The 15th China Quality Award cum Chinese Quality Forum – Day 2

The 3nd Chinese Quality Forum (CQF) was organized by China Association for Quality (CAQ) in 2015. It is honor that CAQ arranged the forum together with China Quality Award from 4 to 5 Nov 2015. Then we had a CQF work meeting on 6 Nov 2015 for formation of World Alliance for Chinese Quality (WACQ). HKSQ, SQI and CSQ representative teams attended the forum in Day

In the beginning, Mr. Jia Fuxing (賈福興) (Chairman, CAQ) gave a welcome speech. He said many people learnt quality from the West and Japan but seldom studied from Chinese Culture. Chinese Quality Forum provided a platform for scholar and quality professional to develop Chinese Style Quality Management. CAQ would support CQF and aimed to enhance influential power on Chinese Quality.

The first speaker was Dr. Song Zhiping (宋志平) (Chairman of the Board, China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM)) and he shared his 36year experience. His first job was laboratory 0fficer and finally he was Chairman of CNBM. He said that don’t only focus on low cost but quality improvement and its methodology. CNBM had been World 500 enterprise for 5 years since 2011. The next step was enhancing Chinese Brand.

Prof. Ching-Chow Yang (楊錦洲) (Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University) was the second speaker and his topic named “The necessarity of Chinese Quality Development” (論華人品質發展之必要性). He said if Chinese enterprise would be sustainable, establishing Chinese Style Management System was the essential element.

Then Prof. Yang briefed the quality management benchmarking from TQC (Feigenbaum, 1956) to CWQC (Ishikawa, 1960) and then TQM. In 1990s, USA benchmarked Toyota Product System (TPS). We also needed to benchmark Chinese success enterprises to find out their management characteristic. Moreover, Prof. Yang mentioned that we could form Alliance for Quality as JUSE in Japan since 1946.

Finally, he proposed the Chinese Style Quality Management model for your discussion.

The third speaker was Prof. Dennis Tien (田墨忠) (Asso. Professor, Vanung University) and his topic was “Enterprise Leader’s quality is the critical factor of transformation from Chinese Business to Confucianism Business” (企業領導者的人格品質是華商轉型儒商的重要關鍵). Enterprise culture is affected by Entrepreneur’s Charisma (人格魅力).

The Prof. Tien also briefed the elements of Entrepreneur’s Charisma and then he quoted Frederick F. Reichheld’s book named “Loyalty Rule” to explain how important of “Integrity”. He also stated as a Leader who should have “Charisma” to lead people. There were six personal quality identified by N. Anderson (1968) included “Sincere (真誠)、Honest (誠實)、Understanding (理解)、Loyal(忠誠)、Truthful (真實)、 Credible (可信)” In additional, he raised “Moral Intelligence Quotient (MQ)” (德商/道德品質商數) to affect people.

Lastly, Prof. Tien said only increase of Confucianism in business that could reduce food safety problem. He quoted the胡雪巖motto to be conclusion that “Business is Humanity and Credibility is Money” (商道即人道、信譽就是錢).

During tea break, I took a photo with Dr. Chih-Han Wang (王治翰) and Mr. Xin-Yang Gao (高辛陽) for memory.

We also took a photo with SQI friend.
(Left: I, Mr. Xin-Yang Gao (高辛陽), Dr. Aaron Tong, Mr. Kenneth Liang (梁偉賢), Dr. Chih-Han Wang (王治翰) and Mr. Too Meng Ken (杜明庚))

Mr. Xin-Yang Gao (高辛陽) (Chairman, Chinese Association for Industrial Technology Advancement) was the fourth speaker and his topic named “Discussion on Promoting Excellence Management Quality Award (EMQA)”. He briefed that “Made in Taiwan” was not so good in the past and then he involved quality activities especially on quality award for 28 years. He told us the history from TQC to TQM to TQA (Taiwan Quality Award) and finally to EMQA. He also mentioned there were two professionals difficult to lead, one is Doctor (醫師) and the other is Teacher (教師).

Finally, Mr. Gao introduced his book for EMQA and he said it was from Small Q to Big Q. He pointed out the education quality was focused that more and more school participated in EMQA.

Dr. Chih-Han Wang (王治翰) on behalf of Mr. Kuan-Ren Chen (陳寬仁) was the fifth speaker and his topic entitled “Review the quality exchange activities between Chinese Taipei and China” (兩岸品質交流工作點滴回憶). In 1991, we visited Beijing for Quality Forum of Chinese Taipei and China (海峽兩岸品質論壇).

