HKSTP BizLink@TecONE for getting insights from CES 2017

BizLink is a networking platform which facilitates business networking and business referral.  All participants, except the speakers, must be coming from technology companies based in Science Park or Technology Incubation Network (TIN) members.  BizLink is TecONE monthly event and the Jan event named “Join hands and get insights from CES 2017” held on 25 Jan 2017. The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show®) is the world's gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.  It is the biggest Tech Show for electronics industry.  In the beginning, Mr. Kenneth Chau (Chairman of TIN) gave a welcome speech.

The first speaker was Mr. Matthew Lam (CEO, Optical Sensing) and his talk related “SMART CITY”.  Firstly, he explained many different concepts for Smart City.

Then he briefed that a smart city is “Connected”, “Informative”, “Innovative” and “Self-aware”; its objectives included “High Quality of Life”, “Sustainable”, “Greener” and “Competitive”.  Overall, three terms described Smart City were “Urban mobility”, “Personalization” and “City Resilience”. 

After that he quoted Royal Academy of Engineering definition that “Smart Systems are systems that respond intelligently to changes in its environment, including user demands and other systems, to achieve an improved performance.” He told us the Smart System Technology Components basically included “Collect Data”, “Networked”, “Analysis” and “Feedback”.  Finally, he briefed some his famous projects.  One of them is in Hong Kong Science Park about reducing energy consumption of our District Cooling System.

The second speaker was Ms. Angela Ng (Liricco Technologies Limited – for Green Building Platform) and she shared her views on CES 2017.  Since she had joined CES several times, her feedback was no special surprise and most booths related to IoT platform.  

Then she summarized what areas she observed in CES 2017 as follows:
-          Voice Assistant AI
-          Smart Health (more new things here!)
-          Smart Sport
-          Everything Connected Home
-          VR / AR / Robotics
All were related to our daily life!

Mr. Alex Chan (Tronico Technology Company – for Home Automation) was the third speaker and he also shared his view on CES 2017 (He is the first time to join CES).  Firstly, he briefed his company nature which related to Consumer Electronics that’s why he joined CES 2017.  

He shared that he walked through the CES booths for 3 days and attended different keynotes speech and which keynotes had 5 minutes to introduce their key product.  Their idea is from 1 to 1000!  They would tell you the next 3 years consumer product development direction.  For example, Under Armour told you the future dressing ware behavior. (e.g. 鞋不是這樣著的.)  His insights during CES 2017 were on Battery life (we need to breakthrough it), Cloud Integration and AI.  Green may be the trend.

After that different incubatees had 60s to introduce their company and product / R&D.  They were related to Robotic, Cloud based system, IoT application & gateway, Sensors and data security.

TIN - http://news.hktin.org/


HKCTC Seminar on Supports to SME from Testing and Certification

The Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification (HKCTC) and Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) co-organized a seminar entitled “Supports to SME from Testing and Certification” on 19 Jan 2017.  HKSTP and HKSQ were supporting organizations.  Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are an important pillar of Hong Kong’s economy.  The Testing and Certification (T&C) industry provides quality assurance and assist our SMEs to comply with different international standards and regulations, thus minimizing the chance of recalls, returns and complaints, which all would ultimately translate to new business opportunities.  Before the seminar, I took a photo with Mr. Dominic Lam for memory.

Then I met Mr. Adam Wong and Ms. Angel Wong, as well as, Ms. Jane Lee (Secretary-General (Testing and Certification), ITC).

In the beginning, all guest speakers took a group photo.

The first speaker was Mr. Dominic Lam (Chief Operations Officer, CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories) and his topic entitled “How Product Testing Service Help You?” He said T&C industry as the 3rd party to provide evidences of conformity from manufacturer/exporter to buyer/consumer/importer.

Then, Mr. Lam stated some recall of product examples included “Toys & Children Produts”, “Textiles, Apparel & Hardgoods”, and “Problematic Food”, etc.

