ANQ Congress 2015 Taipei – Day 1

The first day of Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress 2015 in Taipei was held on 23 Sep 2015. Minda and I took a photo with the robot Lion in the entry of Cyun Ying Hall of the Chientan Youth Activity Center.

Then HKSQ group photo was taken inside the hall.
(Left: Mr. Litto Tam, Mr. Tony Ng and Mr. Sharon Wan, Mr. Ricky Suen, Ms. Minda Chiang, I, Mr. Peter Fung, Dr. KS Chin, Dr. Catherine Chan, Ms. Angela Wong, Mr. CY Lam and Ms. Jane Wong)

In the beginning, Dr. Yury Gusakov (Chairperson of ANQ) gave a welcome speech and he would like to thank keynote speakers, organization society and all participants. Then he brief ANQ history and its missions (ANQ Way).

Then Dr. Chih-Han Wang (Honor Chairperson, ANQ and Former Chairman of CSQ) gave a host welcome address to us. He gave his deepest appreciation to their organizing committee members as all of them were volunteers.

The first keynote speaker was Dr. Robert HS Chen (Chairman & CEO, Gloria Group) and his presentation topic entitled “Industry Innovation & Quality Management”. He briefed the outline of his talk included “Gloria Group Background”, “Regional Cluster Forming”, “Digitalization” and “Summary”.

Dr. Chen introduced their Aero Industry Supply Chain and its alliance. Their global Aircraft Supply Chain strategies would be centralized from OEM to the first Tier and then to sub-tier/Module.

After Gloria Group digital evolution from MIS (1996-1998) to ERP (1998-2002) to B2B (2002-2012) to ERP2.0 (2012-2013) to QR (2013-2015) to Digitizing (2015-2016), their Innovative Business Model became from Customer Collaboration Platform to Purchasing Platform to Material Management Platform and final to OTD Tally Platform.

Finally, Dr. Chen summarized that regional suppliers connection could give “Cohesive Power” and created their competitive advantage to link with OEMs. Moreover, e-commerice gave them more exposure and contacted their end users. After sales data collection and analysis, they could provide quick response and better service.

The second keynote speaker was Dr. Catherine Chan on behalf of her Master Prof. Yoji Akao (Chairlady of Hong Kong QFD Association) and her topic named “Introducing QFD to Taiwan”.

Firstly, Dr. Chan showed Akao’s message for apology that he was not able to join this time. Then she briefed the history of QFD since 1960s. QFD used the design approach to break down the objectives into segments and to identify specific means for achieving each segment and it was a system moving from upstream to downstream. Prof. Yoji Akao’s first book issued in 1978 and his first English book issued in 1994 (Remark: I have this book!!)

Then Dr. Chan told us the QFD to Taiwan started in 1982. Prof. Yoji Akao met two Taiwan’s friends and they were Prof. Tsong Chaw-Son (who invited Akao to conduct QFD lectures in 1982, 1984 & 1985) and Prof. Yang Ching-Chow (they met in ICIT conference in 2002, 2004 to 2007). Prof. Yang introduced QFD in his book (namely Management Tools Handbook) since 2009.

After the two keynotes speaking, Prof. Sue presented the ANQ Ishikawa-Kano Award (IKA) to the awardees. There were four awardees this year and they were Mr. Song Zhiping (Chairman of China National Building Materials Group Corporation) (CAQ), Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Toan (Former Chairman, Vietnam Quality Association of Ho Chi Minh City) (VQAH), Mr. Somchai Nirapathpongporn (CEO, SCI Corporation Co., Ltd.) (SQAT) and Prof. Tsong Chawson (Honorary Chairman, Association of Pioneer Quality Control Research (PQCRA)) (CSQ). The group photo with awardees was taken.
(Left: Prof. Suh, Yung-Ho (Chairman of IKA committee), Mr. Song Zhiping, Dr. Chih-Han Wang, Prof. Kano, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Toan, Prof. Tsong Chawson and Dr. Yury Gusakov)

During the tea break and lunch, we took photos with friends from different societies for memory.
Prof. Fugee Tsung (HKSQ exco member) came late and we took a group photo in front of the hall again.
(Left upper: I, Ms. Jane Wong, Mr. Litto Tam, Ms. Minda Chiang, Mr. Sharon Wan and Mr. Tony Ng; Left lower: Prof. Fugee Tsung, Dr. KS Chin, Mr. Peter Fung, Ms. Angela Wong and Mr. Ricky Suen)

Photo with Prof. Tony KJ Chen (Fellow, CSQ)

Photo with Mr. Gregory H. Watson (Middle) and Dr. KS Chin (Left)

Photo with Dr. Catherine Chan and we signed the birthday card for Prof. Yoji Akao.

Photo with CAQ.
(Left: Ms. Minda Chiang, Ms. Fan Qing, Ms. Wang Li Lin (Director, International Exchange Dept.), Mr. Fan Tianshun (Deputy Secretary-general) and I)

Photo with Prof. Azat A. Abdrakhmanov (KOQIM)
(Left upper: Mr. Peter Fung, Ms. Minda Chiang and Ms. Angela Wong; Left lower: Ms. Gulbakhram Aitkhozhina (President, Intercert Consulting Central Asia) and Prof. Azat A. Abdrakhmanov (President, KOQIM))

HKSQ members took a photo with KSQM and CSQ
(Left: Prof. Yung-Ho Suh (KSQM), I, Ms. Minda Chiang, Dr. Chih-Han Wang (CSQ), Dr. KS Chin, Mr. Peter Fung, Ms. Angela Wong and Mr. Ricky Suen)

Photo with CSQ chairman and ANQ/ ROQ chairman
(Left: Ms. Minda Chiang, I, Prof. Ching-Chow Yang (CSQ), Dr. Yury Gusakov (Chairperson of ANQ; ROQ), Dr. Catherine Chan and Mr. Peter Fung)

Photo with Mr. Janak Mehta (ISQ)

Photo with Mr. Suzuki (JSQC).