Then he quoted Prof. Liu Yuanzhang (劉源張) book named “感恩錄 (第4章 第7節 科學出版社2011)” to explain “Quality is the common language of people prosperity” (質量是民族繁榮的共同語言). He mentioned that Mr. ‘Close Enough’ (差不多先生) demonstrated the different between agricultural culture and industrial culture. However, Chinese was able to manufacture in precise in long time ago such as Confucian Analects《論語》said that “To do a good job, one must first sharpen one's tools” (工欲善其事 必先利其器). The certificate was shown to recognized Mr. Chen to be pioneer in quality management since 1992.

The sixth speaker was Ms. Qiao Yujing (喬玉京) and her presentation topic was “Innovation and Implementation of Error Prevention Working System in Aerospace Product Development” (航天伺服產品研制全過程預防差錯工作體系的創新與實踐).

Firstly, she introduced the system development milestones in the past 8 years including Project Planning, Statistical Analysis, Methodology Collection, Result Confirmation and Establishment of the System. Then she shared their results that first pass ratio in design improved from 98% to 99.8%; the technical design error reduced from 5.7% to 0.2%; as well as, manufacture process error ratio reduced from 4.7% to 0.7%.

In 2015, they issued a quality manual about this error prevention system.

The last speaker was Ms. Duan Yihong (段一泓) and her presentation entitled “Thinking of Methodology for Quality Training in Chinese Enterprise” (關於中國企業質量培訓方式的幾點思考). In the beginning, Ms. Duan Yihong introduced the Quality Education Training’s scope, content, deployment and management based on ISO 10015.

She said the people competence was the key factor for quality achievement. CAQ training model followed ISO 10015. Then she shared some case studies such as Volkswagen, Bayer and IPK, etc. Her conclusive statement was “In order to Chinese Quality stands in the world, Take Action!” (為了中華民族以品質屹立於世界民族之林,行動起來!).

At the end of the forum, each organization representative shared their view on CQF.
Mr. Kenneth Liang (SQI)

Mr. Peter Fung (HKSQ)

Dr. Lotto Lai (HKSQ) (I mentioned CQF could enhance Quality Innovation in One Belt One Road through ANQ and this idea had been issued in HKSQ suggestion report named “A Study on Transforming Quality Innovation in Hong Kong: Recommendations to the Innovation and Technology Industry”.)

Before the lunch, we took a group photo for CQF representatives.
(Left 1st Row: Dr. Duan Yonggang (段永剛) (Secretary general, CAQ), Mr. Too Meng Ken (杜明庚) (SQI), Prof. Ching-Chow Yang (楊錦洲) (CSQ), Mr. Xin-Yang Gao (高辛陽) (CSQ), Dr. Chih-Han Wang (王治翰), Mr. Kenneth Liang (梁偉賢) (SQI), Dr. Aaron Tong (唐偉國) (HKSQ) and Ms. Qiao Yujing (喬玉京);
Left 2nd Row: Representative of Yanjing Beer, Representative of Industry (CAQ), Prof. Dennis Tien (田墨忠) (CSQ), Representative of Industry (CAQ), Ms. Duan Yihong (段一泓) (CAQ), Ms. Minda Chiang (HKSQ), Mr. Ben Tsang (HKSQ), Mr. Peter Fung (HKSQ), I (HKSQ), and Ms. Wang Li-Lin (王麗林) (CAQ))

Afternoon, we visited Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Corporation. First, the representative of Yanjing Beer showed the introduced video to us.

The sculpture of Yanjing Beer was located in the entrance of the core building.

Then we went to the production plant.

I took a photo with Dr. Aaron Tong inside the plant.

Photo with Mr. Kenneth Liang (SQI)

Then we visited the fermentation control room.

After that we visited the production plant.

We tasted their beer in Yanjing Bar and took some photos for memory.

(Left: Ms. Xiaohua Chen (陳曉華), Ms. Wang Li-Lin (王麗林), Ms. Duan Yihong (段一泓), Mrs. Alice Liang, Mrs. Roseline Yang and Ms. Minda Chiang)

(Left: Mr. Too Meng Ken (杜明庚), Mr. Xin-Yang Gao (高辛陽), Prof. Dennis Tien (田墨忠), Mr. Kenneth Liang (梁偉賢), Prof. Ching-Chow Yang (楊錦洲), I, Mr. Peter Fung and Dr. Aaron Tong)

Finally, we visited the Beer Test Centre. They established the small scale production line for R&D.

Group photo

We had dinner in the Salt Gang Restaurant.

After the dinner, we took a group photo for memory.

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