After that he pointed out that Testing could manage risk and protect your brand, drive for quality improvement and satisfy customer need.  However, selecting test items was very important that we needed “Smart Testing”.  How to achieve it?  He recommended the risk-based testing.
The Risk-Based Testing included the four points below:
i)                    Prevalence of the Hazard (e.g. history of NC, trend of detection)
ii)                  Health Risk / Environment Risk (e.g. Exposure level vs Acceptable level)
iii)                Supplier Conformity Guarantee / Rating (e.g. ISO, test reports)
iv)                Country / Territory of Origin

Mr. Adams Wong (Business Manager, HKQAA) and his presentation named “Manage Challenges and Grasp Business Opportunity”.  Firstly, he briefed HKQAA background which established by the Hong Kong Government in 1989.  They provided different ISO certification service and registration service.

Then he shared the current challenges to SME through different reports.  Those challenges to SME included Increasing of Costs (Rent and Labor costs), Managing Human Resources, Business Liquidity and Globalization.  Moreover, the business trend was seasonal and fast fashion indicating that short life cycles of many product and small batch order with short lead time were requested.  On the other hand, it could also create extra effort to grasp business opportunities through high quality and flexibility of SMEs.

Finally, Mr. Adams Wong briefed the ISO Management System Standard as Tools for improving Product and Service Quality.  He selected 3 of 7 quality management principles for elaboration and they were Customer Focus, Process Approach and Evidence-based Decision Making. At the end he briefed HKQAA – Hong Kong Registrations – Start-ups (which was come from MOU with HKSTP) and Eco-friendly Series.  

The third speaker was Dr. Daria Wong (Senior Accreditation Officer, HKAS) and her topic was “How to Select Reliable Testing and Certification Services”.  She briefed the benefits of T&C, value of Accreditation and introduction of HKAS.  

She briefed HKAS set up in 1998 (previously known as HOKLAS since 1985) under Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) which provided independent and impartial accreditation services. Moreover, HKAS accreditation is recognized worldwide because of MRA/MLA signed in many countries.

Lastly, Dr. Daria Wong showed how many accredited laboratories, CBs and Inspection Bodies in Hong Kong.  There are 261 at December 2016.

Dr. Ellis Wong (General Committee Member, Hong Kong Brand Development Council) was the fourth speaker and he presented the topic “Certificate – a Growth Stimulator of Commerce”. In the beginning, Dr. Wong told us he was agent of the brand EDO biscuit and they was the first one claim their biscuit with DHA through the testing.  He said the Treasure of Business were Goodwill, Trust and Famous Brand.

Then he discussed the business philosophy using Tai Chi (太極) and asked us to think opposite especially on Negative Marketing.  

He also added the business risk and opportunity and shared his experience to us.  For instance, they tested Melamine and claimed their product free of Melamine in newspaper.  Finally, he agreed we needed Smart Testing.  Moreover, you employed testing result not only for defend but also attack.

The fifth speaker was Ms. Chan Ka Lai (Brand Manager, Shing Hing Plastic Manufacturing Ltd.) and her presentation title was “Experience Sharing on Using Testing and Certification Service in Business”. She shared her company’s history and milestone since 1995.  Their expertise is in the design and manufacture of PVC animal figurines with ICTI, ISO 9001 and all product complied EN71 and ASTM standards.

She said their development direction to become Smart Factory, Product & Services through Industry 4.0 (cooperated with HKPC).  Moreover, Testing and Certification is one of their development directions.  

Mr. Colin Lee (Senior Manager (Innovation & Technology Fund), ITC) was the sixth speaker and his topic entitled “Technology Voucher Programme”.  He introduced the criteria and application procedure of Technology Voucher Programme as follows.  (Details at https://tvp.itf.gov.hk )

The last speaker was Ms. Angel Wong (Senior Consultant (Electronics Testing & Reliability), HKPC) and her presentation title named “Lab Test One – A Platform for Shared-Use of Public Testing Facilities to Benefit SMEs in Hong Kong”.  She said Lab Test One initiated in 2013 and aimed to provide One Stop Shop service for local enterprises, R&D companies and SMEs.  

In this platform, there were shared facilities from 17 centres.  

There were many different types of testing for R&D purposes.  Finally, she also pointed out that the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) would support projects in the form of
-          Technological services and solutions which could improve productivity, or upgrade or transform the business processes of the applicant enterprise; and
-          Testing and Certification.
(Details at www.LabTestOne.org )

Q&A Session:
During the Q&A, many participants’ questions asked about TVP and also startup scheme.
Speaker said the committee meeting was about once per 2 to 3 month and Testing and Certification only for International Standards such as ISO.  Startup scheme under HKQAA would be considered after the TVP review.



