting organization was taken for memory in the beginning of the seminar.

Before the seminar, I met many friends and took a photo for memory. Firstly, Dr. Albert Tam standby for registration and I met Mr. Paul Li (President, Transland Shipping (1971) Group).

Prof. Dang (Dept Head, SYE) and Prof. Sun supported our seminar.

Prof. Sun invited Extencis scholar (Prof. Li Li (李莉)) to join this seminar.

I met EngD cohorts Mr. James Ning and Dr. Leung Wing Hung.

Photo with Dr. Geoffry Cho and Dr. Keynes Chan

Our advisor Dr. Augustine Chow also participated.

Dr. TW Liu and Dr. Albert Tam helped for registration.

I also took a photo with Ms. Kelly LIU (Hon. Secretary, HKSQ) who is Dr. TW Liu’s daughter. 

In the beginning, Dr. Rocky Lam (President, CityU EngD Society) gave opening speech.

Prof. Chuangyin Dang (Head, SYE Dept., CityU) gave welcome speech to all participants and guests.

Presentation of Certificates to speakers and supporting organizations.

The first speaker was Dr. Lo Wai Kwok (Legislative council member; Adjunct Professor, CityU) and his topic named “How to leverage the power of the Greater Bay Area to take Hong Kong’s technology global (如何利用大灣區力量將香港科技走出去)”.  Firstly, Dr. Lo briefed the challenges and corresponding strategies based on the Chief Executive's 2023 Policy Address as well as integration into the overall development of China (e.g. BRI, GBA, Qianhai & Nansha plan, etc.)

Then Dr. Lo pointed out the role of Hong Kong in GBA that needed to consolidate Five Flows included Talent, Material, Capital, Information and Service; and also needed to establish different platforms included fund raising and financing platform, high-end professional service platform, emerging industry platform and business promotion platform, etc.

Finally, Dr. Lo described the opportunities in the innovation and technology industry and to promote regional government-industry-university-research cooperation including implementation of  the development of the Lok Ma Chau Loop into the "Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park", to create an international innovation and technology center in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and to attract international scientific and technological institutions and talents and to promote "commercialization of scientific achievements, industrialization of commodities, and internationalization of industries". Lastly, he explained the New Quality Productivity Force that get rid of the traditional economic growth model and lead with innovation. Scientific and technological innovation is the core driving force, and the key task is to actively cultivate strategic emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, advanced manufacturing, and electronic information to enhance new development momentum.

The second speaker was Mr. Louis Chan (Deputy Director of Research, HKTDC) and his topic named “How to create a bridging platform for promoting HK innovative solutions globally”.  

Mr. Louis firstly briefed HKTDC background as statutory body since 1966. There were four key roles of HKTDC including to connect HK SMEs with business around the world, to facilitate Mainland Chinese outbound investment in mater and emerging markets, to help international companies expand into Mainland China, and to promote international cooperation in various sectors, like trade, I&T, sustainability, healthcare and IP. Finally, he said HK is not only to be super connector but upgrade to the super value-adder.

Lastly, he quoted Empurau as success case from Hong Kong tech company that their close loop system can nutrient this kind of fish same as in Malaysia.

Prof. Thomas Chan (Director of OBOR) was the third speaker and his talk entitled “How to explore the market of one belt one road countries”. Firstly, he discussed different opportunities in OBOR for different business. Then he also mentioned how to attract belt and road countries talents to Hong Kong and service to our society (For example, many scientists in Ukraine went to EU). 

Before Prof. Chan left, Dr. Gaby Kun, Dr. Ray Kong and I took a photo with Prof. Chan for memory.

After that we had a break for enjoying music and song. Representative discussed how innovation under the VUCA world. We need to face the change.

One of song from Beyond named AMANI.

The fourth speaker was Prof. Johnny Ho (Associate VP (Enterprise) of CityU and his topic was “How to support HK graduates to realize their dream of innovation globally”. Firstly, Prof. Ho introduced CityU’s vision and mission, as well as, university rankings such as THE is 82nd in 2024, QS is 70th in 2024 and Nature Index Young University is 6th in 2023.

Then he reported the HK TECH 300 program achievement. 

Finally, the ongoing startups status are showed in four key field and they are ICT & AI (33%), Advanced Tech & ESG (34%), Biotech & Health (17%), as well as, Fintech (16%). The distribution of teams association with CityU that most team come from alumni, post-graduate and undergraduate. 

The fifth speaker was Mr. Simon Lee (Senior Director, Fintech, PropTech & Art-Tech of ASTRI) and his presentation named “How to strengthen HK as Fintech innovation hub globally”. In the beginning, Mr. Lee played an introduction video that let’s understand the background of ASTRI.

And then Mr. Lee introduced their six core application areas and its achievements. They are Smart City, FinTech, Digital Health, New Industrialization & Intelligent Manufacturing, Application Specific IC, and Metaverse. 

Finally, he briefed how ASTRI transfer technology innovation to the industry through four step and they were Corporate IP Licensing, System Integrator, Existing Startups and Venture Capital/Spin off.

The last speaker was Prof. Emil Chan (CityU EMBA) and his presentation topic entitled “How HK fintech solutions can be explored the global market”. Firstly, Prof. Chan compared internet and blockchain that Internet transfer information through text, images, programs and videos; Blockchain transfer value to money, contracts, patents and assets. 

And then Prof. Emil Chan quoted Hermit Crab indicating that we need a shell and growth faster. He added that we need fintech infrastructure.

That implied the money transformation form barter to cowry shells to coins to tokens to banknotes to cards to web payment and then to mobile payment. Lastly, he said we must find the next windy spot because of “Even a heavy pig can fly if it stands at a windy spot” (只要站在風口豬也能飛起來).

The last part is panel discussion for successful cases. Dr. Rocky Lam (President, CityU EngD Society) chaired this session. The guests included Mr. Hilton Law (CEO, ISL), Mr. Terence Lui (CEO, Varadise) and Mr. Alan Leung (VP of Sales, Altai). They covered integrated IT solution, digital twin and 5G/Wifi.

Lastly, Dr. Ray Kong (Vice President, CityU EngD Society) gave closing remarks with the topic named “HK Technology Hub of Intelligent Manufacturing”. 

Dr. Kong analyzed the intelligent manufacturing environment and purposed three stages from scientific research strength to innovative atmosphere and then consider the degree of internationalization. He demonstrated some cases of intelligent manufacturing in his company to us.

At the end, all engineering doctoral students and guests took a group photo to commemorate this remarkable event.

Before left, Ms. Kelly Liu and I took a photo with the appreciated certificate for memory.


CityU EngD Society - https://engds.org/

CityU SYE Dept. - https://www.cityu.edu.hk/sye/

HKSQ - https://hksq.org/



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