Photo with Mr. Kenneth Liang (SQI) (Left) and Prof. Yung-Ho Suh (KSQM) (Right)

Photo with ISQ and VQAH
(Left: Mr. J. Ravikant (ISQ), Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Toan (Former Chairman, VQAH), Dr. Ngo Van Nhon (Chairman, VQAH), I and Mr. Kiran Deshmukh (Executive Vice Chairman, Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd.))

During lunch, our secretary took a photo with Mrs. Olga Gusakov and Dr. Yury Gusakov.

Afternoon, I joined the Prof. Kaoru Ishikawa Birth Centenary Commemoratory Session, Prof. Noriaki Kano was the first speaker in this session and he introduced Ishikawa Birth Centenary Commemoration and posted into the JUSE website at http://www.juse.or.jp/english/ishikawa/04.html.

Then Prof. Kano remembered his studies followed Ishikawa and he said he was a “unpromising student” and was supervised by Prof. Ishikawa totally 7.5 years from the undergraduate course until the Doctorate degree. He learnt “Process Control for the sake of Good Effect” rather than “Process Control for the sake of Process Control”. Prof. Kano briefed Ishikawa Philosophy from the viewpoint of QC Circles which was a challenge to Taylorism. Finally, Prof. Kano had sincere gratitude to Prof. Kaoru Ishikawa.

After that I joined Quality Management session. The speaker was Prof. Azat Abdrakhmanov (EOQ Quality Lead auditor, EFQM assessor) and his topic named “Certification of personel as a tool to improve the effectiveness of quality management system”. He introduced the certification of personnel based on ISO 17024:2012 requirement.

Prof. Azat mentioned the certification methodology for leaders and some achievements of Kazakhstan in implementation of Personnel Certification. The path to qualification such as EOC certification scheme was discussed and showed in the following diagram.

The second speaker in this session was Mr. Johnson Tan Swan San (SQI) and his topic was “How Do We Institute QA Practices in Our Quality Systems to Enhance Organization Capability in Achieving Quality?” He briefed the distinction between QC and QA and identified management and technical capability.

He focused on Technical Capability based on Calibration System in which using reference standard to detect and quantify Measurement Error (ME) and the associated Measurement Uncertainty (MU) based on ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Finally, he reminded that an ineffective audit on QA Practices would lead to loss of management resources, and opportunities for Productivity and Qualitative improvements.

Then I come back to the Ishikawa Birth Centenary Commemoratory Session, Mr. David Hutchins remembered Ishikawa conference in UK in 1975.

The voice of Ishikawa was demonstrated.

Finished this session, Fugee and I took a photo with Prof. Kano (Left 2nd) and Prof. Iuan-yuan Lu (National Sun Yat-sen University) (Right).

I then joined the session named Health Care & Safety. Mr. Peter Fung (HKSQ) was the session chair.

The first speaker was Mr. Yujing Qiao (Beijing Research Institute of Precise Mechatronics and Controls) and his topic entitled “Innovation and Practice of Error Prevention Working System for the Overall Process of Aerospace Servo Product Development”. He mentioned the application of Man-made Error-prevention Legend from 50 years’ experience, historical lessons plus skills methods.

Then Mr. Qiao showed the result that Design one-time pass rate enhanced to 100% and Manufacture one-time pass rate enhanced to 99.4% after application of that method. He concluded that error prevention working system and quality management mode transformation to ensure “zero defect” high quality servo products. Lastly, Mr. Peter Fung as session chair presented the certificate to Mr. Qiao.

The second speaker was Ms. MY Lin (Dr. KS Chin’s student in CityU) and her topic named “Care Service Quality Discussion on a Therapist Assignment and Routing Problem in Hong Kong”. In her talk, it included “Challenge in Home Health Care (HHC)”, “Objectives of HHC provides” and “Main Issues for HHC provides”.

Ms. Lin concluded that it proposed a sequential assignment and routing approaches under different continuity of care and forbidden overtime and analyzed their interactions. The traveling cost were affected based on the results of assignment model.

After finished the session, Prof. Ching-Chow Yang (Chairman, CSQ) presented a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Peter Fung (Chairman, HKSQ) for his contribution on that session.

Then we took a group photo with Mr. Peter Fung to remember his worked as Session Chair.

I also took a photo with Prof. Ching-Chow Yang and Mr. Eric He (Assistant Manager, Research & Development Centre, Opto-Electronics Lab., Gloria Material Technology Corp.).

Back to the Prof. Kaoru Ishikawa Birth Centenary Commemoratory Session, Mr. Janak Mehta shared the contribution of Ishikawa’s philosophy in India.

Lastly, Mr. Janardan Ghimire (President, NQPCN) shared a talk named “Delayed entry of Ishikawa’s quality perspective in Nepal”.

He summarized Prof. Kaoru Ishikawa’s lifecycle (1915 – 1989).

At the end of Day 1 program, Hong Kong Society of Quality (HKSQ) team joined the pre-meeting for the 3rd Chinese Quality Forum to discuss the coming event in Bejing.

Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) - http://www.anforq.org/
CSQ - http://www.csq.org.tw/
ANQ 2015 - http://www.anq2015.org/
HKSQ - http://www.hksq.org/index.asp



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