The Preparation Meeting of the Extenics (HK) and HKETA Annual Dinner

After the 1st Meeting of the Extenics Internationalization 2017 (第一屆可拓學國際化會議) organized by Research Institute of Extenics and Innovation Methods, GDUT (廣東工業大學可拓學與創新方法研究所) from 4 to 5 Jan 2017, we held the preparation meeting for implementing the decisions in Hong Kong Science Park on 17 Jan 2017.  We needed to thank Dr. Aaron Tong invited all of us to attend HKETA Annual Dinner.  Before that we held the meeting and discussed some items in fast food restaurant.  

(Left: Dr. KS Chin, Ms. Hemans Leung, Mr. Victor Chiu, Mr. Wilson Leung, Dr. Aaron Tong, Prof. Cai Wen and I)

In the beginning, Prof. Cai Wen said there were four papers about Extenics in “China Quality” published by China Association for Quality in Jan 2017 that is very high reputation journal in the China industry. And those papers topics showed as follows:
i)                    集各界英才, 建設我國原創的新學科 (蔡文)
ii)                  持之以恆, 必有所成 
iii)                可拓學在香港的推廣及展望 (黎劍虹)
iv)                創新, 有規律可循, 有方法可依 

We discussed the following items:
i)                    Promoting Seminar at the end of April 2017 (temporary).
-          Objective is to introduce and to promote the Extenics to Education organization and Industries
-          Topic named “Extenics: Education and Application” (可拓學: 教育及應用)
-          Venue in CityU
-          Time: Prefer on Friday afternoon
ii)                  Four-Region Free Trade Area across the Straights (兩岸四地) seminar included China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
-          Organizer: Research Institute of Extenics and Innovation Methods, GDUT (廣東工業大學可拓學與創新方法研究所)
-          Date: Jun 2017 (Temporary)
iii)                Extenics Book issue
-          Dr. Aaron Tong proposed to use the existing Extencis books for primary school and then transformed into Hong Kong style for promoting use.
iv)                Research Issue
-          Dr. KS Chin suggested seeking some fundings from Education part and Industrial part which applied both from Hong Kong and China.

After that we attended HKETA annual dinner and took a group photo in table.   
(Left: Dr. KS Chin, Prof. Cai Wen, Dr. Aaron Tong, I, Mr. Duncan Chung (President, Asia Bright), Mr. Victor Chiu, Ms. Hemans Leung and Mr. Wilson Leung)

Dr. David Chung (Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology Bureau, HKSAR) was the guest of Honor and gave a keynote speech.  He introduced ITB policy especially Pilot Technology Voucher Programme (PTVP).

Then all committee members and guests took a group photo.  It included many science and technology industries & associations included ASTRI, HKCIE, HKETA, HKIE, HKSQ, ITB, etc.) Then I met Dr. David Chung, who is my EngD cohort.  He needed to attend another event tonight and it was pity that missing to introduce Prof. Cai Wen to him.

At the end, Mr. Victor Chiu won the Lucky Draw to get the grant prize!

20170105: The 1st Meeting of the Extenics Internationalization 2017 (第一屆可拓學國際化會議) - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/01/the-1st-meeting-of-extenics.html


Visit to CityU KTO and Idea for R&D Management

I visited Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO), CityU for startup related meeting on 16 Jan 2017.  KTO is the vital link between the University and the community in terms of the exchange of knowledge, which includes technology, know-how, skills and expertise, for both commercial and non-commercial applications.  I took a photo in front of the office.

(Left: Dr. Victor Lau, I, Mr. Clement Lam and Ms. Fanny Ho)

HKSTP and KTO, CityU is partner for Innopreneurship Ecosystem since 2015 (Details at CityU Innopreneurship Ecosystem Launch Ceremony 2015).

I would like to share some ideas for R&D Management based on quality perspective.

During the R&D Project planning stage (especially cooperation with University), it should be considered the following items.
-          Roles (Who does what?)
-          Responsibility (For what each party will be held to account?)
-          Liabilities (What money or other assets each party owes to the group?)
-          Rights of the parties (What each party will receive from the collaboration?)
-          Management of the undertaking and any IP involved.
-          Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) mechanism to protect both parties.
-          Assign Project-in-charge to follow the R&D schedule!
-          Written down the project deliverables (align both expectation!)
(Reference to Drafting Partnership agreement on R&D project below)

During R&D process, Design History File (DHF) should be kept.  It should be contain or reference the records necessary to demonstrate that the design was developed in accordance with the approved design plan and the requirements of this part.  It may include the followings:
-          Detailed design and development plan specifying design tasks and deliverable
-          Copies of approved design input documents and design output documents.
-          Documentation of design reviews.
-          Validation documentation.
-          When applicable, copies of controlled design documents and change control records.
(Reference to FDA Design Control Guidance for MD Manufacturers & MD seminar)

In each stage of the planning, the assigned project-in-charge should check the R&D progress, review the verification and validation data, as well as, reporting to both parties top management.  Some items should be involved:
-          Do Design Inputs match Design Outputs?
-          Do the scheduled deliverable obtained and satisfied?
-          Resource enough? (HR, time, material, technology)
-          Any problem met?  Are they solved?
-          Any design change needed?  Are they recorded?

After the R&D Project, we should identify the objectives met and any corrective action taken, as well as, any lesson learned; so as to improve the next R&D project in future.

My opinion is to add Quality Management System concept into R&D process and get the balance.  Professors and R&D student like freedom and feel free to try during R&D process. However, industry people need to control the outcome and project schedule.  We need a suitable R&D Quality Management System that not too tight and not too loose. 

There are 8 questions should be asked to startup or SME for formulating strategy and it related to R&D in the old seminar named “Formulating Strategy for Sustainable Growth” in the reference below.

20160720: HKSTP TecONE Seminar on drafting partnership agreement on R&D projects - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/07/hkstp-tecone-seminar-on-drafting.html
19970311: FDA Design Control Guidance for Medical Device Manufacturers - http://www.fda.gov/downloads/MedicalDevices/DeviceRegulationandGuidance/GuidanceDocuments/ucm070642.pdf
20160425: HKSTP Seminar on Medical Device Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/04/hkstp-seminar-on-medical-device.html
20151119: HKSTP Seminar – Formulating Strategy for Sustainable Growth - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/11/hkstp-seminar-formulating-strategy-for.html
20151119: HKSTP Seminar – Formulating Strategy for Sustainable Growth - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/11/hkstp-seminar-formulating-strategy-for.html


Visit to ASHK Office and Introduction of Extenics

The purpose for the establishment of the Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong (ASHK) (港科院) is to promote the development and advancement of science and technology in Hong Kong, and to raise the city’s profile as a centre of scientific excellence.  I met Mr. Terence S.S. Chan (Secretary-General, ASHK) in ASHK office in Science Park and presented a book named “Extenics” written by Prof. Cai Wen and Prof. Yang Chunyan.  

Then I introduced the history about the development of Extenics which was the Chinese original academic subject created by Prof. Cai Wen since 1976.  The extenics aimed to solve contradiction problem through innovative transformation of the basic-elements.  I briefed the concepts of Extenics Basic-elements (基元) included Matter-element (物元), Affair-element (事元) and Relationships-element (關係元).  And then mentioned about Extensive Innovation Method (可拓創新方法) included Model (建模), Extension (拓展), Transformation (變換) and Selection (選擇).

After that Mr. Terence Chan gave me some valuable comments as follows:
i)            Extenics theory could describe the problem through basic-element very clearly. However, the most important was its application in the industry.
ii)          It should be demonstrated the predicable value.
iii)        The presentation was suggested to minimize the mathematical part.  Only stated the model and how it came out the result in which solved the contradiction problem under innovative way.
iv)        It needed some success real cases to persuade industry.
During our discussion, I would present the simple version for university students and found some cases for implementation (e.g. To help incubatees in Science Park solving different technical problem) so as to accumulate some real cases for teaching.

At the end, Mr. Terence Chan gave me their recent research report named “Science, Technology and Mathematics Education in the Development of the Innovation and Technology Ecosystem of Hong Kong”.

ASHK “STM Education in the development of the I&T Ecosystem of HK” - http://www.ashk.org.hk/en/projectsEvents/details/22
20161101: InnoCarnival 2016 visit to ASHK booth - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/11/innocarnival-2016.html
20160217: ASHK Public Lecture – Meeting the Decarbonization Goals of COP21 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/02/ashk-public-lecture-meeting.html
20151206: ASHK 1st Science and Technology Innovation Summit - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2015/12/ashk-1st-science-and-technology.html

Some Extenics related events were briefed below:
Extenics website - http://extenics.gdut.edu.cn/
20160229: HKCIE Seminar on Extenics (可拓學) - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/02/hkcie-seminar-on-extenics.html
20160709: Post-WSCQ Seminar on Extenics (可拓學) and its application - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/07/post-wscq-seminar-on-extenics-and-its.html
20160811: The 15th Annual Meeting of the Extenics (全國第15屆可拓學年會) Day 1 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/08/the-15th-annual-meeting-of-extenics-15.html
20160812: The 15th Annual Meeting of the Extenics (全國第15屆可拓學年會) Day 2 - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2016/08/the-15th-annual-meeting-of-extenics-15_12.html
20170105: The 1st Meeting of the Extenics Internationalization 2017 (第一屆可拓學國際化會議) - https://qualityalchemist.blogspot.hk/2017/01/the-1st-meeting-of-extenics.html


CityU Cohorts meeting in Science Park

Today, Dr. Luk Chi-fai had a meeting with Dr. Raymond Leung in Science Park.  Before their meeting, I met Dr. Luk and led him to find Dr. Raymond Leung’s office.  Then we took a photo in front of the ALTAI company logo.

We are CityU alumni where Dr. Luk studied PhD in EE Dept, Dr. Leung and I studied EngD in SEEM Dept., respectively.  

CityU Engineering Doctorate Society - http://www.engd.org/  
Engineering Doctorate (Engineering Management) - http://www.cityu.edu.hk/seem/prg-engd.htm


IndustryConnect@Science Park – Industry 4.0 & Smart Living Solution

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corporation (HKSTP) and Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association (HKEAIA) coorganized the IndustryConnect@Science Park event named “Industry 4.0 & Smart Living Solution” on 9th Jan 2017.  I met my old friend Mr. Edmund Cheung (who is HKSQ member; and teach me about 6 Sigma and Kaizen in 2005 during visit his company) and then we took a photo before the event start. (Details at http://www.hksq.org/company_based_competition_2005.htm

In the beginning, all HKEAIA members took a group photo for memory. (Left 4 was Andy Lui)

Mr. Peter Mok (Acting Chief Commercial Officer, HKSTP) gave a welcome speech and he introduced HKSTP program for industry and incubation such as Technology from Science Park and Laboratories service.  

Mr. Albert Lam (President, HKEAIA) then gave an opening speech and he said HKEAIA had established since 1998.  It aimed to provide a platform for industry to create business opportunities. 

After that nine Science Park Partner Companies would present in the 5 min presentation session.
I met my CityU EngD cohort Dr. Szeto Wing Hong and we selfie for memory.

Dr. Szeto Wing Hong was one of speakers and his topic named “Industry 4.0 solution – Nicada developed Tools (PTC Creo 2.0 plug in)”.  His company focused to provide research & development of CAD automation & optimization software solutions.

He introduced two of key products which named “Automation BOM Expert” and “Knowledge Reuse SBS Expert”.  BOM expert is a tool used to automatically generate bill of material, mold plan and exploded drawing for costing; planning; purchasing; production, etc. using your 3D part design.  

Then he demonstrated the BOM table which could match your ERP system. Moreover, it could make a tool plan.  The most insight was the 2D expansion diagram based on BOM automatically!

SBS (Shape-based Search) expert is a tool used to automatically search from “knowledge-based” created from past cost data; standard parts; designed parts; production parts, etc.  You would search your drawing from different version and easy to manage & search.  

During the Business Matching session, all members of HKEAIA joined the partner companies’ counters for their product demonstration.

After the event, I hadn’t joined the visit of the Robotics Garage.  I went to visit the China Stem Cell Clinical Applications Centre Limited during laboratory and GMP facilities construction phase.
(Left: Ms. Joanne Lam (QA Director), I and Ms. Sandy Wang (QC Director))

HKEAIA - http://www.hkeaia.org/


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